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This software is developed and copyrighted by HIOX Softwares.
This is given under The GNU General Public License (GPL).

a) Gives nice animated camera shutter effect to the pictures.
b) Any number of photos can be presented using this effect.
c) Simple and easy to integrate into any website.
d) Just download the code and use it in your webpage.
Please visit our site http://www.hscripts.com/scripts/jquery/shutter-effects.php to download

Please take 5 minutes time and read the installation instructions carefully and

Extracting files:
a) Unzip the shutter-effects.zip file to extract the files.
b) You will get  shutter-effects/index.php,shutter-effects/jquery.js,shutter-effects/style.css,ishutter-effects/README.txt,and images .

Embedding the code:
a) Now Run the shutter-effects/index.php in your browser.
b) Shutter Effects Image Slider Script is now ready to work fast and efficient.
c) The time duration for the slide can be changed in the “duration” variable in index.php 

Release Date Shutter Effects Image Slider Script 1.0 :05-11-2011

For any suggestions, mail us at hide@address.com

Visit us at http://www.hscripts.com
Visit us at http://www.hioxindia.com

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