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                  <h2>Why Another Content Management System?</h2><p>
There is no shortage of available software packages to manage web sites.
 There are numerous, well-established content management systems 
available commercially and as open source software. Many of the 
available systems offer excellent support, mature development platforms,
 large developer and user communities and in some cases thousands of 
available third-party add-ons to meet almost every customization need.
What there is a shortage of is well-written, easy-to-use lightweight 
content management systems for small web sites. The limited options 
available to small web site owners often force the web site owner to 
choose a system that has far more features and far more complexity than 
are needed. 
</p><h2>What Is A Small Web Site?</h2><p>We define a small web site as one which has fewer than 3 site 
managers - very often just 1 - and one which is comprised of fewer than 
100 pages, and perhaps two or three page layouts or templates. This type
 of web site is commonly referred to as a brochure style web site and 
accounts for the majority of sites on the world wide web.</p><p>
SkyBlueCanvas Lightweight CMS is built to provide the small web site 
owner with an easy-to-use web site manager. There is only as much 
complexity as is absolutely necessary. SkyBlueCanvas is not meant to 
meet every web site need or to compete
with larger systems. The software is intended for small web sites with
relatively simple requirements.
</p><h2>What Is Included</h2><p>
SkyBlueCanvas is simple but definitely not simplistic. The software 
includes many features to allow it to be customized and adapted to a 
variety of needs. These features include:
</p><ul><li>Extensibile Core through Content Managers and Modules</li><li>Plugin API to allow code execution triggered on custom events</li><li>Skinnability through HTML/CSS templates</li></ul><h2>What Is Left Out</h2><p>
Because SkyBlueCanvas Lightweight CMS is built for small web sites, many
 features needed to support larger sites have been left out. Among these
</p><ul><li>No database is required</li><li>Zero configuration - just upload it to your web server and start
 using it</li><li>No complicated User Management (<acronym title="Access Control 
List">ACL</acronym>)</li><li>Hierarchical content (Sections, Categories, etc.)</li></ul>
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