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<meta name="description" content="Sillaj is a PHP time tracking tool. It allows to register time on projects and tasks and create various reports. Sillaj is multiuser and multilanguage, uses a database backend (MySQL or other through a database abstraction layer) and is themable through Smarty templates." />
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<title>Sillaj - FAQ</title>
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<h1><img src="../templates/default/img/logo_sillaj.png" alt="" /><a href="/">FAQ Sillaj</a></h1>
<dt>"DB: Syntax error" when I request a report</dt>
<dd>You are probably running an old version of MySQL server, which does not 
support the CAST... AS CHAR(8) syntax. You should upgrade your MySQL server 
or edit Report::getProject() and Report::getTask() in inc/sillaj.class.php 
(however you'll have date formatting issues)</dd>
<dt>I get a blank page</dt>
<dd>Generally it's because the PEAR components are not available.
See in <a href="install.html">install.html</a> :
<li>Make sure you have a PEAR directory in your PHP directory and check
that this PEAR directory is declared in the include_dir directive of
php.ini. <i>e.g.</i> :<br />
<code>include_path = ".;c:\php\includes;c:\php\pear;"</code>
<li>copy the content of sillaj/lib/pear/ in your PEAR directory if necessary</li>
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