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SWAM 1.0beta2 TODO List

- Remove duplicate code in migration scripts (bin/convert*.sh)

- When the database is exported or imported, a VACUUM command is
executed in order to optimize the database. This seems to cause
intermittent "SQL logic error or missing database" errors (?). The
workaround is to restart Apache.

- Check SMTP hostname before to try to connect in the installer.

- Credit transfer is not atomic: an account can be credited whereas
the other is not debited...

- Review and complete logging.

- Review PHPDoc.

- Use Text_CAPTCHA PEAR package.

- Add a transaction search engine.

- Save history and add possibility to undone every action.

- Add graphics (eg: balance evolution).

- Check password weakiness in the registration page.

- Complete rewrite using a MVC framework and AJAX (eg symfony?).

- Make a logo and favicon.

- Provide RPM and Debian packages.
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