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require "../../configmain.php";
require "../../global.php";
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if ($banner == '1'){
echo $bannercode;
?>Some check's are being performed</b><br>
$useram = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM usr WHERE usr ='$user'");
$usera = mysql_fetch_array($useram);
$costm = mysql_query("SELECT cost, money FROM towns WHERE tid ='$town'");
$cost = mysql_fetch_array($costm);
$buildl = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM buildinglocation WHERE horz='$horz' and vert='$vert' and town ='$town'");
$buildloc = mysql_fetch_array($buildl);
if ($usera[1] != $password){
echo "incorrect password please log in again";
if ($usera[1] == $password){
	if ($usera[9] <= $cost[0]){
	echo "Not enough money to purchase land<br>You have $usera[9] money but the area costs $cost[0]<br>";
	if ($usera[9] >= $cost[0]){
	echo "You have enough money to buy the land<br>";
	$owner2 = $owner;
		if ($owner2 == ''){
		$buildch = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM buildinglocation WHERE usr='$user' and buid='0'");
		while($buildc = mysql_fetch_array($buildch)){
			$res = mysql_query("INSERT INTO buildinglocation VALUES('$town','$vert','$horz',0,'$user',0,0,0,0,0,0,0)");
			$umoney = $usera[9] - $cost[0];
			$res2 = mysql_query("UPDATE usr SET money='$umoney' where usr='$user'");
			$mmoney = $cost[0] + $cost[1];
			$res3 = mysql_query("UPDATE towns SET money='$mmoney' where tid='$town'");
			echo "Congratulations, you have bought this land<br>";
			echo "You already have 3 constructions site's, please use them first";
		if ($owner2 != ''){
		echo "Some one owns this land, maybe you were to late to buy the land<br>";
?> <br>
  <a href="/world/location.php?&map=<?echo $town;?>&vert=<?echo $vert;?>&horz=<?echo $horz;?>">Return 
  to the building location</a><br>
  <a href="/world/town.php?&map=<?echo $town;?>"">Return 
  to the town map </a></p>
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