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SiteBar 3 History

[!] Important
[+] New
[-] Fixed error
[*] Changes

[Bxx] - refers to https://secure.teamforge.net/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=xx

Release 3.3.9 Bug & Security Fixes                               October 13 2007

[+] Reduced time for loading of roots - important performance boost on large
[+] Add index on nid column on root table for performance.
[-] Wrong detection of comment end in Netscape format caused incomplete load
    of bookmarks (from Firefox).
[-] Fetching time added to the time spent in database for statistics.
[-] Fixed escaping for blogroll format.
[-] Fixed quoting of comments for export to Opera.
[-] Fixed incorrect date and missing TTL in a RSS feed.
[-] Integration problem with IE7 (icons) solved. Credit to jouellet from sf.net!!!
[-] Backend search is now not case sensitive.
[-] Fixed bug with favicon cache management leading to SQL error with
    ambiguous column name in the WHERE clause.

Credit to Tim Brown for security problem report http://www.nth-dimension.org.uk/

[-] Multiple security issues fixed in the translation module which could be 
    exploited by user having admin or translation access to SiteBar. 
    A workaround for version 3.3.8 is to delete the file translator.php, it only
    used for translation of SiteBar strings into other languages.
[-] Multiple cross site scripting issues fixed (CVE-2006-3320 and others).
    You would have to click on a link prepared by malicious user, what could
    let him get control over your session (until it expires).

Release 3.3.8 Bug Fixes                                             April 1 2006

[-] Tree class and sanity module improved to consume less memory.
[-] Fixed display of the statistics for SQL queries.
[-] Group management functions should not be available to anonymous users.
[-] Fixed warning when filtering user groups using empty filter regexp.
[-] Improved code for adding page in IE so that it works with IE 6.0
    (was showing error accessing external.menuArguments.document).
[-] Some keys for the MS IE integration installer were moved from
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. This solved problem experienced
    by some MS IE 6.0 users (and actually conforms to the tutorial from MS).
[-] Fixed "mobile" SiteBar writer - adapted to changed plugin API.
[-] Feed URL fixed again. Be warned, it does not seem granted it will work
[-] Use relative path for JavaScript - it should be found there.
[-] Private links were not loaded over AJAX.
[-] Feed URL fixed, URL is now encoded before sending to the reader.
[-] When "Auto Retrieve Favicon" was turned off, the URL has not been prefilled
    when adding a link.
[-] Folders loaded via AJAX were not using externally set target attribute.
[-] [B120] Language detection not working for nb_NO/no_NO.
[-] [B118] Remove "content" from "Add Page" bookmarklet.
[-] [B111] Enter key not working in the search field for searching web in IE.
    window.open is now used instead of trying to set proper window location.href
[*] Development releases now marked with svn after version number.
[-] Fixed wrong path composition when changing images in the JavaScript.
[-] [B112] ' entity incorrectly used in HTML output causing problems in IE.
[*] Do not force version check upon each execution of SiteBar Settings.
[-] Avoid using function mysql_real_escape_string with PHP less then 4.3.
[-] [B114] Online help URL should be encoded.
[-] [B113] "Create Group" - default moderator should be current user.
[-] Fixed web search URL (replaced %25 back to %).
[-] Frontend filtering is back - requested by users.
[-] Fix favicon handling when added a link.
[*] Rename no_NO to nb_NO (http://tinyurl.com/epozf).
[+] Replace menu expanding using "two lines" with graphics. Placing mouse over
    the line of the double arrow expands the collapsed context menu.
[-] Fixed accented characters for some locales in the language name.
[-] Fixed ru_RU locale - caused blank pages on some installations.
[-] Removed ampersand conversion to entity in text emails during account
[-] Fixed toggling of class name of disabled items.
[-] Fixed declaration of new javascript variables.
[-] Fixed incorrect enabling of commands in context menus.
[-] Disable HTTP traffic loggin.
[-] Disable automated downgrade, only one release can be downgraded at a time.
[-] "Email Verified" and "Invalid Token" changed to inplace commands.
[-] Some account creation messages were using email instead of username.
[-] Fix update of translations.

Release 3.3.7 Usability Audit + AJAX Folder Loading             February 18 2006

Thanks to Vlad Kout http://arieslink.com/ for standards compliance audit and
many other tips, error fixes and improvements.
Thanks to Petr Vecerek for suggesting and helping with the usability audit
and related changes.
Thanks to Christoph Huber http://inode.at/ for useful error reports.

