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// Version: 2.0; Packages

$txt['package_proceed'] = 'Proceed';
$txt['php_script'] = 'Modification file was extracted, but this modification also comes with a PHP script which should be executed before it will work';
$txt['package_run'] = 'Run';
$txt['package_read'] = 'Read';
$txt['script_output'] = 'Script output:';
$txt['additional_notes'] = 'Additional notes';
$txt['notes_file'] = 'Instruction/Additional notes file';
$txt['list_file'] = 'List files in package';
$txt['files_archive'] = 'Files in archive';
$txt['package_get'] = 'Package Get';
$txt['package_servers'] = 'Package servers';
$txt['package_browse'] = 'Browse';
$txt['add_server'] = 'Add server';
$txt['server_name'] = 'Server name';
$txt['serverurl'] = 'URL';
$txt['no_packages'] = 'No packages yet.';
$txt['download'] = 'Download';
$txt['download_success'] = 'Package downloaded successfully';
$txt['package_downloaded_successfully'] = 'Package has been downloaded successfully';
$txt['package_manager'] = 'Package Manager';
$txt['install_mod'] = 'Install Mod';
$txt['uninstall_mod'] = 'Uninstall Mod';
$txt['sql_file'] = 'Modification file was extracted, this modification also comes with a SQL file with modifications the database needs.  It is a good idea to run it.';
$txt['sql_queries'] = 'SQL Queries';
$txt['no_mods_installed'] = 'No mods currently installed';
$txt['browse_installed'] = 'Browse installed mods';
$txt['uninstall'] = 'Uninstall';
$txt['delete_list'] = 'Delete Mod List';
$txt['php_safe_mode'] = 'Sorry, you server has PHP set to SAFE MODE.  This feature is not compatible with SAFE MODE.  Sorry.';
$txt['lets_try_anyway'] = 'Let me try anyway.';

$txt['package_manager_desc'] = 'From the package manager you can download and install modifications to your forum through an easy to use interface.';
$txt['installed_packages_desc'] = 'You can use the interface below to view those packages currently installed on the forum, and remove the ones you no longer require.';
$txt['download_packages_desc'] = 'From this section you can choose to either download new packages from package servers, or upload a package file directly to the forum.';

$txt['create_package'] = 'Create a New Package';
$txt['download_new_package'] = 'Download New Packages';
$txt['view_and_remove'] = 'View and Remove Installed Packages';
$txt['modification_package'] = 'Modification Packages';
$txt['avatar_package'] = 'Avatar Packages';
$txt['language_package'] = 'Language Packages';
$txt['unknown_package'] = 'Unknown Packages';
$txt['use_avatars'] = 'Use Avatars';
$txt['add_languages'] = 'Add Language';
$txt['list_files'] = 'List Files';
$txt['remove'] = 'Remove';
$txt['package_type'] = 'Package Type';
$txt['archiving'] = 'Archiving';
$txt['extracting'] = 'Extracting';
$txt['avatars_extracted'] = 'The avatars have been extracted, you can now use them.';
$txt['language_extracted'] = 'The language pack has been extracted, you can now use it (by setting it in your settings).';

$txt['mod_name'] = 'Mod Name';
$txt['mod_version'] = 'Version';
$txt['mod_author'] = 'Author';
$txt['author_website'] = 'Author\'s Homepage';
$txt['package_no_description'] = 'No Description Given';
$txt['package_description'] = 'Description';
$txt['file_location'] = 'Location of file';

$txt['package_installed_key'] = 'Installed mods:';
$txt['package_installed_current'] = 'current version';
$txt['package_installed_old'] = 'older version';
$txt['package_installed_warning1'] = 'This package is already installed, and no upgrade was found!';
$txt['package_installed_warning2'] = 'You should uninstall the old version first to avoid problems, or ask the author to create an upgrade from your old version.';
$txt['package_installed_warning3'] = 'Please remember to always make regular backups of your sources and database before installing mods, especially beta versions.';
$txt['package_installed_extract'] = 'Extracting Package';
$txt['package_installed_done'] = 'The package was installed successfully.  You should now be able to use whatever functionality it adds or changes; or not be able to use functionality it removes.';
$txt['package_installed_redirecting'] = 'Redirecting...';
$txt['package_installed_redirect_go_now'] = 'Redirect Now';
$txt['package_installed_redirect_cancel'] = 'Return to Package Manager';

