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- See the INSTALL.txt for more information.

- Selling Made Simple is an open source shopping cart platform.
- Selling Made Simple is still in the aplha phase and should NOT be used for production enviroments.

- Inspiration from CMS Made Simple (www.cmsmadesimple.org)
- Certain ideas of Smarty plugins from CMS Made Simple (www.cmsmadesimple.org)
- Country flags/SQL dump taken from OSCommerce (www.oscommerce.org)
- Some some styling/ideas/images from BakeSale (www.bakesalehq.com)
- Admin styling from MagentoCommerce (www.magnetocommerce.com)

Open Source Libraries Utilized Include:
- CakePHP
- Smarty
- SWFupload
- PHPthumb
- PHPmailer
- Scriptaculous
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