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	<title>related to hellaNZB rpc</title>
<div id="words">
	<p id="version">Version</p>
	<p id="uptime">Uptime</p>
	<p id="maxrate">Maximum Rate</p>
	<p id="setrate">Change the maxrate</p>
	<p id="hostname">Hostname</p>
	<p id="diskspaceleft">Disk space available</p>
	<p id="config">Configuration file</p>
	<p id="tot_file_dload">Number of downloaded files</p>
	<p id="tot_mb_dload">Downloaded volume</p>
	<p id="tot_seg_dload">Number of downloaded segments</p>
	<p id="destrepo">Repository</p>
	<p id="stat_up">Up</p>
	<p id="stat_down">Down</p>
	<p id="stat_paused">Paused</p>
	<p id="stat_actif">Active</p>
	<p id="stat_inactif">Inactive</p>
	<p id="stat_dload">Currently downloading</p>
	<p id="stat_queue">Queued items</p>
	<p id="stat_proc">Currently extracting</p>
	<p id="stat_log">Logs</p>
	<p id="stat_nodload">No download currently running</p>
	<p id="stat_delayed">Delayed items</p>
	<p id="stat_nodelayed">No delayed items</p>
	<p id="stat_noqueue">No item in the queue</p>
	<p id="stat_noproc">No extraction currently running</p>
	<p id="stat_nolog">No event available</p>
	<p id="act_cancel">Cancel</p>
	<p id="act_pause">Pause</p>
	<p id="act_resume">Resume</p>
	<p id="act_mvup">Move top</p>
	<p id="act_mvdwn">Move down</p>
	<p id="act_mvtop">Move to Top</p>
	<p id="act_mvbot">Move to Bottom</p>
	<p id="act_force">Force</p>
	<p id="brw_files">File(s)</p>
	<p id="brw_dirs">Folder(s)</p>
	<p id="brw_noitem">No item found in this category</p>
	<p id="brw_order">Order by</p>
	<p id="brw_stitle">Title</p>
	<p id="brw_ssize">Size</p>
	<p id="brw_sage">There for</p>
	<p id="err_nokey">Missing Argument : Action Key, wrong template ?, action cancelled !</p>
	<p id="err_badkey">Invalid Argument : Action Key, refresh on get request ?, action cancelled !</p>
	<p id="msg_cancel">Item has been cancelled.</p>
	<p id="err_cancel">Item hasn't been cancelled !</p>
	<p id="msg_mvup">Item has been moved Up.</p>
	<p id="err_mvup">Item hasn't been moved Up !</p>
	<p id="msg_mvdwn">Item has been moved Down.</p>
	<p id="err_mvdwn">Item hasn't been moved Down !</p>
	<p id="msg_mvtop">Item has been moved to Top.</p>
	<p id="err_mvtop">Item hasn't been moved to Top !</p>
	<p id="msg_mvbot">Item has been moved to Bottom.</p>
	<p id="err_mvbot">Item hasn't been moved to Bottom !</p>
	<p id="msg_force">Item has been forced.</p>
	<p id="err_force">Item hasn't been forced !</p>
	<p id="msg_pause">HellaNZB has been paused.</p>
	<p id="err_pause">HellaNZB hasn't been paused !</p>
	<p id="msg_resume">HellaNZB has been resumed.</p>
	<p id="err_resume">HellaNZB hasn't been resumed !</p>
	<p id="msg_setrate">HellaNZB's rate has been changed.</p>
	<p id="err_setrate">HellaNZB's rate hasn't been changed !</p>
	<p id="msg_delrem">Delayed Item has been removed.</p>
	<p id="err_delrem">Delayed Item hasn't been removed !</p>
<div id="sentences">
<p id="pg_title">%rpc% activity</p>
<p id="pg_brwtitle">Actually on %rpc%</p>
<p id="rpc_info">%rpc% information</p>
<p id="pause_stat">%prct%% done, paused</p>
<p id="dload_stat">%prct%% done, %mb%MB left at %rate%KB/s, ETA : %eta% secondes</p>
<p id="repo_stat">Content of <b>%repo%</b> (%type%), there is <b>%age%</b> ago :: <b>%free%</b> free / <b>%tot%</b></p>
<p id="multididenqueue">%e% item(s) enqueued on RPC %rpc%, %d% item(s) were delayed and %f% failed on %t% selected.</p>
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