[+] New user setting "Feed Reader URL" for lightweight RSS feed support.
    Uses Google Reader by default.
[+] New link attributed "Feed Link", to mark links as feeds.
[+] AJAX is used to load content of just opened folder - dramatic improvement
    in SiteBar responsiveness. Frontend filtering removed because searching
    would be usless.
[+] SiteBar now renders in standards compliance mode (HTML 4.01 Transitional).
[*] Username is used instead of email for identification - please check
    your feeds, email must be replaced with username.
[*] Default domain switch removed - username is used now instead.
[+] Mandatory fields are marked with a star.
[+] [B31] Links in search results now show a folder in which they are located.
    Clicking on folder name invokes browse mode for that folder.
[+] In the browse folder mode, non anonymous users can see "Properties" field
    for links and folders. Folders can be opened in the SiteBar tree format.
[+] [B55] Added possibility to select default searching tool in "User Settings".
[+] Added writer "BlogRoll JS <ul>" for inclusion on blogs and anywhere else.
    See inc/writers/blogroll.inc.php for more info.
    Thanks to vanderwijk ( http://backup-buzz.blogspot.com ) for idea.
[+] New command "Mark as Default" has been added to the context node menu.
    When clicked, the Add Link bookmarklet will use this folder.

[-] Solved problem of disappearing context menu.
[*] Reduced set of commands that were always executed in place.
[-] Multiple lines comments in Netscape format were not read.
[+] [B91] Contact admin emails are now counted to keep threads in mail reader.
[+] [B70] Display the name of the current user besides "Log Out" command.
[+] [B82] Online help is now accessible using question mark right to the
    command name in the command window.
[+] [B79] It is possible to specify regular expression matching User Agent
    string. When matches, a javascript read-only version will be served.
[-] [B56] Firefox Live Bookmarks are supported on import in Netscape format
    and in export in xbel_mozilla format (for Bookmarks Synchronizer extension).
[*] [B87] "Load Open Folders Only" feature removed - replaced with AJAX.
[-] [B84] Values in HTTP headers were incorrectly lowercased.
[-] Handle favicon URL redirection (only single 1).
[+] Shorten URLs while logged in and displaying SiteBar (size reduction).
[-] Uncode urls used with hit counter (to comply with mode_security).
[-] Use clearTimeout for tooltips to hide them properly.
[-] "Show Link News" for a folder now shows proper links to browse or get RSS.
[-] Fixed handling of entities in XML files - now CDATA is used whenever
    applicable and XML entities are respected on non CDATA places.
[-] Fixed handling of URLs contaning bookmarklets and \0 character - run
    http://localhost/sitebar/sanity.php?do_fix=1 to fix database
[+] [B65] Use "readonly" HTML attribute for disabled fields instead of
    "disabled" - it is possible to copy field content.
[-] [B66] Wrong "default" buttons in dialogs.
[*] [B83] FEEDURL is now preferred to HREF when loading links.
[-] Fix problem with missing comment when sending email.
[-] [B75] Initial Set-Up dialog: Wrongly repeated password results in
    "Access denied".
[+] Allow favicons to be placed into cache even without having a link in db.
    Used for search engine icon to avoid messages in secure connection.
[-] Fixed problem with links without name in "Custom Order".
[-] [B53] Deleting a tree without purge caused some commands be inaccessible.
[-] [B54] Deleting of inactive users produces wanring messages.
[-] [B49] SiteBar should work with magic_quotes_gpc turned on. In case there
    are some \\\ sequences in the database use following URL to get rid of them
[-] [B57] Command "Email Link" now does not display false error message when
    user with not verified email presses submit.
[+] Added possibility to mark translations as changed. Changes translations
    are treated as invalid until translator removes <@>.
[-] When updating translations, only changed paragraphs are now shown.
[-] Improved some descriptions.
[*] [B50] Avoid realname for anonymous admin contacts.
[+] [B15] Parse description on retrieve information.
[-] In case a warning has been issued when finding favicon on "Retrieve
    Information" command, the title has not been saved to Link Name (cnn.com).
[*] Default search changed to "All".
[+] [B17] Many fields/commands were marked as optional and can be shown
    on demand only. An "Expert Mode" allows their permanent display.
    Additionally the "Expert Mode" displays more diagnostic warning messages.
    Context menus are expanded by moving cursor over bottom of the displayed menu.
[+] Auto reload after changing language on the "Sign Up" page.
[-] [B61] Paths for embedding changed, now commands can be executed.
[-] Links cannot added with MySQL 5.0 when not marked as private.
[-] [B52] When a node is deleted, the ACL and visibility cache is deleted.
[-] [B58] Load web search engine icon through icon cache to avoid warnings
    in Internet Explorer and possible tracking by the target server.
[-] [B72] Fix for PHP 5.0.5 - on import following error was shown:
    "Only variables can be passed by reference in xbel.inc.php on line 95"
[-] Allow load links with empty link name in XBEL format.
[+] Writer should login only if in anonymous mode or when email does not match.
[+] Table for storage of user data added.
[-] E-mail trimmed on sign up.
[+] Link from member maintenance to Modify User.
[+] User id shown in member maintenance.
[+] Member filter can now filter using #id.
[-] Change line endings for phplm writer, lines not recognized correctly now.
[+] Add member and moderator count to member maintenance.
[-] Label shown twice for callback functions.
[-] Focusing the first form field delayed to make it effective.
[-] Bug with wrong "dir" value in translator fixed.
[*] Release version not shown anymore to anonymous users tp prevent any possible
    attacks on potentially vulnerable release by using search engines results.
[+] [B81] Version check can be performed to admin users in predefined intervals.

