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<!-- object_type: admin object_action: modify_object -->

<H2>SLOP Help: modifying a Firewall-1 object</H2>
<H3>How to get to this page:</H3>
   <LI> Login to SLOP using an account with administrator privledges
   <LI> Once logged in, select one of your Checkpoint Firewall-1 objects
        to work with
   <LI> After you have selected an object and are in the main interface,
        click the <B>Administration page</B> link under the Internet
        Security banner.  If you do not see this link, you are not
        logged in with an administrator account.
   <LI> On the administration page, click the "Modify object" link.

<H3>Modifying a firewall-1 object:</H3>

Select the object you want to modify and click the "Select object"
button.  On the next page the object you selected is displayed in a HTML
form, allowing you to edit the fields, which are described as follows:
   <LI> (notice you cannot edit the company - once set this must either
        be modified in the database, or deleted and re-created through the
        web interface)
   <LI> <B>Firewall name</B>: A descriptive name for the firewall.
   <LI> <B>Firewall description</B>: A more detailed description of what
        this firewall object is(maybe physical location, date installed, 
   <LI> <B>Public IP address</B>: This is "virtual" CLM IP address on the 
        logging server which is used by the firewall as it\'s logging
   <LI> <B>Logging server</B>: This dropdown will let you select the
        logging server that the firewall is using.  If for some reason 
	the logging server you are using is not listed, a new log server 
	object can be created from the administration page.
When you\'re done making changes, click the "Submit changes" button.
SLOP will then verify that the entered information name is acceptable
and notify you of success or failure.

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