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///  phpThumb() by James Heinrich <hide@address.com>   //
//        available at http://phpthumb.sourceforge.net     ///

¤ = structure change or important new feature
* = less important new feature or change

v1.7.7 - December ??, 2006
  ¤ Added phpThumb.demo.gallery.php -- basic image gallery demo
  ¤ Added option for image watermark for anti-hotlinking. See
    phpThumb.config.php "nooffsitelink_watermark_src"
    (thanks rik_helsenØrad*be)
  ¤ Added config option "imagemagick_use_thumbnail" to control
    use of ImageMagick's "-thumbnail" command vs "-resize" (the
    former discards non-visible metadata, the latter retains it)
    Most times you want the smallest filesize so keep the default
    setting (imagemagick_use_thumbnail==true)
    (thanks niklasØmysticalgarden*se)
  * Bugfix [#1620056]: EnsureDirectoryExists() failed to create
    some directory structures  (thanks jeromyØlocallinux*com)
  * Bugfix [#1620056]: CleanUpCacheDirectory() would not purge
    files from subdirectories if (cache_directory_depth > 0)
    (thanks kingsquareØusers*sourceforge*net)
  * Bugfix: nooffsitelink_* broken when running on non-standard
    HTTP port  (thanks marianbucur17Øyahoo*com)

v1.7.6 - December 09, 2006
  ¤ Added "sia" (Save Image As) parameter to provide default
    filename when saving generated thumbnails
    (thanks web_mkØhotmail*com)
  ¤ Changed "lvl" filter parameters, and added option to choose
    between four different methods (two internal, two from
    ImageMagick). Added configurable threshold parameter.
    (thanks publicØwoktiny*com for code for new internal method)
  ¤ "wb" (White Balance) filter now processed by ImageMagick
  * Changed GD max source pixels to 1/6 (from 1/5) available
    memory, and changed SourceImageIsTooLarge() to account for
    already-used memory (if known)
  * More graceful error handling in object mode when source
    larger than PHP memory limit and ImageMagick unavailable
    (thanks djasonØdjason*com)
  * Added ImageMagickFormatsList()
  * CleanUpCacheDirectory() now also purges zero-byte orphan
    files left over from aborted thumbnailings
  * Bugfix [#1606069]: Changed default urlencoded space
    character from "+" to "%20"
  * Bugfix [#1608664]: "Unsupported operand types" in "wmi"
    filter (thanks haydurØhaydur*com; squidliberty)
  * Bugfix: debug mode now supports text output in all modes
  * Bugfix: ImageMagick creation attempted before GD creation
  * Bugfix: no longer fails silently if GD creation runs out of
  * Bugfix: poor alpha rendering from PNG to GIF with ImageMagick
  * Bugfix: "wb" filter had no effect when "lvl" filter applied
    in ImageMagick instead of GD

v1.7.5 - October 03, 2006
  ¤ Deprecated parameters "err", "file", "goto"
  ¤ Added broad cache directory feature (see phpThumb.config.php
    "cache_directory_depth") to spread cache files across many
    directories for improved performance and ability to store
    very large numbers (30000+) of cached files
    (thanks despoixØopenxtrem*com)
  ¤ phpThumb now follows HTTP redirects (status=302) to new
    HTTP image URLs (configurable: config_http_follow_redirect)
    (thanks shannahØsfu*ca)
  ¤ Added "rot" (ROTate) filter which is similar to "ra" parameter
    but now allows rotation of output of other filters (for
    example, rotate image after fltr[]=mask is applied)
    (thanks markØwoodjoint*ca)
  ¤ Added WBMP output support (built-in GD or via ImageMagick)
    (code was already mostly present, just was not allowed format)
  ¤ [#1567113] "wmi" filter now accepts both x and y margins
    and can be in pixels or percent of thumbnail dimensions
    (thanks squidlibertyØusers*sourceforge*net)
  * "hist" filter now accepts both X and Y margins
  * Added config variables: config_http_fopen_timeout = 10;
    config_http_follow_redirect = true
  * Changed MIME type for WBMP to image/vnd.wap.wbmp
  * Bugfix: Check for GD format support before attempting output
  * Bugfix: Opening HTTP source images with URL query parameters
    was broken (eg: http://host/show?id=123)
    (thanks ivo*beckersØinfopractica*nl)

