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<?php return array(
    'ERR_CANNOT_DELETE_NEW_RECORD'      => 'Cannot delete this {:class} because it is new.',
    'ERR_CANNOT_INCREMENT_NEW_RECORD'   => 'Cannot increment values on this {:class} because it is new.',
    'ERR_CANNOT_REFRESH_BLANK_ID'       => 'Cannot refresh this {:class} because the primary key value is empty/',
    'ERR_CANNOT_REFRESH_NEW_RECORD'     => 'Cannot refresh this {:class} because it is new.',
    'ERR_CANNOT_REINIT'                 => 'Cannot initialize the {:class} a second time.',
    'ERR_DELETED'                       => 'This {:class} has already been deleted.',
    'ERR_INVALID'                       => 'The data for this record is invalid.',
    'ERR_NO_PRIMARY_VAL'                => 'This {:class} has no value for primary column {:primary_col}.',
    'ERR_NO_SUCH_COLUMN'                => 'This {:class} has no column named {:name}.',
    'ERR_RELATED_ALREADY_SET'           => 'This {:class} has its {:name} related set already.',
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