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// Version: 2.0; Reports

$txt['generate_reports_desc'] = 'From this section you can generate a variety of reports to assist in the administration of your forum. Simply follow the steps below to select the option of your choice.';
$txt['generate_reports_continue'] = 'Continue';
$txt['generate_reports_type'] = 'Select Type of Report';
$txt['gr_type_boards'] = 'Boards';
$txt['gr_type_desc_boards'] = 'Reports showing the current settings and access levels for each of boards on your forum.';
$txt['gr_type_board_perms'] = 'Board Permissions';
$txt['gr_type_desc_board_perms'] = 'Generate reports showing permissions each membergroup has across the different boards in your forum.';
$txt['gr_type_member_groups'] = 'Membergroups';
$txt['gr_type_desc_member_groups'] = 'Report showing the settings for each membergroup on your forum.';
$txt['gr_type_group_perms'] = 'Group Permissions';
$txt['gr_type_desc_group_perms'] = 'Report on the permissions each membergroup has in the forum.';
$txt['gr_type_staff'] = 'Staff';
$txt['gr_type_desc_staff'] = 'This report summarizes all members who currently have positions of authority on the forum.';

$txt['full_member'] = 'Full Member';
$txt['global_boards'] = 'Global Boards';
$txt['results'] = 'Results';

// Board permissions
$txt['board_perms_permission'] = 'Permission';
$txt['board_perms_allow'] = 'Allow';
$txt['board_perms_deny'] = 'Deny';
$txt['board_perms_name_announce_topic'] = 'Announce topic';
$txt['board_perms_name_approve_posts'] = 'Approve posts';
$txt['board_perms_name_delete_any'] = 'Delete any posts';
$txt['board_perms_name_delete_own'] = 'Delete own posts';
$txt['board_perms_name_delete_replies'] = 'Delete replies to own topics';
$txt['board_perms_name_lock_any'] = 'Lock any topic';
$txt['board_perms_name_lock_own'] = 'Lock own topic';
$txt['board_perms_name_make_sticky'] = 'Make topics sticky';
$txt['board_perms_name_mark_any_notify'] = 'Request notification on any topic';
$txt['board_perms_name_mark_notify'] = 'Request notification on own topics';
$txt['board_perms_name_merge_any'] = 'Merge topics';
$txt['board_perms_name_moderate_board'] = 'Moderate the board';
$txt['board_perms_name_modify_any'] = 'Modify any post';
$txt['board_perms_name_modify_own'] = 'Modify own posts';
$txt['board_perms_name_modify_replies'] = 'Modify replies to own topics';
$txt['board_perms_name_move_any'] = 'Move Any Topic';
$txt['board_perms_name_move_own'] = 'Move Own Topics';
$txt['board_perms_name_poll_add_any'] = 'Add poll to any topics';
$txt['board_perms_name_poll_add_own'] = 'Add poll to own topics';
$txt['board_perms_name_poll_edit_any'] = 'Edit any poll';
$txt['board_perms_name_poll_edit_own'] = 'Edit own polls';
$txt['board_perms_name_poll_lock_any'] = 'Lock any poll';
$txt['board_perms_name_poll_lock_own'] = 'Lock own polls';
$txt['board_perms_name_poll_post'] = 'Post new poll';
$txt['board_perms_name_poll_remove_any'] = 'Remove any poll';
$txt['board_perms_name_poll_remove_own'] = 'Remove own polls';
$txt['board_perms_name_poll_view'] = 'View polls';
$txt['board_perms_name_poll_vote'] = 'Vote in polls';
$txt['board_perms_name_post_attachment'] = 'Post attachments';
$txt['board_perms_name_post_new'] = 'Post new topics';
$txt['board_perms_name_post_reply_any'] = 'Post replies in any topic';
$txt['board_perms_name_post_reply_own'] = 'Post replies in own topics';
$txt['board_perms_name_post_unapproved_attachments'] = 'Post unapproved attachments';
$txt['board_perms_name_post_unapproved_topics'] = 'Post unapproved topics';
$txt['board_perms_name_post_unapproved_replies_any'] = 'Post unapproved replies in any topic';
$txt['board_perms_name_post_unapproved_replies_own'] = 'Post unapproved replies in own topic';
$txt['board_perms_name_remove_any'] = 'Remove any topic';
$txt['board_perms_name_remove_own'] = 'Remove own topics';
$txt['board_perms_name_report_any'] = 'Report any post';
$txt['board_perms_name_send_topic'] = 'Send topics to friends';
$txt['board_perms_name_split_any'] = 'Split any topics';
$txt['board_perms_name_view_attachments'] = 'View attachments';

