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  $lang = array (
    ### General messages
    'greeting'		=> "Welcome to SiFiEx by Sven Walther",
    'firstStart'	=> "Welcome to SiFiEx for the first time. I just created a default configuration file called config.php for you. Maybe you want to have a look at this file and change some settings",
    'yes'			=> "Yes",
    'no'			=> "No",
    'cancel'  => "Cancel",
    'help'    => "Help",

    ### Upload of file
    'unExpandUpload'	=> "Cancel upload",
    'uploadExpand'	=> "Upload new file",
    'uploadHeading'	=> "Upload new file",
    'uploadChooseFile'	=> "Please choose a file from your local harddisc:",
    'uploadHideSuffix'	=> "Do you want to hide the suffix (see FAQ)?",
    'uploadInformMail'	=> "Do you want to inform someone of the upload? If so enter e-mail-adress",
    'uploadStart'		=> "Start upload: ",
    'uploadBePatient'	=> "Be patient...",
    'uploadMaxSize'	=> "Maximum file size: ",
    'uploading'		=> "The file is being uploaded...",
    'uploadError'		=> "An error occurred during upload - please try again or ask the adminstrator of this site for help",
    'uploadSuccess'	=> "The file has been successfully uploaded",

    ### File listing
    'listName'		=> "Name",
    'listDate'		=> "Date and time of upload",
    'listSize'		=> "Filesize",
    'listActions'		=> "Actions",
    'listDelete'		=> "Delete",
    'listRename'		=> "Rename",
    'listMail'		=> "Mail link",
    'noFilesAvailable'	=> "There are no files uploaded right now",

    ### Delete file
    'deleteSure'		=> "Are you sure to delete this file?",
    'deleting'		=> "Deleting file...",
    'deleteSuccess'	=> "File has been deleted successfully",
    'deleteError'		=> "I was unable to delete the file",
    ### rename file
    'renameHeader'  => "Please enter the new name for the file",
    'renamingFile'  => "Renaming file...",
    'renameDone' => "File has been renamed",
    'renameError'   => "Renaming failed",
    ### remail files
    'remailHeader'  => "Enter one or more mail addresses (separated by \",\") to send a notification email including direct download link to",
    'remailNow'     => "Send email(s)",
    'remailingFile' => "Mail is being sent to: ",

    ### Content of mails
    'mailSubject'	=> "A new file has been uploaded for you to the file exchange",
    'mailStart'		=> "Hello, someone uploaded a file for you. You can find the file under the following link:",
    'mailPassword'	=> "The access has been secured by username and password. If you don't know a login ask the person who uploaded the file for you",
    'mailEnd'		=> "Greetings from SiFiEx - Simple File Exchange",
    'mailSuccess'	=> "Mail has been successfully sent to ", 
    'mailError'		=> "Error sending e-mail",

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