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<H2>SLOP Help: How to install a firewall-1 object</H2>

There are three basic steps which need you need to do to add a firewall
object to SLOP.  These steps follow, linking to pages which provide
detailed steps on accomplishing each one.  The steps must be relatively
done in order, as the later steps require objects created in the primary

   <LI><A HREF="admin_add_customer">
       Add customer</A>  If this is a new customer who does not yet have
       any objects in SLOP, you must first create a customer record.
   <LI><A HREF="admin_add_user">
       Add user</A> Once a customer record is created, at least one user
       record needs to be created so the customer can login.  If a user
       record has not been created for this company yet, do this next.
   <LI><A HREF="admin_add_fw_1_object">
       Add firewall object</A> After customer and user records have been 
       created, you can now create the actual firewall object itself.
After these steps are accomplished, the automated back end will pull
down any logs from the log server during the next processing cycle.

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