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Order of application of permissions:
	1. Super Globals
	2. Category Permissions
	3. Forum Permissions
	4. Group Permissions
	5. User Permissions

If `forum_id` is set to -1, that permission propagates throughout the forum system for that level.

Yes overrides No, or vice versa.

-1 	= NO
0 	= Not Set
1 	= YES

For example: In forum permissions, 1 is set to -1, but in user permissions 1 is set to 1. User
permissions take precedence over forum permissions, so they get 1 = 1.

In places where `ingame` is set, -1 means only in qCMS. 0 Means superglobal. #'s mean what game 
they are in.

Not set defaults to no if not set by one of the other levels
Global permissions
Option ID	Option Name/Effect
=========	===========
   1		Can View Forum	
   2		Can Read Forum
   3		Can Post Topics In Forum
   4		Can Reply to Topics In Forum
   5		Can Delete Own Posts
   6		Can Delete Other Posts
   7		Can Modify Own Posts
   8		Can Modify Other Posts

Category Specific
Option ID	Option Name/Effect
=========	==================

Forum Specific
Option ID	Option Name/Effect
=========	===================

User Specific
Option ID	Option Name/Effect
=========	==================
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