v1.7.4 - August 17, 2006
  ¤ Improved version of /demo/phpThumb.demo.showpic.php uses
    phpThumb.php so any filters can be applied, as well as
    resized image popups.
    New file: /demo/javascript_api.js
    Uses Javascript API by James Austin <jamesdozØhotmail*com>
  ¤ Added "sfn" (Source Frame Number) parameter to specify
    source frame in multi-frame/multi-page source formats, such
    as GIF, TIFF, PDF, etc  (thanks despoixØopenxtrem*com)
  ¤ Added "dpi" (Dots Per Inch) parameter to specify
    rasterising resolution for vector source formats (PDF, WMF)
    (requires ImageMagick)  (thanks despoixØopenxtrem*com)
  * Added /demo/phpThumb.demo.object.simple.php
  * Added debug points inside GenerateThumbnail
  * Explicit error message for unsupported PDF source images
  * Bugfix: SafeURLread broken with GETstring parameters in
    fsockopen mode
  * Bugfix: [#1540523] CleanUpCacheDirectory() does not delete
    files as expected  (thanks patricksleeØusers*sourceforge*net)
  * Bugfix: added useful error message when no source specified
    in object mode  (thanks infoØdoepud*co*uk)
  * Bugfix: timeout value ignored in URLreadFsock()
  * Bugfix: timeout missing in SafeURLread CURL part
  * Bugfix: ImageMagick now checked with --version (not -version)
  * Bugfix: better ImageMagick (numeric) version number matching
  * Bugfix: noGD errors showing up when GD imagecreate functions
    fail and ImageMagick not available
    (thanks caseyyØgmail*com)
  * Bugfix: "-thumbnail" parameter not present in older versions
    of ImageMagick, now using -resize if -thumbnail unavailable
    (thanks atombomb96Øbtopenworld*com)
  * Bugfix: "-resize" parameter requires explicit dimensions
    ("100x100" instead of "100x") in older ImageMagick versions
    (thanks atombomb96Øbtopenworld*com)
  * Bugfix: phpThumb crashed with no output if ImageMagick failed
    to resize but output image larger than max_source_pixels
    (thanks atombomb96Øbtopenworld*com)
  * Bugfix: phpThumb might die with no output on some large source
    images when ImageMagick unavailable.
    (thanks atombomb96Øbtopenworld*com)

v1.7.3 - July 11, 2006
  * Now returns useful message for HTTP sources if 404-file-
    not-found (or similar) errors occur
  * Added new fsockopen() section in SafeURLread()
  * Removed PNG alpha warning for IE 7 (alpha PNGs now work)
  * Bugfix: ImageMagick failing version check and dumping text
    output  (thanks infoØdevsystem*net)
  * Bugfix: curl_exec failing with text output
    (thanks infoØdevsystem*net)
  * Bugfix: workaround for PHP Bug #36102 (fopen(http) crash
    in PHP v4.4.2
  * Bugfix: "Unknown image type identified by..." problem when
    opening http:// source images
    (thanks webmasterØdanceage*com)

