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<TITLE>SMS Web Sender 2 - Examples</TITLE>


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<h2>SMS Web Sender 2 - Examples</h2>

<p><a href="simple_send.php">simple_send.php</a>
<br />simple sending (edit this file to add site and message details)</p>

<p><a href="web_form.php">web_form.php</a>
<br />web form allowing users to enter site details and message details</p>

<p><a href="web_form_pre_filled.php">web_form_pre_filled.php</a>
<br />web form allowing users to enter message details only (must edit file to provide site details)</p>

<p>See <a href="http://www.k1m.com/">k1m.com</a> for more info on SMS Web Sender</p>


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