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// Version: 2.0; ModerationCenter

global $scripturl;

$txt['moderation_center'] = 'Moderation Center';
$txt['mc_main'] = 'Main';
$txt['mc_posts'] = 'Posts';
$txt['mc_groups'] = 'Membergroups';

$txt['mc_view_groups'] = 'View Membergroups';

$txt['mc_description'] = 'This is your &quot;Moderation Center&quot;. From here you can perform all the moderation actions assigned to yourself by the Administrator. This home page contains a summary of all the latest happenings in your community. You can personalize the layout by clicking <a href="' . $scripturl . '?action=moderate;area=settings">here</a>.';
$txt['mc_group_requests'] = 'Membergroup Requests';
$txt['mc_unapproved_posts'] = 'Unapproved Posts';
$txt['mc_watched_users'] = 'Recent Watched Members';
$txt['mc_watched_topics'] = 'Watched Topics';
$txt['mc_scratch_board'] = 'Moderator Scratch Board';
$txt['mc_latest_news'] = 'Simple Machines Latest News';
$txt['mc_recent_reports'] = 'Recent Topic Reports';
$txt['mc_warnings'] = 'Warnings';
$txt['mc_notes'] = 'Moderator Notes';

$txt['mc_cannot_connect_sm'] = 'You are unable to connect to simplemachines.org\'s latest news file.';

$txt['mc_recent_reports_none'] = 'There are no outstanding reports';
$txt['mc_watched_users_none'] = 'There are not currently any watches in place.';
$txt['mc_group_requests_none'] = 'There are no open requests for group membership.';

$txt['mc_seen'] = '%1$s last seen %2$s';
$txt['mc_seen_never'] = '%1$s never seen';
$txt['mc_groupr_by'] = 'by';

$txt['mc_reported_posts_desc'] = 'Here you can review all the post reports raised by members of the community.';
$txt['mc_reportedp_active'] = 'Active Reports';
$txt['mc_reportedp_closed'] = 'Old Reports';
$txt['mc_reportedp_by'] = 'by';
$txt['mc_reportedp_reported_by'] = 'Reported By';
$txt['mc_reportedp_last_reported'] = 'Last Reported';
$txt['mc_reportedp_none_found'] = 'No Reports Found';

$txt['mc_reportedp_details'] = 'Details';
$txt['mc_reportedp_close'] = 'Close';
$txt['mc_reportedp_open'] = 'Open';
$txt['mc_reportedp_ignore'] = 'Ignore';
$txt['mc_reportedp_unignore'] = 'Un-Ignore';
// Do not use numeric entries in the below string.
$txt['mc_reportedp_ignore_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you wish to ignore further reports about this message?\\n\\nThis will turn off further reports for all moderators of the forum.';
$txt['mc_reportedp_close_selected'] = 'Close Selected';

$txt['mc_groupr_group'] = 'Membergroups';
$txt['mc_groupr_member'] = 'Member';
$txt['mc_groupr_reason'] = 'Reason';
$txt['mc_groupr_none_found'] = 'There are currently no outstanding membergroup requests.';
$txt['mc_groupr_submit'] = 'Submit';
$txt['mc_groupr_reason_desc'] = 'Reason to reject %1$s\'s request to join &quot;%2$s&quot;';
$txt['mc_groups_reason_title'] = 'Reasons for Rejection';
$txt['with_selected'] = 'With Selected';
$txt['mc_groupr_approve'] = 'Approve Request';
$txt['mc_groupr_reject'] = 'Reject Request (No Reason)';
$txt['mc_groupr_reject_w_reason'] = 'Reject Request with Reason';
// Do not use numeric entries in the below string.
$txt['mc_groupr_warning'] = 'Are you sure you wish to do this?';

$txt['mc_unapproved_attachments_none_found'] = 'There are currently no attachments awaiting approval';
$txt['mc_unapproved_replies_none_found'] = 'There are currently no posts awaiting approval';
$txt['mc_unapproved_topics_none_found'] = 'There are currently no topics awaiting approval';
$txt['mc_unapproved_posts_desc'] = 'From here you can approve or delete any posts awaiting moderation.';
$txt['mc_unapproved_replies'] = 'Replies';
$txt['mc_unapproved_topics'] = 'Topics';
$txt['mc_unapproved_by'] = 'by';
$txt['mc_unapproved_sure'] = 'Are you sure you want to do this?';
$txt['mc_unapproved_attach_name'] = 'Attachment Name';
$txt['mc_unapproved_attach_size'] = 'Filesize';
$txt['mc_unapproved_attach_poster'] = 'Poster';
$txt['mc_viewmodreport'] = 'Moderation Report for %1$s by %2$s';
$txt['mc_modreport_summary'] = 'There have been %1$d report(s) concerning this post.  The last report was %2$s.';
$txt['mc_modreport_whoreported_title'] = 'Members who have reported this post';
$txt['mc_modreport_whoreported_data'] = 'Reported by %1$s on %2$s.  They left the following message:';
$txt['mc_modreport_modactions'] = 'Actions taken by other moderators';
$txt['mc_modreport_mod_comments'] = 'Moderator Comments';
$txt['mc_modreport_no_mod_comment'] = 'There are not currently any moderator comments';
$txt['mc_modreport_add_mod_comment'] = 'Add Comment';

