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SHOUTcast Management Interface

* MySQL server, version 4.1 or later
* A web server with PHP version 5.0 or later
* PHP MySQL extension
* PHP cURL extension

* MRTG for graphical stats

1. Place the entire contents of the archive you downloaded into a web accessible directory, that means the tree above this file.

2. Create a MySQL database for SMI and a user to access that database.

3. Point your web browser to the root of the directory where you unpacked SMI.
   For instance: http://someserver.domain.com/smi

4. Follow the directions through the step-by-steb installation pages. Some of the work will be done for you.
Main steps:
- Checking that all requirements (see above) are installed
- Set directories mrtg/, playlists/, ices/ and servers/ as well as the config.php file writeable
- Create database and check that MySQL is running and connection works with given credentials
- Create tables from create.sql, save db settings to config.php and general settings to config table,
  as well as set superuser's name and password.
  NOTE! Default username and password is 'admin', please change this immediately. We will not
  be held responsible for any "hacked" servers due to laziness.
- Remove or rename the install.php file in the install directory to be able to log in

NOTE! If you are running SMI on Windows, you need to edit the registry keys listed in the pstools.reg
file in the wintools/ directory before starting to use SMI. This is for the process tools to work in the background.

5. Ices0 <http://www.icecast.org> is required to run the autodj function of
this software. A functional (must allow script playlists) copy is available in
this install folder.  You however must compile and install it on your own as
including a binary would just be... wrong.
Unpack the Ices0 tgz file and follow the directions in the INSTALL text. Successfull
compilation will result in a binary file "ices" located in the Ices0/src subdirectory.
Copy this file to where it can be found in the execution path, for instance /usr/bin/
and enter the full path in the SMI settings, for instance /usr/bin/ices.

6. To enable checking of bitrate for your active servers, you'll need to edit
<smibase>/cron/check_bitrate.php to match your settings.  Then you will need to 
create a cronjob to run this script to check for bitrate violators

	*/5 * * * * php /path/to/smi/cron/check_bitrate.php

NOTE: This is not necessary, if you don't care about the bitrates used you don't 
need to enable this cron or set the field in creating/editing your servers.

If you require assistance please sign up or email the SMI support mailing list

or go to our sourceforge page and fill a bug / support request:


* This software is reliant upon the user that is running the web server, make
sure that you have properly set permissions to allow read/write access by the
web server to both the servers & mrtg directories.

* If you restart the web server it will kill your server daemons, if this
happens you will still need to "stop" your servers to clear the dead pids.

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