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<?php include "config.php"; include "functions.php";
global $db_id,$aff_cookie,$server_name;

if(isset($_GET["aff"])) $_GET["aff"]=clean($_GET["aff"]);
setcookie( $aff_cookie, $_GET["aff"], $date_of_expiry, "/", $server_name ); 

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<title><?php echo $title; ?>: <?php echo $lang['home'] ?> - <?php echo $lang['title1']; ?></title>
 <?php echo "<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='".$template."/default.css'>"; ?>
 <script src="functions.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
	//this has been added in order to avoid direct access to the home_content_file.php. it should work only when included here.
	//if the value for home content file has not been changed in config.php check for the custom_ version of the file, if the value has been modified in configuration file the use the modified value without check for custom_ filename
	if($home_content_file=='home_content_file.php')  include customfc($home_content_file); else  include $home_content_file; ?>
        <td class="rear_column"><?php include $template."/rear_content.php"; ?></td>
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