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<meta name="description" content="Sillaj is a PHP time tracking tool. It allows to register time on projects and tasks and create various reports. Sillaj is multiuser and multilanguage, uses a database backend (MySQL or other through a database abstraction layer) and is themable through Smarty templates." />
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<h1><img src="../templates/default/img/logo_sillaj.png" alt="" /><a href="/">Testimonials</a></h1>
<li><a href="http://www.servicecapecod.com/blog/?p=69">Network Services of Cape Cod</a> 2008-11-02<br />
<q>Here is a great example of excellent software available for free on Sourceforge. I had a little difficult implementing this and had to modify the code slightly in a few places to get all the features working, but it was a great experience! This software is designed as a project management tool. I used it for several months to track time for billing purposes when providing consulting services to clients. I had wanted to use some sort of paperless work order system since I downsized my company. Since I’m terrible at paperwork, but very good at organizing and maintaining data on a computer, this was a great way for me to track billable hours from any computer. It worked from my iPhone, too! Thanks to some great iPhone software developers, I now have an even better solution to my daily job tracking, but Sillaj will undoubtedly prove to be useful in the future.</q>
<li><a href="http://www.webmasternetwork.se/index.php?s=wn&amp;act=Post&amp;CODE=06&amp;f=8&amp;t=22638&amp;p=180252">motin</a> 2007-10-02<br />
<q lang="se">Kan rekommendera <a href="http://sillaj.sourceforge.net/">http://sillaj.sourceforge.net/</a> för detta. PHP-baserat, öppen källkod, lätt att använda, bra rapporter och aktivt utvecklat.
<br />
Har själv valt det för ett uppkommande projekt, framför 5-6 andra testade verktyg. Skannade "marknaden" hårt under processen. 2a platsen (som var mer lämpad för personligt bruk) var Python-programmet http://freshmeat.net/projects/tst/ som arbetar mot en mysql-databas. Testa det annars.
<br />
Lade förresten till några funktioner i Sillaj för någon vecka sedan, bland annat möjlighet att ange hur nogrant man rapporterar, diverse ändringar samt enkelt utf-8-stöd. De är skickade till utvecklaren så förhoppningsvis kommer de med i en kommande version.</q>
<li><a href="http://www.uv-index.vda.it/">ARPA Valle d'Aosta</a> 2009-01-15 (via e-mail)<br />
<q>this email is to inform you that our agency, the Environmental Protection Agency (ARPA) of Aosta Valley, Italy, is pleased for using your software Sillaj. We found it on Google, downloaded it and adjusted it for our needs (Italian translation specific for ARPA, addition of Section and Working position in the user field, sharing of projects by Section, reporting of all the projects and total time spent by every user, accessible by an Administrator). We are now using the modified version of Sillaj for the time tracking of our about 80 employees.
<br />
We congratulate you on your well-written sotfware and thank you for your efforts. </q>
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