$txt['packages_latest'] = 'Latest Packages';
$txt['packages_latest_fetch'] = 'Attempting to fetch the most popular and recent packages from www.simplemachines.org...';

$txt['package_upgrade'] = 'Upgrade';
$txt['package_uninstall_readme'] = 'Uninstallation Readme';
$txt['package_install_readme'] = 'Installation Readme';
$txt['package_install_type'] = 'Type';
$txt['package_install_action'] = 'Action';
$txt['package_install_desc'] = 'Description';
$txt['install_actions'] = 'Install Actions';
$txt['perform_actions'] = 'Installing this package will perform the following actions:';
$txt['corrupt_compatible'] = 'The package you are trying to download or install is either corrupt or not compatible with this version of SMF.';
$txt['package_create'] = 'Create';
$txt['package_move'] = 'Move';
$txt['package_delete'] = 'Delete';
$txt['package_extract'] = 'Extract';
$txt['package_file'] = 'File';
$txt['package_tree'] = 'Tree';
$txt['execute_modification'] = 'Execute Modification';
$txt['execute_code'] = 'Execute Code';
$txt['execute_database_changes'] = 'Adapt Database';

$txt['package_install_actions'] = 'Installations actions for';
$txt['package_will_fail_title'] = 'Error in Package Installation';
$txt['package_will_fail_warning'] = 'At least one error was encountered during a test installation of this package.
	It is <strong>strongly</strong> recommended that you do not continue with installation unless you know what you are doing, and have made a backup very recently.
	This error may be caused by a conflict between the package you\'re trying to install and another package you have already installed, an error in the package, a package which requires another package that you don\'t have installed yet, or a package designed for another version of SMF.';
// Don't use entities in the below string.
$txt['package_will_fail_popup'] = 'Are you sure you wish to continue installing this modification, even though it will not install successfully?';
$txt['package_will_fail_popup_uninstall'] = 'Are you sure you wish to continue uninstalling this modification, even though it will not uninstall successfully?';
$txt['package_install_now'] = 'Install Now';
$txt['package_uninstall_now'] = 'Uninstall Now';
$txt['package_other_themes'] = 'Install in Other Themes';
$txt['package_other_themes_uninstall'] = 'UnInstall in Other Themes';
$txt['package_other_themes_desc'] = 'To use this modification in themes other than the default, the package manager needs to make additional changes to the other themes. If you\'d like to install this modification in the other themes, please select these themes below.';
// Don't use entities in the below string.
$txt['package_theme_failure_warning'] = 'At least one error was encountered during a test install of this theme. Are you sure you wish to attempt installation?';

$txt['package_bytes'] = 'bytes';

$txt['package_action_missing'] = '<strong class="error">File not found</strong>';
$txt['package_action_error'] = '<strong class="error">Modification parse error</strong>';
$txt['package_action_failure'] = '<strong class="error">Test failed</strong>';
$txt['package_action_success'] = '<strong>Test successful</strong>';
$txt['package_action_skipping'] = '<strong>Skipping file</strong>';

$txt['package_uninstall_actions'] = 'Uninstall Actions';
$txt['package_uninstall_done'] = 'The package has been uninstalled, it should no longer take effect.';
$txt['package_uninstall_cannot'] = 'This package cannot be uninstalled, because there is no uninstaller!<br /><br />Please contact the mod author for more information.';

$txt['package_install_options'] = 'Installation Options';
$txt['package_install_options_ftp_why'] = 'Using the package manager\'s FTP functionality is the easiest way to avoid having to manually chmod the files writable through FTP yourself for the package manager to work.<br />Here you can set the default values for some fields.';
$txt['package_install_options_ftp_server'] = 'FTP Server';
$txt['package_install_options_ftp_port'] = 'Port';
$txt['package_install_options_ftp_user'] = 'Username';
$txt['package_install_options_make_backups'] = 'Create Backup versions of replaced files with a tilde (~) on the end of their names.';

