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    <Success>Congralutation, you are now a Solar Imperium registered player!{/t}</Success>
    <Story>{t}The year is now 27006. The old Imperium has long since crashed universe-wide, because of the constant battles and the complete chaos caused by over inflation and empires being so big that they imploded from poor management. All that remained were a loosely knit group of traders who chose not to become part of the previous Imperium. These traders and craftsmen have made available bare planets and terraforming equipment to new arrivals in the galaxy. The traders and craftsmen will not rule the Imperium, they are content to see new arrivals and offer their services and collect their profits in the form of taxes. They operate as a group under the guise of the Galactic Coordinator, and appear to be the Supreme Being.<br/><br/><br/>In the event you successfully invade an empire you will receive free terraforming as a reward from the Traders. The Traders put a high value on intelligence and research and will possibly let you win the game with these attributes. You may also win the game by conquest. Welcome new immigrants and begin building your empire. There are new improved methods of communications, more information and methods to manage your empire available to you. The all new GalaxyPedia is now available to you. You may use it and add your own content. The GalaxyPedia is a dynamic tool that is constantly being updated and changed. You might become tempted to do unethical things in this game such as use nuclear weapons, teleport your empire to a new location or other underhanded acts. Do so at your own risk because the Traders frown upon such things.{/t}</Story>

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