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************** Simple SMS Site Software *********************************
************** SSSSv1.0*****************************************************
************** by (aq) limited http://aql.com *******************************
************** All Rights Reserved ******************************************
************** Please read COPYRIGHT file prior to modification********

// customisable options

$query = mysql_query("SELECT name,value FROM config");

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($query))
 $config[$row['name']] = $row['value'];

// aql account details
$aqluser = $config['aqluser']; // aql username
$aqlpass = $config['aqlpass']; // aql password

// general options
$account_locked = $config['account_lock']; // prevent access to new accounts unless validated by email link (yes/no)
$initial_credits = $config['init_cred']; // number of credits given to new users
$admin_email = $config['admin_email']; // head admin contact email. 
$signup_notification = $config['signup_notify']; // notifies admin contact of any new signups via email (yes/no)
$guest_active = $config['guest_active']; // allows/prevents use of the guest account (yes/no)
$title = $config['site_title']; // title of the browser window
$site_name = $config['site_name']; // your site name - Welcome to xxxx
$allow_https = $config['secure_send']; // allow sending using secure gateway
$the_version = $config['version']; // current site version

// urls
$home_page = $config['home_page']; // your companies home page
$base_url = $config['site_url']; // url of containing folder
$login_url = "$base_url"."index.php"; // url of login page
$dlrurl = "$base_url"."delrep.php?reportcode=%code&destinationnumber=%dest&myreference="; // absolute path to the delivery report script
$activate_url = "$base_url"."do_activate_user.php?user=$newuser&pword=$newpass"; // url of account activation page

// Contents of signup email, remove the activation line to prevent automatic account activation.
$signup_subject = "SMS site signup"; //subject line
$from_header = "From: SMS Site Admin <$admin_email>\n"; // from address
$signup_contents = // message body
"Thank you for signing up to the SMS site $fullName.

Your username is $newuser and password is $pass_in_words

Before you can login to your account you will need to activate it.
To activate your new account click the link below 

The SMS Site provides you with the ability to send SMS and Wap Push messages,
you also have the ability to view your previous message history and store your
friends' and colleagues' contact details.

To begin using your account, visit $login_url


SMS Site admin";
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