Release 3.3.5 Bugfixes + Improved Plugins API Support          September 24 2005

[+] [B43] Base URL is now configurable in "SiteBar Settings".
[-] [B46] Backend search fails if words contain non ISO-8895-1 characters.
[+] Support for synchronization plugins added.
[+] [B34] XBELSync plugin for Bookmark Synchronizer extension can be downloaded
[-] [B41] Import fails when using trash and the loaded links already exist as
[-] Nonprivileged users can now remove members from their group and add new
    members using members email or user id in SiteBar.
[-] MySQL error messages reported correctly when no connection can be created.
[-] PHP fgets function did not work properly and sometimes (when loading big
    files) breaks line. It has been replaced with low level fread.
[-] Exported files are now produced with LF line ends.
[-] If trash usage is disabled, the content is only purged if the user has
    "Purge" right on the folder.
[*] "Folder Properties" and "Delete Folder" command have limited functionality
    when the parent folder does not allow "Update" and "Delete" right.
[-] Fixed warning on import bookmark screen.
[-] Add error handling for missing authentication plugin.
[+] Added possibility to "Exclude Root Folder" from bookmark export.
    Can be used in conjunction with Bookmarks Synchronizer extension, to sync
    Bookmark Toolbar Folder (requested by Kai Speckmann).
[!] Changed authentication API, LDAP plugin must be reinstalled. IMAP plugin
    is already adapted.
[-] When using authentication plugin no tree has been created for user.
[-] Possible to delete account when using authentication plugin.
[+] Added experimental writer "mobile" for pocket devices with incomplete
    DOM2 implementation (not tested on mobile device). Use with URL similar to:
[-] Detect disabled cookies and inform user to enable them.
[-] Improved error message when moving folder to the same folder where it is.
[-] Fixed errors in "Add Link" built in command (used with writers).
[-] Fixed downgrade from 3.3.3 to lower version.
[-] Fixed URL forwarding after logging (used for translations).
[+] Possibility to translate plugins added.

Thanks to Lorin Gaertner for bug reports regarding XBEL format issues:

[-] Fixed missing import of desc attribute in XBEL import.
[-] Fixed import autodetection for files shorter then 100 lines.
[-] Fixed PHP Warning on import of XBEL files not comming from SiteBar.

Thanks to Steve Crooks for deep feature testing and reporting:

[-] Fix folder browsing functions for system with PHP as CGI.
[-] Front-end filtering ignores description in case SiteBar tooltips are used.
[-] Back-end search ignores comments (descriptions) completely.

Release 3.3.3 Binary Favicons Support + Fixits                       June 4 2005

[+] Add support for binary favicons in format: "data:image/x-icon;base64,".
    Change logic for emptying full favicon cache so that used binary favicons
    get deleted as last - with import of Firefox bookmarks you get may
    of them, so increase your limit if needed.
    Run "/sanity.php?do_icons" to convert favicons imported earlier.
[-] Fixed problem when reading translator exported zip files in some programs
    like 7zip. Reported and solution suggested by Christoph Huber.
[-] When cached visible and ACL folders list was empty it could have lead to
    SiteBar inaccessibility showing error message
    "Error: Node number has ACL record but does not exist!".
[-] Deleting a folder with nid X and ACL record could lead to error
    "Error: Node number X has ACL record but does not exist!".
[-] Installer/uninstaller for MS IE sidebar did not work.
    Reported by Lionel Martelly and solution suggested by Vlad Kout
    The same problem was present for Mozilla search box item.
[-] Fixed error (undefined functions) when deleting inactive users.
[-] Fixed 451 error with qmail servers when sending email with bare LFs.
[-] [B30] Import from Opera failed when description contained line breaks.
[-] A workaround for Firefox bug in handling href attribute of XSL added
[+] Improved autodetection for supported import formats.
[!] Hit counter usage no more default when exporting links.
[-] Fixed display when using "Waiting for Visit" mode for multiple users seeing
    the same bookmarks.

