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2.7.1 - 10/12/2009
    - Redone the general look of the game (for the best I hope)
	- Redone the interface using AJAX
	- Support for XML client using GET variable XML
	- Fixed tons of bugs and possible exploits
	- Added basic AI handling code
	- Starmap now display spaceships
	- Updated thirdparty dependencies

2.6.0 BETA4 - 04/26/2008

    - Fixed XSS security flaws
    - Fixed SQL injection security flaws

2.6.0 BETA2 - 03/08/2008

	- Mostly bugfixes regarding installer and the game itself

2.6.0 BETA1 - 11/06/2008

	- Moved from MySAM to InnoDB for MySQL tables (Transactions support!)
	- Template engine ported from phemplate to Smarty (Compiled templates)
	- Maximum number of planets, cannot buy more than the limit but you can still invade for more
	- Black market cannot appear more than once every 50 turns even if you have a high coverts/planets ratio
	- Use MySQL named locks to prevent race conditions when updating game values
	- When a empire die, the database entry is not removed, allowing the game to keep enhanced status
	- Performance boost: All dynamic images/charts are now rendered client side. (Thank you javascript)
	- By default, auto-sell rate is now 33%, previously: 0%
	- Removed generals
	- Removed command ships
	- Added support for gettext to entire source code. 
	- Guerilla attacks now favor small empires
	- No more than one invasion per turn
	- Chat system now use DELTAs (lower bandwidth from 4k to 0.3k in a typical chat session with other players)
	- Chat system now allow some emoticons like :)
	- Chat system now allow admin to kick or ban players (kick prevent access for 24h, ban is forever)
	- Chat system now display additional information on connected players when you hover your mouse over a name
	- Chat system now support IE7!
	- Chat system prevent duplicate load (small chat and big chat in same time)
	- Admin interface now contains more information, allowing administrators to track cheaters
	- Fixed some covert operations
	- Carriers capacity bug fixed
	- Buying heavy cruisers fixed
	- Military maintenance now include moving units 
	- Networth now include moving units
	- Fixed nasty bugs regarding effectiveness calculation
	- 0 urban planets mean nobody, collapsing your empire, fixed.
	- Light cruisers production scaled using % of research converted to credits	
	- 5 tons of smaller bugs fixed

2.5.1 BETA1 - never released

	- Improved installer (detect additional errors)
	- While creating new game, lets display more errors/warning
	- Display a informative notice when no players are in the database
	- Enforcing 2 players per IP! (Maximum)
	- Display last joined players in properties page
	- Display the best day (logged players)
	- Display the best day (signup)

	- Display bug in forum pages
	- Do not decrease effectiveness when pirate attack loose
	- The lottery dont work because of a sync condition between the database and empire/server object. (thanks koyote44)
	- Pirate attack do not set already attacked flag (koyote44)
	- Pirate attack bust calculation is wrong (thanks koyote44)
	- covert op: support dissension with no reclaimed troops (koyote44)
	- Sabotage never damages anything (buddhakon)
	- Web shortcut : white -> black

2.5.0 BETA3 - never released

	- Fixed forum \' bugs (not used stripslashes, just a simple str_replace)
	- Stripslashed BB forums
	- Missing ) in template.php -> Template::DisplayEmpireHTML()
	- Lowered from 5 to 1 the light cruisers build by research planets
	- Fixed the global market rates (0.1 to 4)
	- Added extra random names (Empire creation form)
	- Redone some empires logo
	- Fixed carriers limit not showing in warfare menu
	- Fixed a bug with filling in icon editor
	- Adjusted the urban tax rate in default config
	- Fixed display in invasion reports
	- Increased loans credits
	- Increased galactic taxes
	- Market now use: buy / (sell / 10)
	- Lowered the impact of tax rates on emmigration (divided by 3)
	- Increased the amount of food/ore/petro needed for pop/units
	- Covert ops: boosted take hostages, food bombing and reward on support dissension
	- Pirate raids steal more stuff but pirate bust give more stuff too
	- Reduced overall defensive bonuses by 40%
	- Fixed a bug when the game restart
	- Doubled the inflation rates
	- 5x the amount of population generated by education planets
	- Fixed the taxrates vs emmigration bug
	- Loans base rate from 50 to 20%
	- Bond base rate from 10% to 5% , 30 turns to 25 turns
	- Producing army units cost population

2.5.0 BETA2, released on 06 aug 00:18 AM 2007 by YBO
This is my first CHANGELOG, some features may be missing because I have changed alot of things
over several month now.


	- Doubled the colorspace in logos
	- A Flash8 interactive StarMap
	- Added 2 new resources: ORE and PETROLEUM
	- Food market is now global market and use a real economic system (demand/supply)
	- Ore and petroleum needed for army maintenance (starships need petroleum, ore is used for repairing)
	- Education planets do little research points
	- The game now have a auto-installer made in PHP, helping people to install a game server on LAMP
	- Some of the artwork and the menu system was completely modified/redone
	- You can now sell research points 
	- All the resources (food, petro, ore) are now auto-buyable if some quantity is missing for maintenance
	- New cover operation: Setup Coup
	- Urban taxes are fixed, no more abuse :)
	- Alot of balancing!!!

BUG FIXES: Too much to list them all, next time I will keep a better record
of changes.

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