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| 1. Basic installation               |
| 2. Installing automatic mailing    |
| 3. Updating a previous installation |

The installation manual
Updated for version 2.0 - Last change: 2007-03-04 ~ Thomas
Updated for version 2.1 - Last change: 2007-03-17 ~ Thomas
Added line for $enableReminders : 2007-08-20 ~ Thomas
Added new install procedure since 2.2.6 - 2009-04-20

1. Basic installation
To install the simple php-agenda you can follow these steps:

- You'll need a webserver or webhosting with php support and a MySQL database.
- (optional) Create a MySQL database for the agenda.
- (optional) Create a database user for the agenda.
- Copy the contents of the zip file to a directory on your webspace or webserver.
- Put the correct settings in config.inc.php
- Run the install.php script
- When there are no warning or errors, the agenda is created and correctly installed
- IMPORTANT: Delete install.php! The script does not check if there is already an agenda installed and you could accidently overwrite a previous install.
- IMPORTANT: Delete the 'update' directory. This directory contains script used to update from previous versions. These script alter the database, which may be unwanted in your installation.

2. Installing automatic mailing
The automatic reminders require you to install a script as a cron job.
The two scripts that should be included as cron jobs are:
- engine/sendreminders.php (this script should typically be invoked every few minutes)
- engine/senddailyreminder.php (this script should be invoked early in the morning, once a day)
- you also need to set the variable $enableReminder to true to allow users to set reminders on the appointments

Typically you can call a php-script from cron using one of the following methods:
a) wget http://yourhost.com/engine/sendreminders.php
b) curl http://yourhost.com/engine/sendreminders.php
c) lynx -dump http://yourhost.com/engine/sendreminders.php
d) /usr/local/bin/php /home/username/httpdocs/engine/sendreminders.php

For more info on how to set up cron jobs on your hosting, you should use google as this is platform dependend.

3. Updating an existing installation
To update an installation:
- Copy the contents of the zip file over your existing installation. Be carefull not to overwrite the configuration file.
- When it is a major update, go to the update folder in you installation. For example: http://localhost/agenda/update/
- Choose the appropriate update script and click it. These script immediatly run without any warnings or confirmations!
- Remove the 'update' directory and the install.php file. These files may have unwanted effect afterwards.
- Also execute the steps you need from point 2 in this manual
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