Release 3.3.2 Minor Fixes                                            May 21 2005

[-] After deleting and purging tree with "Extern Commander" switched on, the
    next executed command from user menu will fail because of missing folder.
[-] [B28] Fixed scrolling for Opera 8.0.

Release 3.3.1 User Management Fixes and Enhancements                 May 19 2005

[!] "Allow Add Self" for group now means, that anyone can join the group,
    previously it has been combined with "Auto Join".
[+] Possibility to display most active and inactive users including link count.
    Inactive users can be deleted.
[+] [913008] Regexp user and group selector - for installations with many
    groups and users allows selection based on the regexp filter.
[-] When approving multiple users, the subject was not correctly changed to the
    user's language.
[-] When approval of user accounts was required and verification of email not
    then the account creation has failed in the middle thus not creating a
    root folder for the user.
[-] When verification of email was requested but user has entered formally wrong
    email address then after resubmitting the page he received an Access Denied
    page or duplicate user name.
[-] Improved baseurl composition for PHP CGI installations.
[-] [B27] Wrong email comparison leads to problems on case sensitive MySQL
[-] [B22] Cannot load OPML exported from Bloglines.com.
[-] [B21] When upgrading from pre 3.3 version, the SiteBar Settings switch
    requesting users to be approved will remove rights from administrator.
[-] [B20] Pasting links from menu showed with "Show Menu Icon" did not worked.
    Dragging a node is no more possible when "Show Menu Icon" is selected.
[+] [B19] Keep the window position when loading links for a closed node,
    tested for IE and Firefox (Opera 8.0 failed).
[-] [B18] "Show Logo" SiteBar setting was ignored.
[-] When no conversion engine is installed it is still possible to perform
    conversion from and to iso-8859-1.
[*] It is now not possible to delete a folder in case when there is no delete
    right for the parent folder.
[*] "Import Bookmarks" can be now executed by anonymous users.

Release 3.3 Writers Release                                        April 15 2005

Functional Changes (order of implementation - latest first)

[+] Administrator can rename file inc/message.inc.php.template to
    inc/message.inc.php. The message will be displayed at the top of the SiteBar
[+] New user switch can restrict loading of private links only when SiteBar
    is used over secure HTTPS connection.
[+] [974492] Redesigned and enriched integrator page. The page is by default
    on a central URL what allows it to be improved without need of making
    new release.
[+] [973530] "Search" button now invokes a backend search, which searches in
    all user bookmarks including hidden ones. When no hits are found the query
    is redirected to user definable web search engine (by default Google).
    Admin can disallow users to use custom search engine and force them to use
    values set on "SiteBar Settings". User can disable usage of the Web Search.
[+] New command "Show Link News" - displays information about links for the
    whole SiteBar or selected folder (most popular, recently visited, added and
    modified). Requires XSLT support on the browser side.
[+] [847830] Procedure for handling forgotten passwords.
[-] [1081372] Personal Mode: Delete trees does not work, create tree not
[+] [933135] Confirmation of email before use + new account approval.
[+] [804413] Disabling user account (solved using the account approval).
[+] [804379] Allow users to create their own groups.
[*] "Keep In Cache" removed because it was not reliable - it did not work
    correctly after reload. "Load Open Folders Only" and backend search should
    be used in case of performance problems instead.
[+] [940815] Admin can define maximum allowed session time.
[+] User can disable using of trash - commands "Undelete" and "Purge Folder" are
    not be available in this mode.
[+] [814365] Use user setting "Use SiteBar Tooltips" to show tooltips in any
    browser independent of the browser's functionality.
[+] Admin can specify default domain for login. When domain is specified, then
    users can login without domain. If login without domain fails it will be
    tried with the specified domain (feature implemented by Bondviewer).
[+] Support for "Live Bookmarks" in Mozilla Firefox added, a directory structure
    can be exported from SiteBar and imported into bookmarks. The links will be
    loaded on demand and always fresh.
[+] New user switch "Default URL" has been added and is applied for "Add Link".
[+] [954137] Add target property to links to allow links be opened in frames.
[+] [941575] New command "Browse Folder" allows to browse folder in main window
    seeing all link details. It is implemented using XSL Transformation of XBEL
    output (which is currently not supported by the famous Opera).
[+] [983357] New command "Show All Links" allows all links in the folder and
    subfolders be displayed at once (implemented using [941575]).
[*] [975659] Language autodetection can be disabled from "Default User Settings"
    command in "SiteBar Settings" along with a full set of parameters, that will
    be applied to anonymous and new users.
[+] Anonymous user now can see command "Session Settings" which allows him
    to set language or sorting criteria without logging to SiteBar.
[+] [804382] More import/export possibilities
    "Export Bookmarks" reworked and enhanced with feed possibility. SiteBar can
    now produce feeds in many formats and with many options. Following formats
    were added: Atom, RDF, RSS, OPML, XBEL. Command "Export Bookmarks" was added
    to "Maintain Trees" and allows export of all accessible trees. New command
    "Export Bookmarks Settings" allows to specify some details about feeds.
    "Import Bookmarks" reworked, import from following formats added Atom, RSS,
    OPML, RDF, XBEL. XBEL is now the default export/import format for SiteBar.
[-] Removed global switch that allowed usage as backend engine, this
    switch has been moved to "Export Bookmarks Settings".
[*] "Highlight" button was replaced with "Filter". Filter was made default
    button for search field. Filter still does highlighting, however, it will
    hide all folders and links that do not match the filter. When "Filter"
    button is released (clicked for second time), the filter will be removed
    but highlighting will stay until reload or next search.
[+] [895867] Possibility to add links with %SEARCH% keyword that will be
    replaced with the content of the SiteBar's search field. See URL above
    for an example of such URL. Works only with hit counting enabled.
[+] [886349] Ability to handle large link databases by loading content of
    opened folders only. Can be switched on in "User Settings" using switch
    "Load Open Folders Only".
[+] New "Olive" skin from Gunnar Wrobel and "SiteBarXP" from Igor Kraljic.
[+] Added possibility for context menu plugins.
[-] Export in MS IE format (Netscape bookmark format without SiteBar attributes)
    always contained all SiteBar attributes.
[-] [997886] Unable to delete top level links when deleting trees disabled.
[*] Creation of new trees was previously allowed only to users with verified
[*] "Show Sponsor" removed. SiteBar will no more display SF.net logo by default.
    This setting has damaged the project statistic on the SF.net. To provide
    place for other sponsors a file inc/sponsor.inc.php.template has been
    included. Adminstrator can rename this file to inc/sponsor.inc.php and to
    change its content.

