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- Integrated Snippets extension into the core system
- Added /includes/hooks.php
- Added /includes/JSON.php
- Fixed a bug in Core::GetVar() where the $default value was required but should have been optional
- Added Snippet button to WYMeditor to insert snippets into page text
- Removed the Collections Publishing features from Page Manager and Collections
- Added [[page.metadata]] and [[skin.path]] variables to SiteVars
- Removed pre-1.1 skin hooks
- Modified plugin.parser.php to remove P tags that WYMeditor adds around in-line tokensw.
- Made the SESSION timeout editable by the admin user.
- Added an option to the Page manager, SiteMapper plugin and SiteVars to allow admin to omit pages from the site map.
- Modified Configuration editor to update the SiteMap when saved.
- Updated SiteMapper class to match new Google SiteMap XML
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