$txt['package_ftp_necessary'] = 'FTP Information Required';
$txt['package_ftp_why'] = 'Some of the files the package manager needs to modify are not writable.  This needs to be changed by logging into FTP and using it to chmod or create the files and folders.  Your FTP information may be temporarily cached for proper operation of the package manager. Note you can also do this manually using an FTP client - to view a list of the affected files please click <a href="#" onclick="%1$s">here</a>.';
$txt['package_ftp_why_file_list'] = 'The following files need to made writable to continue installation:';
$txt['package_ftp_why_download'] = 'To download packages, the Packages directory and files in it need to be writable - and they are not currently.  The package manager can use your FTP information to fix this.';
$txt['package_ftp_server'] = 'FTP Server';
$txt['package_ftp_port'] = 'Port';
$txt['package_ftp_username'] = 'Username';
$txt['package_ftp_password'] = 'Password';
$txt['package_ftp_path'] = 'Local path to SMF';
$txt['package_ftp_test'] = 'Test';
$txt['package_ftp_test_connection'] = 'Test Connection';
$txt['package_ftp_test_success'] = 'FTP connection established.';
$txt['package_ftp_test_failed'] = 'Could not contact server.';

// For a break, use \\n instead of <br />... and don't use entities.
$txt['package_delete_bad'] = 'The package you are about to delete is currently installed!  If you delete it, you may not be able to uninstall it later.\\n\\nAre you sure?';

$txt['package_examine_file'] = 'View file in package';
$txt['package_file_contents'] = 'Contents of file';

$txt['package_upload_title'] = 'Upload a Package';
$txt['package_upload_select'] = 'Package to Upload';
$txt['package_upload'] = 'Upload';
$txt['package_uploaded_success'] = 'Package uploaded successfully';
$txt['package_uploaded_successfully'] = 'The package has been uploaded successfully';

$txt['package_modification_malformed'] = 'Malformed or invalid modification file.';
$txt['package_modification_missing'] = 'The file could not be found.';
$txt['package_no_zlib'] = 'Sorry, your PHP configuration doesn\'t have support for <strong>zlib</strong>.  Without this, the package manager cannot function.  Please contact your host about this for more information.';

$txt['package_cleanperms_title'] = 'Cleanup Permissions';
$txt['package_cleanperms_desc'] = 'This interface allows you to reset the permissions for files throughout your installation, so as to increase security or solve any permission problems you may encounter while installing packages.';
$txt['package_cleanperms_type'] = 'Change all file permissions throughout the forum such that';
$txt['package_cleanperms_standard'] = 'Only the standard files are writable.';
$txt['package_cleanperms_free'] = 'All files are writable.';
$txt['package_cleanperms_restrictive'] = 'The minimum files are writable.';
$txt['package_cleanperms_go'] = 'Change file permissions';

$txt['package_download_by_url'] = 'Download a package by url';
$txt['package_download_filename'] = 'Name of the file';
$txt['package_download_filename_info'] = 'Optional value.  Should be used when the url does not end in the filename.  For example: index.php?mod=5';

$txt['package_db_uninstall'] = 'Remove all data associated with this modification.';
$txt['package_db_uninstall_details'] = 'Details';
$txt['package_db_uninstall_actions'] = 'Checking this option will result in the following database changes';
$txt['package_db_remove_table'] = 'Drop table &quot;%1$s&quot;';
$txt['package_db_remove_column'] = 'Remove column &quot;%2$s&quot; from &quot;%1$s&quot;';
$txt['package_db_remove_index'] = 'Remove index &quot;%1$s&quot; from &quot;%2$s&quot;';

$txt['package_advanced_button'] = 'Advanced';
$txt['package_advanced_options'] = 'Advanced Options';
$txt['package_apply'] = 'Apply';
$txt['package_emulate'] = 'Emulate Version';
$txt['package_emulate_revert'] = 'Revert';
$txt['package_emulate_desc'] = 'Sometimes packages are locked to early versions of SMF but remain compatible with a newer version. Here you can choose to &quot;emulate&quot; a different SMF version within the package manager.';

// Operations.
$txt['operation_find'] = 'Find';
$txt['operation_replace'] = 'Replace';
$txt['operation_after'] = 'Add After';
$txt['operation_before'] = 'Add Before';
$txt['operation_title'] = 'Operations';
$txt['operation_ignore'] = 'Ignore Errors';
$txt['operation_invalid'] = 'The operation that you selected is invalid.';

$txt['package_file_perms_desc'] = 'You can use this section to review the writable status of critical files and folders within your forum directory. Note this only considers key forum folders and files - use an FTP client for additional options.';
$txt['package_file_perms_name'] = 'File/Folder Name';
$txt['package_file_perms_status'] = 'Current Status';
$txt['package_file_perms_new_status'] = 'New Status';
$txt['package_file_perms_status_read'] = 'Read';
$txt['package_file_perms_status_write'] = 'Write';
$txt['package_file_perms_status_execute'] = 'Execute';
$txt['package_file_perms_status_custom'] = 'Custom';
$txt['package_file_perms_status_no_change'] = 'No Change';
$txt['package_file_perms_writable'] = 'Writable';
$txt['package_file_perms_not_writable'] = 'Not Writable';
$txt['package_file_perms_chmod'] = 'chmod';
$txt['package_file_perms_more_files'] = 'More Files';