Technical Changes

[-] Fixed baseurl composition for IIS servers.
[-] Fixed display of favicons in Command Window.
[-] Incorrect codepages were used what caused ICONV to fail on some platforms
    and to produce bookmarks with empty names.
[-] [1166018] target=_blanks gets lost after command execution
[+] Changes in the translator to allow marking paragraphs as changed in
    the source language and other small changes (Olaf Noehring).
[+] [814343] Admin can see all links, requires change of code in
    inc/tree.inc.php - set SB_ALL_LINKS_FOR_ID to the ID of the user
    who should see everything.
[!] Plugins directory structure has changed - one plugin is in one directory,
    although this is slower it is more organized. Mailgate and LDAP plugins
    must be reinstalled from http://tinyurl.com/5j4ys .
[-] Links with mailto: protocol no more have target attribute.
[-] All mysql_ calls now use the connection parameter to avoid clashes
    with other databases.
[!] [990059] Skin framework changed, it is necessary to create new file
    hook.inc.php instead of hook.php. See "Modern" skin for example. This
    change allows changes be done to all skins via its virtual base class
    (for example another sponsor or logo). There is less work a designer
    should do - he needs to put into the CSS files only changes. Additionally
    the designer can provide his own XSLs to produce different results for
    XSL pages.
[-] [991905] When importing bookmark with name duplicate to a deleted link
    no message should be displayed.
[-] [1017382] Help should be available during setup.
[-] Fixed problem with natural join in MySQL 4.1.5 (thanks to Sascha Wall),
    see http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=6136 .
[*] All function and global variables prefixed with SB_ to avoid name
    clashes during integration and to solve problem of missing namespaces
    in PHP4 and PHP5. Error handling ignores E_STRICT to allow run under PHP5.
[*] [1028410] Database down message does not reveal sensitive information.
[*] mode=compact replaced with new writer "SiteBar Tree Embedded". More
    information on integrator page.
[-] Fixed installer for MS IE. Now does not need administrator rights.
[-] "Show All Icons" showing broken icons icons older then 30 days.
[-] No conversion is done when target charset is UTF-8.
[-] [983417] Wrong value for registry entry.
[*] TIMESTAMP columns changed to DATETIME. MySQL is trying to get more clever
    here then programmer like me by silently changing the first column of this
    domain. This would wrongly mark link as changed when only hits was updated.
[-] [993495] Absolute URL incorrectly composed for HTTPS servers.
[-] Removed unnecessary reads of sitebar_acl for each existing root.
[*] Table sitebar_favicon changed to sitebar_cache. Table was generalized to
    serve other purposes. Database class has new functions for operating with
[+] List of nodes with ACL is now cached per user in database to speed up
    loading of SiteBar. The cache is emptied on any operation on ACL.

