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************** Simple SMS Site Software *********************************
************** SSSSv1.0*****************************************************
************** by (aq) limited http://aql.com *******************************
************** All Rights Reserved ******************************************
************** Please read COPYRIGHT file prior to modification********



$newuser = $_POST['theUser'];
$fullName = $_POST['theName'];
$pass_in_words = $_POST['thePassword'];
$newpass = md5($_POST['thePassword']);

$add1 = $_POST['address1'];
$add2 = $_POST['address2'];
$add3 = $_POST['address3'];
$postcode = $_POST['postcode'];

$mobile = $_POST['theMobile'];
$landline = $_POST['theLandline'];
$email = $_POST['email'];
$notes = $_POST['theNotes'];

$admin = 'no';

$guest = 'no';


$query = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE username LIKE '$newuser'";
$result = mysql_query($query);
$row = mysql_fetch_row($result);
if ($newuser != '') { 	
	if ($row[0] == "") {
		$query = "INSERT INTO users VALUES ('$newuser','$newpass','$fullName','$notes','$add1','$add2','$add3','$postcode','$email','$mobile','$landline','$guest','$admin','$initial_credits','$account_locked')";
		if ($signup_notification == 'yes') {
			mail($admin_email, 'SMS site - new user', "User $newuser has signed up", $from_header);
		<?echo "User $newuser has been added";?>
		 <tr> <td>	<b>Username :</b> </td> <td> <?echo $newuser;?> </td> </tr>
		 <tr> <td>	<b>Name :</b> </td> <td> <?echo $fullName;?> </td> </tr>
		 <tr> <td valign=top>	<b>Address :</b> </td> <td> <?echo $add1;?> <br> <?echo $add2;?> <br> <?echo $add3;?> <br> <?echo $postcode;?> </td> </tr>
		 <tr> <td>	<b>Mobile :</b> </td> <td> <?echo $mobile;?> </td> </tr>

		 <tr> <td>	<b>Landline :</b> </td> <td> <?echo $landline;?> </td> </tr>
		 <tr> <td>	<b>Email :</b> </td> <td> <?echo $email;?> </td> </tr>
		 <tr> <td>	<b>Notes :</b> </td> <td> <?echo $notes;?> </td> </tr>
		You will receive an email containing an activation link, click this link to begin using your account.
		If you do not receive this email, contact your service administrator.

	mail($email, $signup_subject, $signup_contents, $from_header);
	else {
		echo "User name $newuser already exists";
else {
	echo "Please enter a valid username";

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