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SENAYAN 3.0 stable

Core Senayan Developer :
Hendro Wicaksono - hide@address.com
Arie Nugraha - hide@address.com

STABLE 5 - Tuesday, 2008-06-20
- Improvement in javascript codes
- Template file and CSS refinements
- Improvement in record detail for showing item list and its due date
- Improvement on bootstrap file (index.php) behaviour
- Added new template "blue" by Eddy Subratha
- Improvement holiday count in overdue
- Added new Implementation of overdue grace periode for circulation
- Bug fixed on backup proccess for wrong paging library inclusion
- Update in translation by Wardiyono (hide@address.com)
- Added new version information
- Improvement in AJAX handling for drop down box
- Added New Grace Periode for overdue on circulation
- Added New Language selection in OPAC
- Added New OPAC template "blue" by Eddy Subratha
- Improvement in default templates

STABLE 4 - Monday, 2008-05-09
- Added New Multi-language support
- Fixed bug in paging
- Improved login sessions handling
- Fixed bug when search at overdue list on circulation module

STABLE 3 - Monday, 2008-03-25
- Fixed bug in changing user profile for administrator
- Fixed bug in overdue warnings at admin home page for not showing the right counts
- Fixed bug on sessions timeout handling
- Fixed bug on upload error because of filename contain single or double quote characters
- Fixed bug on checking ID field for showing FORBIDDEN ACCESS when others computer trying set ID Field in form
- Fixed bug on print counters for Label Prints and Item Barcodes Print
- Fixed bug in deleting collection type
- Fixed bug in string handling
- Added new in Circulation transaction, Fines values automatically displayed in Loan List, without having to return
  or extend loan first
- Added new Subject, Series Title in OPAC's Record Detail
- Added new in OPAC's Record Detail, Each Author Name and Subject Term are hyperlinked to related document
- Added new master file document language
- Added new expired member list in membership module
- Added new improvement in security handling
- Added new authority level for Author and Topic/Subject
- Added new improvement on bibliographic import and export tools
- Added new improvement on stock take modules

STABLE 2 - Friday, 2008-03-22
- Fixed bug in changing user profile for empty password
- Fixed bug in record detail for not showing GMD/Medium data
- Fixed bug in green OPAC template
- Fixed bug in Reporting module at Membership section
- Fixed bug in login proccess for User that belongs to any User Group
- Fixed bug in System Logs's searching
- Fixed bug in Stock Take's searching 
- Added new overdue warnings at admin home page
- Added new warnings for ON LOAN or INVALID item code
- Added new Detail for stock take history

Feature related :
- New built-in system logs.
- New features and bugs fixed on templating system.
- New Document Labels printing on "bibliographic" module, based on Call Number.
- New Item barcode generator printing on "bibliographic" module.
- New Partial stock taking proccess on "stock_take" module.
- New overdue detail in Overdue list on "circulation" module.
- New Item Status mode allow you to set certain action for some Item Status, such as "Loan Forbid".
- New Login Session timeout.
- Few new options in global configuration options.
- Warning system in admin home for some application settings.
- Bugs fixed on "master_file" module.
- Bugs fixed on "stock_take" module.
- Bugs fixed on "system" module.
- Bugs fixed on security issues.
- Bugs fixed on many part of circulation module.
- Added "Location" and "Availaibility" field in OPACs record detail.
- Added "location" field for advanced search in OPAC to narrow search scope in specific location.
- Added "size" option in Barcode generator.

Database related :
- Added new "member_since_date" field in "member" table.
- Added new "source" field in "item" table.
- Added new "report_file" field in "stock_take" table.
- New table "system_log" in database for storing system logs.
- "publish_place" field changed to "publish_place_id" (foreign key to mst_place table) field in "biblio" table.
- Re-ordering of "input_date" and "last_update" fields in "biblio" table.
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