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// Version: 2.0; ManageCalendar

$txt['calendar_desc'] = 'From here you can modify all aspects of the calendar.';

// Calendar Settings
$txt['calendar_settings_desc'] = 'Here you can enable the calendar, and determine the settings that it should use.';
$txt['save_settings'] = 'Save Settings';
$txt['groups_calendar_view'] = 'Membergroups allowed to view the calendar';
$txt['groups_calendar_post'] = 'Membergroups allowed to create events';
$txt['groups_calendar_edit_own'] = 'Membergroups allowed to edit their own events';
$txt['groups_calendar_edit_any'] = 'Membergroups allowed to edit any events';
$txt['setting_cal_enabled'] = 'Enable the calendar';
$txt['setting_cal_daysaslink'] = 'Show days as links to \'Post Event\'';
$txt['setting_cal_days_for_index'] = 'Max days in advance on board index';
$txt['setting_cal_showholidays'] = 'Show holidays';
$txt['setting_cal_showbdays'] = 'Show birthdays';
$txt['setting_cal_showevents'] = 'Show events';
$txt['setting_cal_show_never'] = 'Never';
$txt['setting_cal_show_cal'] = 'In calendar only';
$txt['setting_cal_show_index'] = 'On board index only';
$txt['setting_cal_show_all'] = 'On board index and calendar';
$txt['setting_cal_defaultboard'] = 'Default board to post events in';
$txt['setting_cal_allow_unlinked'] = 'Allow events not linked to posts';
$txt['setting_cal_minyear'] = 'Minimum year';
$txt['setting_cal_maxyear'] = 'Maximum year';
$txt['setting_cal_allowspan'] = 'Allow events to span multiple days';
$txt['setting_cal_maxspan'] = 'Max number of days an event can span';
$txt['setting_cal_showInTopic'] = 'Show linked events in topic display';

// Adding/Editing/Viewing Holidays
$txt['manage_holidays_desc'] = 'From here you can add and remove holidays from your forum calendar.';
$txt['current_holidays'] = 'Current Holidays';
$txt['holidays_title'] = 'Holiday';
$txt['holidays_title_label'] = 'Title';
$txt['holidays_delete_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you wish to remove these holidays?';
$txt['holidays_add'] = 'Add New Holiday';
$txt['holidays_edit'] = 'Edit Existing Holiday';
$txt['holidays_button_add'] = 'Add';
$txt['holidays_button_edit'] = 'Edit';
$txt['holidays_button_remove'] = 'Remove';
$txt['holidays_no_entries'] = 'There are currently no holidays configured.';
$txt['every_year'] = 'Every Year';

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