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// Version: 2.0; ManageScheduledTasks

$txt['scheduled_tasks_title'] = 'Scheduled Tasks';
$txt['scheduled_tasks_header'] = 'All Scheduled Tasks';
$txt['scheduled_tasks_name'] = 'Task Name';
$txt['scheduled_tasks_next_time'] = 'Next Due';
$txt['scheduled_tasks_regularity'] = 'Regularity';
$txt['scheduled_tasks_enabled'] = 'Enabled';
$txt['scheduled_tasks_run_now'] = 'Run Now';
$txt['scheduled_tasks_save_changes'] = 'Save Changes';
$txt['scheduled_tasks_time_offset'] = '<strong>Note:</strong> All times given below are <em>server time</em> and do not take any time offsets setup within SMF into account.';
$txt['scheduled_tasks_were_run'] = 'All selected tasks were completed';

$txt['scheduled_tasks_na'] = 'N/A';
$txt['scheduled_task_approval_notification'] = 'Approval Notifications';
$txt['scheduled_task_desc_approval_notification'] = 'Send out emails to all moderators summarizing posts awaiting approval.';
$txt['scheduled_task_auto_optimize'] = 'Optimize Database';
$txt['scheduled_task_desc_auto_optimize'] = 'Optimize the database to resolve fragmentation issues.';
$txt['scheduled_task_daily_maintenance'] = 'Daily Maintenance';
$txt['scheduled_task_desc_daily_maintenance'] = 'Runs essential daily maintenance on the forum - should not be disabled.';
$txt['scheduled_task_daily_digest'] = 'Daily Notification Summary';
$txt['scheduled_task_desc_daily_digest'] = 'Emails out the daily digest for notification subscribers.';
$txt['scheduled_task_weekly_digest'] = 'Weekly Notification Summary';
$txt['scheduled_task_desc_weekly_digest'] = 'Emails out the weekly digest for notification subscribers.';
$txt['scheduled_task_fetchSMfiles'] = 'Fetch Simple Machines Files';
$txt['scheduled_task_desc_fetchSMfiles'] = 'Retrieves javascript files containing notifications of updates and other information.';
$txt['scheduled_task_birthdayemails'] = 'Send Birthday Emails';
$txt['scheduled_task_desc_birthdayemails'] = 'Sends out emails wishing members a happy birthday.';
$txt['scheduled_task_weekly_maintenance'] = 'Weekly Maintenance';
$txt['scheduled_task_desc_weekly_maintenance'] = 'Runs essential weekly maintenance on the forum - should not be disabled.';
$txt['scheduled_task_paid_subscriptions'] = 'Paid Subscription Checks';
$txt['scheduled_task_desc_paid_subscriptions'] = 'Sends out any necessary paid subscription reminders and removes expired member subscriptions.';

$txt['scheduled_task_reg_starting'] = 'Starting at %1$s';
$txt['scheduled_task_reg_repeating'] = 'repeating every %1$d %2$s';
$txt['scheduled_task_reg_unit_m'] = 'minute(s)';
$txt['scheduled_task_reg_unit_h'] = 'hour(s)';
$txt['scheduled_task_reg_unit_d'] = 'day(s)';
$txt['scheduled_task_reg_unit_w'] = 'week(s)';

$txt['scheduled_task_edit'] = 'Edit Scheduled Task';
$txt['scheduled_task_edit_repeat'] = 'Repeat task every';
$txt['scheduled_task_edit_pick_unit'] = 'Pick Unit';
$txt['scheduled_task_edit_interval'] = 'Interval';
$txt['scheduled_task_edit_start_time'] = 'Start Time';
$txt['scheduled_task_edit_start_time_desc'] = 'Time the first instance of the day should start (hours:minutes)';
$txt['scheduled_task_time_offset'] = 'Note the start time should be the offset against the current server time. Current server time is: %1$s';

$txt['scheduled_view_log'] = 'View Log';
$txt['scheduled_log_empty'] = 'There are currently no task log entries.';
$txt['scheduled_log_time_run'] = 'Time Run';
$txt['scheduled_log_time_taken'] = 'Time taken';
$txt['scheduled_log_time_taken_seconds'] = '%1$d seconds';
$txt['scheduled_log_empty_log'] = 'Empty Log';

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