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<h1 align="center">INSTALL</h1>
SOAP SQL Installation instructions:

1) Install PEAR MDB2:

On Windows:
a. Install the PEAR DB package from the .msi installation file.
b. Run &quot;go-pear&quot;, following the prompts and install into the local PHP installation.
c. Run &quot;pear install pear/MDB2&quot; to install the MDB2 cross-database library.
d. Run &quot;pear install MDB2_Driver_&lt;your_database_type&gt;&quot; replacing &quot;&lt;your_database_type&gt;&quot; with your database type (e.g. 'mysqli' or 'pgsql').

2) Install NuSOAP:

On Windows:
a. Download the NuSOAP .zip file from http://dietrich.ganx4.com/nusoap/
b. Extract the zip into your PHP directory, creating the path: &quot;includes/nusoap&quot;.
c. Edit the php.ini file and at the end, you will notice where PEAR has added an &quot;include_dir&quot; entry. Add the nusoap directory to it so it looks something like this:

;***** Added by go-pear
include_path=&quot;.;C:\Program Files\PHP\pear;C:\Program Files\PHP\includes\nusoap&quot;

d. NuSOAP has a known conflict with the default PHP 'SOAP' extension, both declaring a class named 'soapclient'. 
   If you have PHP SOAP installed, the only work-arounds
   are to rename the NuSOAP 'soapclient' class and it's callers to something like 'soap_client' in 'nusoap.php', or
   to remove the PHP SOAP extension.

3) Copy SOAP-SQL files:

a. Create a directory in the new PHP &quot;includes&quot; directory called &quot;soapsql&quot;.
b. Extract all files from the soapsql downloaded archive to this new directory.
c. Edit the php.ini file again, and add this directory to the include path:

include_path=&quot;.;C:\Program Files\PHP\pear;C:\Program Files\PHP\includes\nusoap;C:\Program Files\PHP\includes\soapsql&quot;

4) Restart your web server (e.g. Apache).

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