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<div align="center">
  <p>Welcome to Shelldb Version 
    <?php echo $shelldb_version ?>
  <p align="left">This page contains some of the other 'less used' features of 
    ShellDB, links to other ShellDB pages, and Tools. To return to this page at 
    any time, just click ShellDB up the top right of your screen.</p>
  <p align="left"><b>Admin Tools</b></p>
  <p align="left"><a href="/users/pass.php">Encrypt Password</a></p>
  <p align="left"><b>Backup And Archive</b></p>
  <p align="left"><a href="/tools/backup.php">Backup Database</a></p>
  <p align="left"><b>Legal Information</b></p>
  <p align="left"><a href="/tools/gpl.php">Licence file for ShellDB, Please Read 
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