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1) Upload all of the files extracted from the zip or tar 
   file onto your web host.  

2) Make sure owner/group for your virutalhost or webserver 
   is set to you. 
   If not or you do not know what I am talking 
   about change the permissions of the files named: config.php 
   to 777 to allow the web setup program 
   access to change it. If you plan in installing using
   a text based database you will also need to change the 
   permissions of the directory txt-database to 777. 
   If you need more help on this
   just open up the setup.php page and more directions 
   will appear.

3) Open up the setup.php file in your web browser like so:

4) follow the online installation..

   After the setup is finished change the permissions of 
   config.php to either 755 or 400 
   (Depending on your server setup) but leave txt-database
   writable by the webserver. 
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