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asaancart - easy shopping cart solution


asaancart is a simple shopping cart solution developed for small and medium 
sized businessess.

It is based on PHP, mySQL, smarty. Front end is fully customizable. Front-end is
built using smarty templates and with a knowledge of html you will be able to 
customize it and also you would be able to add extra features using javascript or
any js library (e.g. jQuery, dojo etc)

How to Install

asaancart is really easy to install. 

To install Asaancart, please use the following steps.

1) Create database
2) Unzip Asaancart zip file into your websever directory where you want to 
	 install asaancart
3) Using Internet browser navigate to /setup
4) Fill the small form... provide your database settings and shop information 
	 and then click install
5) Huraaay..... you are ready to use Asaancart shopping cart solution....
6) Now change permission to 777 for the following folders

	- category_images
	- brand_images
	- product_images
	- templates
	- templates_c
	- configs
	- banner_images

PHP 4.x or higher

File and Folder Description

/admin (core admin files)
/shop (core front-end files)
/shop/css (css files for front-end)

/templates (all templates file)
/templates/shop (template files for front-end)

Credit:	Nasir Ahmad Khan
Email:	hide@address.com
URL:		https://sourceforge.net/projects/asaancart/

Please send me your feedback regarding asaancart.

Enjoy using asaancart

Thanks for downloading :)
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