Release 3.3 Release Candidate 1 [3.3rc1]                        February 27 2005

[!] See history of 3.3 release.

Release 3.2.6 Critical patch                                       August 3 2004

[-] [997871] Users with UID > 255 will always be logged as user with UID == 255.

Release 3.2.5 Bookmark Validation and Minor Enhancements            June 20 2004

Functional Changes

[-] [955555] "Sort Mode" of folder should automatically change to "Custom Order"
    when custom order is saved to database.
[+] [804389] Bookmark validation available from "Folder Properties".
[+] [955846] Admin can disallow users to delete their own trees.
[+] [813960] Display of statistics information about page construction. Can be
    disabled using new global switch. Statistics is not displayed for anonymous
    users if "Sign Up" is not allowed.
[+] [964304] Support for alternative authentication plugins added. Plugin for
    LDAP authentication available separately.
[-] "Export Bookmarks" and folder list in "Add Link" ignored hidden folders.
[-] Moving folder to its subfolder caused the whole folder inaccessible.

Technical Changes

[+] If link URL has form https://host/path then favicon will be searched only
    on URL http://host/favicon.ico.
[+] Allow GIFs and JPEGs as favicons.
[+] Allow icons without content lenght specification.
[+] Skin authors can now colorize folder levels in "Add Link" bookmarklet.
[-] Wrong constant name SHOW_PHP_ERROR in inc/errorhandler.inc.php.
[-] Output for WebLinks is now in UTF-8. Works correctly since Firefox 0.8.
[-] Link information retrieval from "Properties" overwrote even filled fields.
[-] First editable field was not selected.

Release 3.2 Plugins/Ordering and More Features                       May 16 2004

Functional Changes

[+] Plugin support added. First example plugin "Mail Gate" available separately.
[+] [840294] Favicon double caching added: on server and in browser. Together
    with [755293] debute of Gunnar Wrobel - new SiteBar Team core member.
[+] [755293] Parse actual page for information.
[+] [804410] The order of root folders can be customized on user level.
[+] [804394] Folder hiding implemented to reduce page size.
[+] [804417] Mix mode for folders and links (what comes first links or folders).
[+] [816032] Custom order of links and folders, overrides user's default
    settings for any folder.
[+] New Firefox extension added. It is called SiteBar and can be installed from
    the index.php page. Thanks to Bas Burger for the original code. This solves
    [804409] Open all links of any selected folder in new tabs.
[+] Link hit counter. Number of clicks on link and last visit for each user
    can be tracked (uses global switch).
[+] Possibility to sort links: by alphabet, most recent add/change, most often
    clicked, wating for visit. This sorting applies to links in folders without
    specified ordering. Additional information is shown for some kind of sorting
    (e.g. how many days the link was not visited or number of hits).
[+] Possibility to display only part of SiteBar using sitebar.php?root=ID url.
[+] Output of sitebar.php can be cached in browser with user defined expiration,
    expanded/collapsed folders might not be properly restored.
[+] Bookmarks are exported with some extra information in Netscape format,
    because IE has problems with additional attributes, it is possible to export
    bookmarks ready for IE import.
[+] Possible to import bookmarks with same name into the same folder using
    automated renaming.
[+] Error handling improved - PHP errors are caught to avoid blank page problem.
[+] New "Mozilla Modern" skin from Jason Sawtelle.
[*] Personal settings in "User Settings" moved to "Personal Data" as subcommand.
[+] Admins can define the name of the sender of all SiteBar e-mails.
[!] Vertical size of SiteBar command window increased.
[-] Missing autorization on forward command. After "Delete Account" any user can
    see list of users (incomplete e-mail addresses).
[-] Admin can maintain own account using "Modify User".

Technical Changes

[-] Exported bookmarks could not be imported to Mozilla.
[-] Folders and links of deleted root folder were visible.
[-] Installer/uninstaller for MS IE corrupted.

Release 3.2 Release Candidate 3 [3.2rc3]                              May 9 2004
Release 3.2 Release Candidate 2 [3.2rc2]                           April 27 2004
Release 3.2 Release Candidate 1 [3.2rc1]                            April 7 2004

[!] See history of 3.2 release.

