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Shine Install Guide.

1. Download the Shine zip file
2.  Install Sine  
    a. Locate your Web root directory on your Web server. This is the directory on your Web server where publicly accessible files are made available by your Web server.
     b. Unzip the Shine zip file into your Web root. A directory is automatically created within Web root.
    c. Set permissions on the Shine files.The system user that your Web server uses to access files in your Web root varies depending on your operating system configuration. Common Web server users include:
         * apache (Linux/Apache)
            * nobody (Linux/Apache)
            -1. If you cannot change ownership, try changing all files to 666
3.  Run the online installation
    a. Point your browser at http://yourhostname.com/shine
    b. Follow the online instructions
4. Login into your new Shine installation 
5. Enabling Shine for Sugar
    a. Open config.php in your Shine root directory
    b. Change the following variables to match your CRM installation:
        -$SOAP_ENABLED = false;
            -A user id in your SugarCRM data base (users.id).
6. Your system should now be configured    
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