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// Version: 2.0; ManageMail

$txt['mailqueue_desc'] = 'From this page you can configure your mail settings, as well as viewing and administrating the current mail queue if it is enabled.';

$txt['mail_type'] = 'Mail type';
$txt['mail_type_default'] = '(PHP default)';
$txt['smtp_host'] = 'SMTP server';
$txt['smtp_port'] = 'SMTP port';
$txt['smtp_username'] = 'SMTP username';
$txt['smtp_password'] = 'SMTP password';

$txt['mail_queue'] = 'Enable Mail Queue';
$txt['mail_limit'] = 'Maximum emails to send per minute';
$txt['mail_limit_desc'] = '(Set to 0 to disable)';
$txt['mail_quantity'] = 'Maximum amount of emails to send per page load';

$txt['mailqueue_stats'] = 'Mail Queue Statistics';
$txt['mailqueue_oldest'] = 'Oldest Mail';
$txt['mailqueue_oldest_not_available'] = 'N/A';
$txt['mailqueue_size'] = 'Queue Length';

$txt['mailqueue_age'] = 'Age';
$txt['mailqueue_priority'] = 'Priority';
$txt['mailqueue_recipient'] = 'Recipient';
$txt['mailqueue_subject'] = 'Subject';
$txt['mailqueue_clear_list'] = 'Send Mail Queue Now';
$txt['mailqueue_no_items'] = 'The mail queue is currently empty';
// Do not use numeric entities in below string.
$txt['mailqueue_clear_list_warning'] = 'Are you sure you wish to send the whole mail queue now? This will override any limits you have set.';

$txt['mq_day'] = '%1.1f Day';
$txt['mq_days'] = '%1.1f Days';
$txt['mq_hour'] = '%1.1f Hour';
$txt['mq_hours'] = '%1.1f Hours';
$txt['mq_minute'] = '%1$d Minute';
$txt['mq_minutes'] = '%1$d Minutes';
$txt['mq_second'] = '%1$d Second';
$txt['mq_seconds'] = '%1$d Seconds';

$txt['mq_mpriority_5'] = 'Very Low';
$txt['mq_mpriority_4'] = 'Low';
$txt['mq_mpriority_3'] = 'Normal';
$txt['mq_mpriority_2'] = 'High';
$txt['mq_mpriority_1'] = 'Very High';

$txt['birthday_email'] = 'Birthday Message to use';
$txt['birthday_body'] = 'Email Body';
$txt['birthday_subject'] = 'Email Subject';
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