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// Version: 2.0; Themes

$txt['themeadmin_explain'] = 'Themes are the different looks and feels of your forum.  These settings affect the selection of themes, and which themes guests and other members use.';

$txt['theme_allow'] = 'Allow members to select their own themes.';
$txt['theme_guests'] = 'Overall forum default';
$txt['theme_select'] = 'choose...';
$txt['theme_reset'] = 'Reset everyone to';
$txt['theme_nochange'] = 'No change';
$txt['theme_forum_default'] = 'Forum Default';

$txt['theme_remove'] = 'remove';
$txt['theme_remove_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to permanently remove this theme?';

$txt['theme_install'] = 'Install a New Theme';
$txt['theme_install_file'] = 'From a file';
$txt['theme_install_dir'] = 'From a directory on the server';
$txt['theme_install_error'] = 'That theme directory doesn\'t exist, or doesn\'t contain a theme!';
$txt['theme_install_write_error'] = 'The Themes directory must be writable to continue!';
$txt['theme_install_go'] = 'Install!';
$txt['theme_install_new'] = 'Create a copy of Default named';
$txt['theme_install_new_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to install this new theme?';
$txt['theme_install_writable'] = 'Warning - you cannot create or install a new theme as your themes directory is not currently writable!';
$txt['theme_installed'] = 'Installed Successfully';
$txt['theme_installed_message'] = 'was installed successfully.';

$txt['theme_latest'] = 'Latest and Greatest Themes';
$txt['theme_latest_fetch'] = 'Fetching latest themes from www.simplemachines.org...';

$txt['theme_pick'] = 'Choose a theme...';
$txt['theme_preview'] = 'Preview theme';
$txt['theme_set'] = 'Use this theme';
$txt['theme_user'] = 'person is using this theme.';
$txt['theme_users'] = 'people are using this theme.';
$txt['theme_pick_variant'] = 'Select Variant';

$txt['theme_edit'] = 'Edit Theme';
$txt['theme_edit_style'] = 'Modify the stylesheets. (colors, fonts, etc.)';
$txt['theme_edit_index'] = 'Modify the index template. (the main template)';
$txt['theme_edit_no_save'] = 'This file cannot be saved because it is not writable!  Please make sure the following file is 777 or has the proper permissions';
$txt['theme_edit_save'] = 'Save Changes';

$txt['theme_global_description'] = 'This is the default theme, which means your theme will change along with the administrators\' settings and the board you are viewing.';

$txt['theme_url_config'] = 'Theme URLs and Configuration';
$txt['theme_variants'] = 'Theme Variants';
$txt['theme_options'] = 'Theme Options and Preferences';
$txt['actual_theme_name'] = 'This theme\'s name: ';
$txt['actual_theme_dir'] = 'This theme\'s directory: ';
$txt['actual_theme_url'] = 'This theme\'s URL: ';
$txt['actual_images_url'] = 'This theme\'s images URL: ';
$txt['current_theme_style'] = 'This theme\'s style: ';

$txt['theme_variants_default'] = 'Default theme variant';
$txt['theme_variants_user_disable'] = 'Disable user variant selection';

$txt['site_slogan'] = 'Site slogan';
$txt['site_slogan_desc'] = 'Add your own text for a slogan here. It will replace the SMF logo.';
$txt['forum_width'] = 'Forum width';
$txt['forum_width_desc'] = 'Set the forum width. Examples: 950px, 80%, 1240px.';

$txt['enable_random_news'] = 'Enable random news line in the forum header';
$txt['show_group_key'] = 'Show group key on board index';
$txt['additional_options_collapsable'] = 'Enable collapsible additional post options';
$txt['allow_no_censored'] = 'Allow users to turn off word censoring';
$txt['who_display_viewing'] = 'Show who is viewing the board index and posts';
$txt['who_display_viewing_off'] = 'Don\'t show';
$txt['who_display_viewing_numbers'] = 'Show only numbers';
$txt['who_display_viewing_names'] = 'Show member names';
$txt['disable_recent_posts'] = 'Disable recent posts';
$txt['enable_single_post'] = 'Enable single post';
$txt['enable_multiple_posts'] = 'Enable multiple posts';
$txt['enable_inline_links'] = 'Enable inline links';
$txt['inline_desc'] = 'Enabling this will cause your current location to be drawn in a single line, as opposed to in a tree-like manner.';
$txt['show_stats_index'] = 'Show statistics on board index';
$txt['latest_members'] = 'Show latest member on board index';
$txt['last_modification'] = 'Show last modification date on modified posts';
$txt['user_avatars'] = 'Show user avatars in message view';
$txt['user_text'] = 'Show personal text in message view';
$txt['gender_images'] = 'Show gender images in message view';
$txt['news_fader'] = 'Show news fader on board index';
$txt['member_list_bar'] = 'Show members list bar on board index';
$txt['current_pos_text_img'] = 'Show current position in forum as link instead of text';
$txt['show_view_profile_button'] = 'Show view profile button under post';
$txt['enable_mark_as_read'] = 'Enable and show \'Mark as Read\' buttons';
$txt['header_logo_url'] = 'Logo image URL';
$txt['header_logo_url_desc'] = '(leave blank to show forum name or default logo.)';
$txt['number_recent_posts'] = 'Number of recent posts to display on board index';
$txt['number_recent_posts_desc'] = 'To disable the recent posts bar set this value to zero.';
$txt['hide_post_group'] = 'Hide post group titles for grouped members';
$txt['hide_post_group_desc'] = 'Enabling this will not display a member\'s post group title on the message view if they are assigned to a non-post based group.';