$txt['show_notice'] = 'Notice Text';
$txt['show_notice_subject'] = 'Subject';
$txt['show_notice_text'] = 'Text';

$txt['mc_watched_users_title'] = 'Watched Members';
$txt['mc_watched_users_desc'] = 'Here you can keep a track of all members who have been assigned a &quot;watch&quot; by the moderation team.';
$txt['mc_watched_users_post'] = 'View by Post';
$txt['mc_watched_users_warning'] = 'Warning Level';
$txt['mc_watched_users_last_login'] = 'Last Login';
$txt['mc_watched_users_last_post'] = 'Last Post';
$txt['mc_watched_users_no_posts'] = 'There are no posts from watched members.';
// Don't use entities in the two strings below.
$txt['mc_watched_users_delete_post'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this post?';
$txt['mc_watched_users_delete_posts'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete these posts?';
$txt['mc_watched_users_posted'] = 'Posted';
$txt['mc_watched_users_member'] = 'Member';

$txt['mc_warnings_description'] = 'From this section you can see which warnings have been issued to members of the forum. You can also add and modify the notification templates used when sending a warning to a member.';
$txt['mc_warning_log'] = 'Log';
$txt['mc_warning_templates'] = 'Custom Templates';
$txt['mc_warning_log_title'] = 'Viewing Warning Log';
$txt['mc_warning_templates_title'] = 'Custom Warning Templates';

$txt['mc_warnings_none'] = 'No warnings have been issued yet!';
$txt['mc_warnings_recipient'] = 'Recipient';

$txt['mc_warning_templates_none'] = 'No warning templates have been created yet';
$txt['mc_warning_templates_time'] = 'Time Created';
$txt['mc_warning_templates_name'] = 'Template';
$txt['mc_warning_templates_creator'] = 'Created By';
$txt['mc_warning_template_add'] = 'Add Template';
$txt['mc_warning_template_modify'] = 'Edit Template';
$txt['mc_warning_template_delete'] = 'Delete Selected';
$txt['mc_warning_template_delete_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete the selected templates?';

$txt['mc_warning_template_desc'] = 'Use this page to fill in the details of the template. Note that the subject for the email is not part of the template. Note that as the notification is sent by PM you can use BBC within the template. Note if you use the {MESSAGE} variable then this template will not be available when issuing a generic warning (i.e. A warning not linked to a post).';
$txt['mc_warning_template_title'] = 'Template Title';
$txt['mc_warning_template_body_desc'] = 'The content of the notification message. Note that you can use the following shortcuts in this template.<ul style="margin-top: 0px;"><li>{MEMBER} - Member Name.</li><li>{MESSAGE} - Link to Offending Post. (If Applicable)</li><li>{FORUMNAME} - Forum Name.</li><li>{SCRIPTURL} - Web address of forum.</li><li>{REGARDS} - Standard email sign-off.</li></ul>';
$txt['mc_warning_template_body_default'] = '{MEMBER},' . "\n\n" . 'You have received a warning for inappropriate activity. Please cease these activities and abide by the forum rules otherwise we will take further action.' . "\n\n" . '{REGARDS}';
$txt['mc_warning_template_personal'] = 'Personal Template';
$txt['mc_warning_template_personal_desc'] = 'If you select this option only you will be able to see, edit and use this template. If not selected all moderators will be able to use this template.';
$txt['mc_warning_template_error_empty'] = 'You must set both a title and notification body.';

$txt['mc_prefs'] = 'Preferences';
$txt['mc_settings'] = 'Change Settings';
$txt['mc_prefs_title'] = 'Moderation Preferences';
$txt['mc_prefs_desc'] = 'This section allows you to set some personal preferences for moderation related activities such as email notifications.';
$txt['mc_prefs_homepage'] = 'Items to show on moderation homepage';
$txt['mc_prefs_latest_news'] = 'SM News';
$txt['mc_prefs_show_reports'] = 'Show open report count in forum header';
$txt['mc_prefs_notify_report'] = 'Notify of topic reports';
$txt['mc_prefs_notify_report_never'] = 'Never';
$txt['mc_prefs_notify_report_moderator'] = 'Only if it\'s a board I moderate';
$txt['mc_prefs_notify_report_always'] = 'Always';
$txt['mc_prefs_notify_approval'] = 'Notify of items awaiting approval';

// Use entities in the below string.
$txt['mc_click_add_note'] = 'Add a new note';
$txt['mc_add_note'] = 'Add';

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