Release 3.1.2 Minor Improvements                                   March 14 2004

Functional Changes

[+] Allow users to change their email. Verification is required after change.
[+] Added global switch allowing switching off usage of charset conversion
    engine. This can serve as workaround for non working Add Page bookmarklet.
    The real solution is to install iconv, libincon or recode PHP extension.
[+] Maintain Groups and Users sub commands now return to the parent command
    screen after execution.
[!] Members sorted by email rather then by id. In Member Groups and Moderators
    real user name is now shown.
[-] Fixed minor problems with skins.
[-] Fixed error with exporting/importing bookmarks - missing codepage selection.
    It was not possible to import exported bookmarks to Mozilla and would
    cause problems when importing to IE, because it does not support UTF-8.
[-] Saving user settings in personal mode caused public trees to be hidden.

Release 3.1.1 Bug Fixes                                             March 6 2004

Functional Changes

[+] [804412] Allow user to cancel his account.
[+] [804378] Allow Admin/Moderator to send mail to users/members.
[+] Added generation of customized plugins for MyIE2 from index.php.
[+] Mechanism for database downgrade to previous versions.
[*] Only admins can see full e-mails of users, moderators see only short
    version to protect user privacy.
[*] Mails from SiteBar send on behalf of the sender with SiteBar: prefix in

Technical Changes

[-] [903737] Critical: SiteBar fails with show ACL and no membership.
[+] [804358] Charset problem with bookmarklet and installer solved.
[-] Serious: Not possible to change members of some group if some member of the
    group does not want to be given membership.
[*] Now using full opening tags.
[!] When no codepage conversion engine found UTF-8 <-> ISO-8859-1 assumed
    for non unicode characters.
[-] Charset properly recognized when adding page or link from MS IE.
[-] Fixed error when importing bookmarks with wrong character set.
[*] Default tree sorting for not own trees is now tree name.
[-] Mails are sent always in the language of the recipient.
[-] Fixed error with missing argument in call to executePaste().
[-] Fixed error when importing bookmarks with wrong user defined character set.
[-] Fixed error with jumping icon of the first tree root (thanks to Vlad Kout).

Release 3.1 Internationalization                                February 22 2004

Functional Changes

[+] [804377] Internationalization support added.
    See http://brablc.com/sitebar/translator.php for list of translations.
[!] Default "Modern" skin redesigned to make better use of space and to use more
    neutral colors and more recent icons. The old "Modern" skin is now called
    "Cornflower" for those who still might want to use it.
[+] The code was analyzed with a profiled and optimized for speed.
[+] New global SiteBar settings: "Show Logo" and "Show Sponsor" to free screen
    space and to prevent timeout in Mozilla 1.x sitebar.
[+] New user setting: "Show Trees with ID" allows to show own trees and
    additionally to select other published root folders.
[+] New user setting: "Hide Folders with ID" allows to hide any node.
[+] New user setting: "Default Search In" allows to search by default in
    specified folder/link properties.
[+] Compact mode for embedding in other pages as IFRAME. Fill src attribute
    in the following format "/sitebar/sitebar.php?mode=compact".
[+] Added backend support for PHP Layers Menu, see "doc/engine.txt". Can be
    disabled using new global switch "Allow Noninteractive Mode".
[+] Added possibility to upload binary file to the description. Admin can allow
    this using "Description Import/Export" setting.
[+] [755300] Added option to copy/move content only.
[+] "Add Link" bookmarklet now allows creating new subfolder and marking the
    selected folder as default.
[*] Old skins changed to use same look & feel (animated push release buttons)
    and to save some space.
[*] Expand all nodes by clicking "Collapse All" twice instead of Ctrl-click.
[*] URL length now not limited to 255 characters.
[*] Description length now "unlimited". Admin can specify maximum length of
    description using new global switch "Link Description Length".
[-] External favicons always shown with 16x16 dimension.
[-] Fixed javascript error when search string matched folder name.
[-] Fixed handling of combined searching and highlighting.
[-] Fixed searching with "Show Menu Icon" checked.
[-] Fixed logic of highlight button, third click does highlighting again.
[-] Fixed error with impossibility of updating private link.

Technical Changes

[*] Database class has been devided to abstract class and MySQL specific
    subclass. This should allow someone to write subclass for another DBMS.
[-] [852353] Added support for IIS.
[-] [873384] Only owner is able to add links/folders to subtrees.
[-] [889525] Call to undefined function: ismytree()
[-] Fixed handling of duplicates related to deleted objects. When a duplicate
    link is found and it clashes with already deleted and not purged object,
    the deleted link is purged and operation repeated. Any existing deleted
    node is renamed by prefixing it with "_".

Related Issues

[+] On page http://myie2.web.pt/ you can find a plugin from Rui Umbelino
    for SiteBar to integrate nicely to the MyIE2 browser. It seems like the
    best integration with a browser thanks to the auto hiding, however, there
    are some reports that users are not able to login from sidebar.

