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Base class used to display an attribute value in a form "input" element. This 
template is typically used in conjunction with sra-attr.tpl

Key            Type          Value/Default     Description

[attr]         [element tag] (value|[cycle])   see sra-attr.tpl - may also be 
                                               used to define the input "type" 
																							 if not the standard "text"
[cycle]        cycles        [csv cycle vals]  see sra-attr.tpl
cols                                           the # of cols for a textarea field (default 20)

fieldName                                      if the form name should not be 
                                               the name of the attribute, the 
																							 actual name should be specified 
																							 using this parameter
fieldNamePre                                   prefix to add to the input field name. alternatively, 
                                               this value can be specified through a template parameter

fieldNamePost                                  postfix to add to the input field name. alternatively, 
                                               this value can be specified through a template parameter
imbedValue                   (1|0)/1           whether or not to imbed the current 
                                               attribute value into the 
																							 input/textarea field
rows                                           the # of rows for a textarea field (default 5)

useTextArea                  (1|0)/0           whether or not to render the 
                                               attribute value in a textarea. the 
																							 default behavior is to render it in 
																							 an "input" element

{assign var="myParams" value=$Template->getVarByRef('params')}
{assign var="fieldName" value=$params->getParam('fieldName', $fieldName)}
{assign var="fieldNamePre" value=$params->getParam('fieldNamePre', $Template->getVar('fieldNamePre'))}
{assign var="fieldNamePost" value=$params->getParam('fieldNamePost', $Template->getVar('fieldNamePost'))}
{assign var="fieldName" value=$fieldNamePre|cat:$fieldName|cat:$fieldNamePost}
{if $Util->isObject($attribute) && $displayVal}{assign var="attribute" value=$displayVal}{/if}
{if $Util->methodExists($attribute, 'getPrimaryKey')}{assign var="attribute" value=$attribute->getPrimaryKey()}{/if}
{if $Util->isObject($attribute) && $Util->methodExists($attribute, 'toString')}{assign var="attribute" value=$attribute->format()}{/if}

{* textarea *}
{if $myParams->getParam('useTextArea')}
{$Template->renderOpen($tplName, 'textarea', $myParams, '', 0)} name="{$fieldName}" rows="{$myParams->getParam('rows', 5)}" cols="{$myParams->getParam('cols', 20)}">{if $myParams->getParam('imbedValue', '1')}{$attribute}{/if}</textarea>
{$Template->renderOpen($tplName, 'input', $myParams, '', 0)} name="{$fieldName}"{if $myParams->getParam('imbedValue', '1')} value="{if $attributeType eq 'boolean'}{if $attribute}1{else if $attribute === $smarty.const.FALSE}0{/if}{else}{$Template->escapeHtmlQuotes($attribute)}{/if}"{/if} />
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