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# Changelog

0.2.5 - August 20th, 2009:

 - Updated the installer.

0.2.4 - August 16th, 2009:

 - Added private page capability.
 - Removed the captcha 'On a standard keyboard what letter is to the left of "U"?:' - The answer would be different depending on whether I had a QWERTY OR QWERTZ keyboard. Reported by Threeman.
 - Added new translations: Danish, Spanish and Romanian.
 - Added rewrite rules for Nginx.
 - Update button for the Navigation item list is hidden when Javascript is enabled.

0.2.3 - July 17th, 2009:

 - Fixed an SQL query in ./admin/pages/pages/delete.php.
 - Changed and fixed some grammatical stuff in the installer.
 - Fixed a parse error in the installer.
 - Made the username field in the online table bigger (32) and store a hash of the IP address
   instead of the IP address itself so IPv6 addresses can be stored too. Fixed by Matthieu Sieben.
 - Added French translation. Made by Matthieu Sieben.
 - Changed the website to http://shinobu.61924.nl/ in the license text.
 - Username field length in the online table changed to 39 to store IPv6 addresses.
 - Cleaned up UTF-8 library.
 - Added utf8_sprintf/utf8_vprintf to UTF-8 library:
 - Added utf8_wordwrap to UTF-8 library:
 - Added utf8_html_entity_decode to the UTF-8 library:
 - Removed Mootools, because it isn't used that much.
 - Replaced the page loader. Sub directories in the pages directory are no problem anymore.
 - mysql_set_charset() and mysqli_set_charset() are now used to set the character set for the database.
 - Changed the way system messages are triggered. No more ?login or &edited.
 - Cleaned/Changed administration page titles.
 - Some cached parts display the wrong language. These parts are now cached per language.
 - Fixed bug in the template parser and added a new function. By Matthieu Sieben.
 - Changed "red" to "bold" in "Manage pages" page.
 - Fixed an "undefined index" error into template_parser (line 94). Removed redundant "is_array($tag_names)" in template_parser (line 42) and added size verification on $data. And added initialisation for "prefix" and "suffix" arrays.
 - Code cleaning into template_parser.php
 - Changed default definition of : "The full url to your shinobu installation" into sample.config.php.
 - The main administrator (who installed the system) cannot be removed or moved to an other group.

0.2.3RC1 - June 19th, 2009:

 - Fixed a couple of bugs in the installer. Reported by Matthieu Sieben.
 - Navigation item is now also deleted when the a page is deleted. Fixed by Matthieu Sieben.
 - Position list for navigation items is now generated with a for loop. Fixed by Matthieu Sieben.
 - Disabled UTF-8 compiled PCRE check (temporary).
 - Disabled output copression (temporary).
 - Added a class for parsing linebreaks and urls/images (CommentParser).
 - Updated and removed unnecessary functions from the SimpleText parser.
 - Replaced the SimpleText parser with CommentParser in the user profile.
 - Added compile option to template parser (experimental, just for testing).
 - Small code cleanup.
 - CommentParser and SimpleText did not parse urls with a ~ correctly. Reported by Matthieu Sieben.
 - Merged the content_* tables into one table, "pages".
 - Easier way to change navigation item position. Made by Matthieu Sieben.

0.2.3-beta - June 15th, 2009:

 - Fixed page status bug in the administration panel. Reported by Matthieu Sieben.
 - [tpl:whoisonline_block] appears in sidebar when whoisonline is disable. Reported by Matthieu Sieben.
 - Wrong language check. Fixed by Matthieu Sieben.
 - Navigation item can be hidden now.
 - Removed TiyMCE, because it's pain in the ass.
 - Option to show "Created by ... Edited on ..." at the bottom of a page.
 - Added Dutch translation to the default package.
 - A lot more was fixed or changed, but I forgot what it was.

0.2.2 - February 9th, 2009:

 - Better error reporting: A text with information about the error, the filename and a line number will be displayed.
 - Both password fields need to be filled when a password needs to be changed.
 - Changed the content type from "application/xhtml+xml" to "text/html".
 - Changed $uri to $sys_request. The full request is stored in $sys_request[0].
 - Pages (./pages/) can now be nested in a subfolder.
 - Urls with "index.php?q=" or "?q=" will be redirected too an url without one of those when url rewriting is enabled.
 - Added a limit of 20 users that appear in the "Who's online?" block.
 - Added extra checks to the template parser.
 - Removed 'users_per_page' from the config table.
 - Minor changes in the CSS (table colors) of the default theme.
 - Removed the plugin system from the administration panel.
 - Removed tabindex="" from all form elements to make it easier to extend forms.
 - Moved language files into their own folders.
 - Added language setting in user profile.
 - Removed Dutch translation (Nederlands) from the default package. This tranlation can downloaded from the download page from now on.
 - Added the UTF-8 library from http://sourceforge.net/projects/phputf8
 - Replaced the PRIMARY index from the ID field  with a UNIQUE index in the "content_types" table.

0.2.1 - January 8th, 2009:

 - Fixed a bug in the installer.

0.2b2 - December 12th, 2008:

 - Changed some things in the database.
 - Menu items that link to external pages.
 - Removed 960 CSS grid.
 - Added CSS file for the TinyMCE content box.
 - Pages plugin: pages can now have a status (Draft or Published).
 - User description is now displayed at the user profile.
 - Updated SimpleText parser. Quotes and lists aren’t supported yet.
 - Copied the currently used functions from the UTF-8 library so the library can be removed. Shinobu now runs as twice as fast.
 - Fixed bug in the installer.
 - Update for SimpleText parser.
 - Fixed all known XSS vulnerabilities.
 - Added new variable to the config file, $cookie_name.
 - Added a alternative for mysql_set_charset(), because it requires PHP 5.2.3.

0.2b1 - December 3rd, 2008:

 - Initial (beta) release.
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