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<!-- object_type: admin object_action: delete_object -->

<H2>SLOP Help: deleting an object</H2>
<H3>How to get to this page:</H3>
   <LI> Login to SLOP using an account with administrator privledges
   <LI> Once logged in, select one of your Checkpoint Firewall-1 objects
        to work with
   <LI> After you have selected an object and are in the main interface,
        click the <B>Administration page</B> link under the Internet
        Security banner.  If you do not see this link, you are not
        logged in with an administrator account.
   <LI> On the administration page, click the "Delete object" link.

<H3>Deleting an object:</H3>

There\'s not much to this.  Select the object you want to delete and
click the "Select object" button.  Selected object will be deleted.
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