$txt['package_file_perms_change'] = 'Change File Permissions';
$txt['package_file_perms_predefined'] = 'Use predefined permission profile';
$txt['package_file_perms_predefined_note'] = 'Note that this only applies the predefined profile to key SMF folders and files.';
$txt['package_file_perms_apply'] = 'Apply individual file permissions settings selected above.';
$txt['package_file_perms_custom'] = 'If &quot;Custom&quot; has been selected use chmod value of';
$txt['package_file_perms_pre_restricted'] = 'Restricted - minimum files writable';
$txt['package_file_perms_pre_standard'] = 'Standard - key files writable';
$txt['package_file_perms_pre_free'] = 'Free - all files writable';
$txt['package_file_perms_ftp_details'] = 'On most servers it is only possible to change file permissions using an FTP account. Please enter your FTP details below';
$txt['package_file_perms_ftp_retain'] = 'Note, SMF will only retain the password information temporarily to aid operation of the package manager.';
$txt['package_file_perms_go'] = 'Make Changes';

$txt['package_file_perms_applying'] = 'Applying Changes';
$txt['package_file_perms_items_done'] = '%1$d of %2$d items completed';
$txt['package_file_perms_skipping_ftp'] = '<strong>Warning:</strong> Failed to connect to FTP server, attempting to change permissions without. This is <em>likely</em> to fail - please check the results upon completion and try again with correct FTP details if necessary.';

$txt['package_file_perms_dirs_done'] = '%1$d of %2$d directories completed';
$txt['package_file_perms_files_done'] = '%1$d of %2$d files done in current directory';

$txt['chmod_value_invalid'] = 'You have tried to enter an invalid chmod value. Chmod must be between 0444 and 0777';

$txt['package_restore_permissions'] = 'Restore File Permissions';
$txt['package_restore_permissions_desc'] = 'The following file permissions were changed by SMF to install the selected package(s). You can return these files back to their original status by clicking &quot;Restore&quot; below.';
$txt['package_restore_permissions_restore'] = 'Restore';
$txt['package_restore_permissions_filename'] = 'Filename';
$txt['package_restore_permissions_orig_status'] = 'Original Status';
$txt['package_restore_permissions_cur_status'] = 'Current Status';
$txt['package_restore_permissions_result'] = 'Result';
$txt['package_restore_permissions_pre_change'] = '%1$s (%3$s)';
$txt['package_restore_permissions_post_change'] = '%2$s (%3$s - was %2$s)';
$txt['package_restore_permissions_action_skipped'] = '<em>Skipped</em>';
$txt['package_restore_permissions_action_success'] = '<span style="color: green;">Success</span>';
$txt['package_restore_permissions_action_failure'] = '<span class="error">Failed</span>';
$txt['package_restore_permissions_action_done'] = 'SMF has attempted to restore the selected files back to their original permissions, the results can be seen below. If a change failed, or for a more detailed view of file permissions, please see the <a href="%1$s">File Permissions</a> section.';

$txt['package_file_perms_warning'] = 'Please Note';
$txt['package_file_perms_warning_desc'] = '
	<li>Be careful when changing file permissions from this section - incorrect permissions can adversely affect the operation of your forum!</li>
	<li>On some server configurations selecting the wrong permissions may stop SMF from operating.</li>
	<li>Certain directories such as <em>attachments</em> need to be writable to use that functionality.</li>
	<li>This functionality is mainly applicable on non-Windows based servers - it will not work as expected on Windows in regards to permission flags.</li>
	<li>Before proceeding make sure you have an FTP client installed in case you do make an error and need to FTP into the server to remedy it.</li>';

$txt['package_confirm_view_package_content'] = 'Are you sure you want to view the package contents from this location:<br /><br />%1$s';
$txt['package_confirm_proceed'] = 'Proceed';
$txt['package_confirm_go_back'] = 'Go back';

$txt['package_readme_default'] = 'Default';
$txt['package_available_readme_language'] = 'Available Readme Languages:';

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