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<!-- object_type: fw_1 object_action: policy_view -->

<H2>SLOP Help: Viewing firewall policy</H2>

<H3>How to get to this screen</H3>
   <LI> Login to SLOP
   <LI> Once logged in, select one of your Checkpoint Firewall-1 objects
        to work with
   <LI> After you have selected an object and are in the main interface,
        click the <B>View firewall policy</B> link under the Internet
        Security banner
<H3>What this screen tells you</H3>

This screen displays the actual ruleset that is installed on your
firewall.  A Checkpoint Firewall-1 security policy consists of a
collection of "rules," each of which specifys one or more source IP 
addresses, one or more destination IP addresses, a service to be used
between these two points, and the action to take if traffic through the
firewall matches the combination of source, destination, and service.
Furthermore, Firewall-1 allows the level of logging (tracking) to be set
for each rule, allows the specification of the time of day when a rule
is enabled, and which firewall or interface the rule applies to.  Last,
some comments from the firewall administrators may be in the last
Further down the page, configurations for other various firewall options
including NAT, logging, services, firewall properties, and packet spoofing
settings are shown.

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