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<div align="center">
  <p align="left"><strong>Login Script</strong></p>
  <p align="left"><font size="-1">Thanks to JP aka: jpmaster77 for the Login Script examples, they helped out a lot.</font></p>
  <p align="left"><strong>WYSIWYG EDITOR</strong></p>
  <p align="left"><font size="-1">Thank you Mr. Justin Koivisto for writing the wysiwyg editor and making it available for use. It saved me a lot of time and effort.</font> </p>
  <p align="left"><strong>Drop Down Menu Class </strong></p>
  <p align="left"><font size="-1"> Thank you Mr. Gobinathm Mallaiyan, your drop down class you wrote came in handy.</font></p>
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