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Dear admin,<br><br>
	{if $sm.flag eq 2}
		An employee detail is modified. Details are given below: <br><br>
		Employee name: <b>{$sm.name}</b> <br>
		Employee e-mail: <b>{$sm.email}</b> <br>
		Type of modification: <b>{$sm.update_page}</b>  <br>
		Time of update: <b>{$smarty.now|date_format:"%d-%m-%Y %H:%M:%S"}</b>
	{if $sm.flag eq 1}
		Recently an employee is added. Details are given below: <br><br>
		Employee e-mail: <b>{$sm.email}</b> <br>
		Date: <b>{$smarty.now|date_format:"%d-%m-%Y"}</b>
		Time: <b>{$smarty.now|date_format:"%H:%M"}</b>
	{if $sm.flag eq 3}
		At <b>{$smarty.now|date_format:"%d-%m-%Y %H:%M:%S"}</b> some of employee(s) are deleted. Removal list is given below :<br><br>
		<table border="0" align="center">
			<td><b>Profile pic</b></td>
			<td><b>Work e-mail</b></td>
		{section name=cur loop=$emps}
		{assign var=x value=$emps[cur]}
	    			{if $x.avatar eq ''}
	    				<img src="##LBL_SITE_URL##templates/css_theme/img/avatar/search/hrm_{if $x.gender eq M}male.jpg{else}female.jpg{/if}" title="Profile Pic" alt="Allow to show image.">&emsp;
	    				<img src="##LBL_SITE_URL##image/thumb4_search/avatar/{$x.id_employee}_{$x.avatar}" title="Profile Pic" style="height:50px;width:50px;">
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