$txt['board_perms_group_no_polls'] = 'This board does not allow polls';
$txt['board_perms_group_reply_only'] = 'This board only allows users to make replies to topics';
$txt['board_perms_group_read_only'] = 'This board does not allow posting';

// Membergroup info!
$txt['member_group_color'] = 'Color';
$txt['member_group_min_posts'] = 'Minimum Posts';
$txt['member_group_max_messages'] = 'Max Personal Messages';
$txt['member_group_stars'] = 'Stars';
$txt['member_group_settings'] = 'Settings';
$txt['member_group_access'] = 'Board Access';

// Board info.
$txt['none'] = 'None';
$txt['board_category'] = 'Category';
$txt['board_parent'] = 'Parent Board';
$txt['board_num_topics'] = 'Number of Topics';
$txt['board_num_posts'] = 'Number of Posts';
$txt['board_count_posts'] = 'Count Posts';
$txt['board_theme'] = 'Board Theme';
$txt['board_override_theme'] = 'Force Board Theme';
$txt['board_profile'] = 'Permissions Profile';
$txt['board_moderators'] = 'Moderators';
$txt['board_groups'] = 'Groups with Access';

// Group Permissions.
$txt['group_perms_name_access_mod_center'] = 'Access Moderation Center';
$txt['group_perms_name_admin_forum'] = 'Admin forum';
$txt['group_perms_name_calendar_edit_any'] = 'Edit any event';
$txt['group_perms_name_calendar_edit_own'] = 'Edit own events';
$txt['group_perms_name_calendar_post'] = 'Post events';
$txt['group_perms_name_calendar_view'] = 'View events';
$txt['group_perms_name_edit_news'] = 'Edit forum news';
$txt['group_perms_name_issue_warning'] = 'Issue warnings';
$txt['group_perms_name_karma_edit'] = 'Edit user karma';
$txt['group_perms_name_manage_attachments'] = 'Manage attachments';
$txt['group_perms_name_manage_bans'] = 'Manage bans';
$txt['group_perms_name_manage_boards'] = 'Manage boards';
$txt['group_perms_name_manage_membergroups'] = 'Manage membergroups';
$txt['group_perms_name_manage_permissions'] = 'Manage permissions';
$txt['group_perms_name_manage_smileys'] = 'Manage smileys and message icons';
$txt['group_perms_name_moderate_forum'] = 'Moderate the forum';
$txt['group_perms_name_pm_read'] = 'Read personal messages';
$txt['group_perms_name_pm_send'] = 'Send personal messages';
$txt['group_perms_name_profile_extra_any'] = 'Edit any additional options';
$txt['group_perms_name_profile_extra_own'] = 'Edit own additional options';
$txt['group_perms_name_profile_identity_any'] = 'Edit any account settings';
$txt['group_perms_name_profile_identity_own'] = 'Edit own account settings';
$txt['group_perms_name_profile_server_avatar'] = 'Select a server avatar';
$txt['group_perms_name_profile_upload_avatar'] = 'Upload an avatar';
$txt['group_perms_name_profile_remote_avatar'] = 'Choose a remote avatar';
$txt['group_perms_name_profile_remove_any'] = 'Delete any account';
$txt['group_perms_name_profile_remove_own'] = 'Delete own account';
$txt['group_perms_name_profile_title_any'] = 'Edit any custom title';
$txt['group_perms_name_profile_title_own'] = 'Edit own custom title';
$txt['group_perms_name_profile_view_any'] = 'View any profile';
$txt['group_perms_name_profile_view_own'] = 'View  own profile';
$txt['group_perms_name_search_posts'] = 'Search for posts';
$txt['group_perms_name_send_mail'] = 'Send a forum email to members';
$txt['group_perms_name_view_mlist'] = 'View the memberlist';
$txt['group_perms_name_view_stats'] = 'View forum stats';
$txt['group_perms_name_who_view'] = 'See who\'s online';

$txt['report_error_too_many_staff'] = 'You have too many staff members. The report will not work with more than 300 members of staff!';
$txt['report_staff_position'] = 'Position';
$txt['report_staff_moderates'] = 'Moderates';
$txt['report_staff_posts'] = 'Posts';
$txt['report_staff_last_login'] = 'Last Login';
$txt['report_staff_all_boards'] = 'All boards';
$txt['report_staff_no_boards'] = 'No boards';

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