$txt['theme_options_defaults'] = 'These are the default values for some member specific settings.  Changing these will only affect new members and guests.';
$txt['theme_options_title'] = 'Change or reset default options';

$txt['themeadmin_title'] = 'Themes and Layout Settings';
$txt['themeadmin_description'] = 'Here you can modify the settings for your themes, update theme selections, reset member options, and the like.';
$txt['themeadmin_admin_desc'] = 'This page allows you to change the default theme, reset members to all use a certain theme, and choose other settings related to theme selection.  You are also able to install themes from here.<br /><br />Don\'t forget to look at the theme settings for your themes for layout options.';
$txt['themeadmin_list_desc'] = 'From here, you can view the list of themes you currently have installed, change their paths and settings, and uninstall them.';
$txt['themeadmin_reset_desc'] = 'Below you will see an interface to change the current theme-specific options for all your members.  You will only see those themes that have their own set of settings.';
$txt['themeadmin_edit_desc'] = 'Modify the stylesheet and source code of your installed themes.  Please consult the documentation for more information.';

$txt['themeadmin_list_heading'] = 'Theme Settings Overview';
$txt['themeadmin_list_tip'] = 'Remember, the layout settings may be different between one theme and another.  Click on the theme\'s names below to set their options, change their directory or URL settings, or to find other options.';
$txt['themeadmin_list_theme_dir'] = 'Theme directory (templates)';
$txt['themeadmin_list_invalid'] = '(warning, this path is not correct!)';
$txt['themeadmin_list_theme_url'] = 'URL to above directory';
$txt['themeadmin_list_images_url'] = 'URL to images directory';
$txt['themeadmin_list_reset'] = 'Reset Theme URLs and Directories';
$txt['themeadmin_list_reset_dir'] = 'Base path to Themes directory';
$txt['themeadmin_list_reset_url'] = 'Base URL to the same directory';
$txt['themeadmin_list_reset_go'] = 'Attempt to reset all themes';

$txt['themeadmin_reset_tip'] = 'Each theme may have its own custom options for selection by your members.  These include things like &quot;quick reply&quot;, avatars and signatures, layout options, and other similar options.  Here you can change the defaults or reset everyone\'s options.<br /><br />Please note that some themes may use the default options, in which case they will not have their own options.';
$txt['themeadmin_reset_defaults'] = 'Configure guest and new user options for this theme';
$txt['themeadmin_reset_defaults_current'] = 'options currently set.';
$txt['themeadmin_reset_members'] = 'Change current options for all members using this theme';
$txt['themeadmin_reset_remove'] = 'Remove all members\' options and use the defaults';
$txt['themeadmin_reset_remove_current'] = 'members currently using their own options.';
// Don't use entities in the below string.
$txt['themeadmin_reset_remove_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to remove all theme options?\\nThis may reset some custom profile fields as well.';
$txt['themeadmin_reset_options_info'] = 'The options below will reset options for <em>everyone</em>.  To change an option, select &quot;change&quot; in the box next to it, and then select a value for it.  To use the default, select &quot;remove&quot;.  Otherwise, use &quot;don\'t change&quot; to keep it as-is.';
$txt['themeadmin_reset_options_change'] = 'Change';
$txt['themeadmin_reset_options_none'] = 'Don\'t change';
$txt['themeadmin_reset_options_remove'] = 'Remove';

$txt['themeadmin_edit_browse'] = 'Browse the templates and files in this theme.';
$txt['themeadmin_edit_style'] = 'Edit this theme\'s stylesheets.';
$txt['themeadmin_edit_copy_template'] = 'Copy a template from the theme this is based on.';
$txt['themeadmin_edit_exists'] = 'already exists';
$txt['themeadmin_edit_do_copy'] = 'copy';
$txt['themeadmin_edit_copy_warning'] = 'When SMF needs a template or language file which is not in the current theme, it looks in the theme it is based on, or the default theme.<br />Unless you need to modify a template, it\'s better not to copy it.';
$txt['themeadmin_edit_copy_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to copy this template?';
$txt['themeadmin_edit_overwrite_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to copy this template over the one that already exists?\nThis will OVERWRITE any changes you\\\'ve made!';
$txt['themeadmin_edit_no_copy'] = '<em>(can\'t copy)</em>';
$txt['themeadmin_edit_filename'] = 'Filename';
$txt['themeadmin_edit_modified'] = 'Last Modified';
$txt['themeadmin_edit_size'] = 'Size';
$txt['themeadmin_edit_bytes'] = 'B';
$txt['themeadmin_edit_kilobytes'] = 'KB';
$txt['themeadmin_edit_error'] = 'The file you tried to save generated the following error:';
$txt['themeadmin_edit_on_line'] = 'Beginning on line';
$txt['themeadmin_edit_preview'] = 'Preview';
$txt['themeadmin_selectable'] = 'Themes that the user is able to select';
$txt['themeadmin_themelist_link'] = 'Show the list of themes';

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