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/*Once you finish with installation, to connect for first time as administrator */
/*use username: SuperAdmin password: sa1234 you should change this     */   
/*once you connect, from administrator page.                                           */      

// these are paths where the documets (incoming - outgoing) will be uploaded if you want to use this function. Change it according to your needs.

$enable_uploading='0'; //set this to 1 to enable file uploading, set this to 0 to disbale file uploading

// this is the letters that define if the document is incoming or outgoing. You can change those if you wish

// set the database host - maybe you dont need to change this
$databasehost = "localhost";

// set the username  you use to connect to your database
$databaseuname = "root";

// set the password  you use to connect to your database
$databasepass = "";

// set the database name
$databasename = "simple_e_document";

//leave this
$dbtype = "MySQL";

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