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<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" lang="EN">
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
	<title>Used for the login, profile page and the realminfo Tfeat</title>
<div id="words">
	<p id="realmsg_noaccess">Sorry, you do not have access to this page, please login.</p>
	<p id="realmsg_lognoaccess">Sorry, you do not have access to this page, please login as an other user.</p>
	<p id="inplogin">Login</p>
	<p id="inpass">Password</p>
	<p id="inpantibot">Anti-Bot Key</p>
	<p id="descantibot">
		In order to avoid any abuse,<br/> 
		Take care to enter the continuation of four digits and/or capital letters being on the image below.
	<p id="logrmbr">Remember Me</p>
	<p id="actlogin">Login</p>
	<p id="realmsg_authko">Authentification Failed</p>
	<p id="realmsg_authok">Authentification Success</p>
	<p id="realmsg_autocooknoset">Authentification Success, but :<br />Auto Login cookies could not be set, Auto login is disabled.</p>
	<p id="realmsg_autoaccnoset">Authentification Success, but :<br />Auto Login Key could not be updated on the storage backend used by your account, Auto login is disabled</p>
	<p id="realmsg_nonewticket">The ticket linked to this challenge could not be created.<br/></p>
	<p id="realmsg_nochalticket">This challenge does not sent back any ticket reference.</p>
	<p id="realmsg_nocook">The ticket used for your authentification is not defined in your cookies.</p>
	<p id="realmsg_noticket">The ticket provided by the challenge reply is not valid.It was probably expired, please retry.</p>
	<p id="realmsg_alreadychallenged">The ticket provided by the challenge reply was already challenged, you should not refresh a challenge attempt.</p>
	<p id="realmsg_nochaldata">No challenge data could be restored, using the provided ticket, please contact an admin.</p>
	<p id="realmsg_maxchalticket">You reached the maximum number of challenged ticket, you must wait that one of your ticket has been timed out.</p>
	<p id="realmsg_maxticketbyhost">Your host has reached the maximum number of ticket allowed, please wait a little.</p>
	<p id="realmsg_maxticketbyuser">Authentification was correct, but this account has reached the maximum number of active ticket allowed.</p>
	<p id="realmsg_maxgranticket">Authentification was correct, but you reached the maximum number of granted ticket, please first logout.</p>
	<p id="realmsg_noticketgrant">Authentification was correct, but ticket used to pass challenge could not be granted</p>
	<p id="realmsg_accountnotdigest">This account is stored into an account backend not compatible with HTTP-Digest authentification, please use an other challenge</p>
	<p id="realmsg_noimgchalkey">HTML Challenge was Unable to retrieve the stored Anti-Bot Key</p>
	<p id="realmsg_imgkeynomatch">The posted Anti-Bot Code does not match the stored one</p>
	<p id="realmsg_nojsfordigest">Javascript must be enabled to pass this challenge.</p>
	<p id="realmsg_noimgkey">You do not sent the Anti-Bot Key with your Challenge</p>
	<p id="realmsg_digestoutputstarted">Digest-HTTP Authentification failed : output already started, please contact an admin</p>
	<p id="realmsg_digestbadreply">Your browser returned an invalid HTTP Digest Authentification Header, plz contact an admin</p>
	<p id="realmsg_digestnoncenomatch">Digest-HTTP Authentification failed : nonce missmatch,<br/>Your sessions was probably droped, please try again</p>
	<p id="realmsg_digestopaquenomatch">Digest-HTTP Authentification failed : opaque missmatch !</p>
<div id="sentences">
	<p id="logtrystat">
		<b>%hosticket%</b> ticket registred by your host on %maxticket% allowed.<br/>
		<b>%chalfail%</b> Challenge attempt failed on <b>%maxfail%</b> allowed.
	<p id="maxtryreached">Sorry,<br/>but you reached the maximum number of challenge attempts allowed.<br/><span class="warning">No more attempt should comes from your host, or it will be banned!</span></p>
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