Release 3.0.2 More Bugfixes                                     November 27 2003

Functional Changes

[+] Added support for Mozilla Firebird's extension WebLinks see "doc/engine.txt"
[+] Added user setting "Show Menu Icon". It is intended for users with single
    mouse button and Ctrl-click handled by the browser only (Mac users).

Technical Changes

[-] Refactored ACL to work in all necessary places (export, add link).
[-] [840300] Bookmarklet reconciliation from login error.
[-] [839592] Malfunction of Mozilla's Password Manager.
[-] [843187] Character set should be set using HTTP and not HTML
[-] Active area for click and right click for folders is now only the visible
    part (previously the area was screen wide).
[-] Added z-index CSS attribute to fix Mac's Safari display bug.
[-] Fix error in config.php (accessed misssing first character of a string).

Release 3.0.1 Bug Fixes                                          November 3 2003

Functional Changes

[+] When creating user or using "Modify User" (formely "Set Password") command
    from user maintenance, administrator can mark account as demo account. Demo
    account cannot change password end request email verification. Additionally
    administrator can mark any account as having verified email.
[*] "Log In" command allowed to be executed even if user is already logged in
    to allow automatic login for demo accounts.

Technical Changes

[-] [831872] False potential auto join indication during sign up.
[-] [833270] Deprecated function mysql_create_db.
[-] [833306] Cannot include files without . in include_path.
[-] [833848] Logically corrupted database not reported properly.
[-] [833849] Missing style on repeated form after error.
[-] [833850] Incorrect import bookmarks file detection.

Release 3.0 Basic Release                                        October 27 2003

Functional Changes

[!] Promo text removed from the index page.
[+] Security mechanism fully implemented, this allows private links in published
    folders, inherited and restricted rights. Access specification can now be
    on any folder instead of on root folder only.
[+] Improved login mechanism with session logging. Allows specification of the
    session expiration. Improved authentication mechanism.
[+] New install/upgrade procedure - no need for other tools during install.
[+] Drag&drop for Mozilla and Internet Explorer.
[+] Codepage conversion on bookmark import/export.
[+] New "System" skin from Alexis Isaac http://www.alexisisaac.net/ .
[+] New search possibilities. With prefix url:, desc:, name: or all: it is now
    possible to specify what should be searched. Default is name:.
[+] Ctrl-click on "Collapse All" icon will expand all folders.
[+] New global switches:
    "Personal Mode" - mode for sites without member groups with simplified
        folder publishing. Some functions are not available in this mode.
    "Users Can Create Trees" - allows users to create another trees.
    "Allow Anonymous Contact" - allows anonymous users to send message to admin.
[+] New user switches:
    "Allow Given Membership" - allows moderators to add users with switch set
        to ON to their group.
    "Allow Info Mail" - just for admin's information if you want get some
        maintenance information from him (in case of server downtime, ...).
    "Decorate ACL Folders" - shows folders with security specification
        underlined or another way emphasized according to used skin.
[+] New link command: "Email Link" - uses internal mailer in case of verified
    email address, otherwise external mail program is used.
[+] E-mail can be verified any time (instead of on sign-up only).
[+] Authenticated users can send message to the administrator.
[+] Authenticated users can send message to the moderator of a closed group -
    if he allows his closed group to be listed.
[*] User switch "Auto Reload" renamed to "Extern Commander".
[*] User switch "Auto Close" renamed to "Skip Execution Messages".
[-] Folder state (opened/closed) is handled on server side instead on client.
[-] Deleted root folders are now shown in grey-scale and their context menu
    allows only "Purge" or "Undelete".
[+] User switch for default "Paste Mode".
[*] In the commander window the first active field is automatically focused.
[+] File features.txt transformed to online help.
[+] Private links are shown with lock icon.
[-] Label of the SiteBar icon shown on the MS IE toolbar fixed to "SiteBar".
[-] Fixed error when sending link as email.
[-] Fixed ACL error related to multiple groups and reduction of rights.
[-] Fixed errors related to purging of deleted folders (especially roots).
[-] Fixed error related to changing membership and group members.

Technical Changes

[*] Database structure changed.
[*] Target attribute set on every link with exception of bookmarklets.
[+] New global switch "Use Compresssion". Uses PHP's output buffering through
    gzip for the sitebar.php main page. Size reduction with factor 8 to 10.
[+] Checkboxes now have labels associated.
[-] Performance issue solved - only necessary links are loaded from db.
[-] Improved way of reloading SiteBar - images stay in cache.
[-] Target attribute was forgotten when pop-up instance of SiteBar was used.

Release 3.0 Release Candidate 1 [3.0rc1]                       September 26 2003

[!] See history of 3.0 release.

Release 3.0 Preview Release 1 [3.0pre1]                           August 26 2003

[!] First public release.
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