v1.7.2 - June 22, 2006
  ¤ [#1256693] Added $this->exif_raw_data which is returned
    data from exif_read_data() on source image.
    Requires PHP v4.2.0+  (thanks tebiØusers*sourceforge*net)
  ¤ Added $this->outputImageData and RenderOutput() to allow
    easy outputting of thumbnail data to a database or such.
    Call RenderOutput() instead of RenderToFile() and then
    access raw data in $this->outputImageData
    (thanks r*cremerØswitch*nl)
  ¤ Added 'crop' filter, which is applied after resizing (as
    opposed to sx,sy,sw,sh which are before resizing)
    (thanks scottØscottjehl*com)
  * Enable creating new images with PATH_INFO style call
    (thanks edenØinstyleit*com*au)
  * Added warning message to encourage users not to use
    full HTTP paths for "src" parameter
  * Added fallback 'preg_quote' to phpthumb.functions.php in
    case your PHP installation does not have preg_* functions
    (thanks mortenØemeskay*dk)
  * Added fallback 'imagesavealpha' if GD < v2.0.1
    (thanks oliver*heegerØweb*de)
  * Added fallback 'imagealphablending' if GD < v2.0.1
    (thanks oliver*heegerØweb*de)
  * Added 'nocache' parameter that suppresses writing to cache
    file, but only if high_security_enabled is set
    (thanks federicoØdonelleschi*com)
  * Attempt to detect supported ImageMagick features
    (thanks simonØjapancentre*com)
  * Added temp dir detection to phpThumb.demo.check.php
  * Added ImageMagick dir to phpThumb.demo.check.php
  * Added ImageMagick features to phpThumb.demo.check.php
  * Default (config_allow_src_above_docroot = true) when PHP
    running in "cli" mode  (thanks flobeeØgmail*com)
  * Bugfix: [#1470791] 'iar' not working properly with
    ImageMagick  (thanks w1xØusers*sourceforge*net)
  * Bugfix: [#1498564] illegal characters in cache filenames
    (thanks carl-evertØusers*sourceforge*net)
  * Bugfix: 'sx','sy','sw','sh','zc' cache parameters broken
    (thanks federicoØdonelleschi*com)
  * Bugfix: 'config_max_source_pixels' incorrectly handled
    (thanks oliver*heegerØweb*de)
  * Bugfix: 'aoe' not working properly
    (thanks w1xØusers*sourceforge*net)
  * Bugfix: setParameter() was broken for arrays
  * Bugfix: setSourceFilename() wasn't setting 'src'
  * Bugfix: suppress stat()-related file permission
    notices  (thanks lanceØmainecoastdesign*com)
  * Bugfix: image format now initialized during ErrorImage()
  * Bugfix: domain matching now case-insensitive
  * Bugfix: some versions of ImageMagick not detected
    (thanks arvidØfys*ku*dk)
  * Bugfix: sometimes no image returned in safe_mode
    (thanks bkainersØgmail*com)
  * Bugfix: 'far' not always handled correctly
    (thanks matthew*newtonØrealworldweb*com)
  * Bugfix: PATH_INFO method not working if no filters specified
    (thanks jjimenezØpracticaldata*com)
  * Bugfix: first (internal) call to ImageMagickVersion() failed
    under Windows
  * Bugfix: Images source-cropped AND resized with ImageMagick were
    wrong size (cropped size, not resized size)
    (thanks joao*saleiroØwebfuel*pt)
  * Bugfix: stat() warnings in CleanUpCacheDirectory()
    (thanks christianØhss-haage*de)
  * Bugfix: $PHPTHUMB_DEFAULTS not working when no other processing
    parameters specified  (thanks tbittnersØcox*net)

v1.7.1 - March 16, 2006
  * /demo/phpThumb.demo.check.php now checks:
    - server software
    - local and master config values (with ini_get and
      get_cfg_var respectively)  (thanks nEUTRonØgmx*tm)
    - existance of assorted PHP functions and explains their
  * Bugfix: config_error_die_on_error now defaults to FALSE to
    prevent object-mode errors dying in an error image
    (thanks moshØtobt*de; riteshgupta1974Øgmail*com)
  * Bugfix: setParameter() now handles array parameters (such
    as 'fltr') by appending $value to $parameter
  * Bugfix: /demo/phpThumb.demo.check.php incorrect CURL value
    under PHP5  (thanks nEUTRonØgmx*tm)
  * Bugfix: [#1439110] Limit fread() calls to 8kB
    (see http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=35859)
    (thanks andig2Øusers*sourceforge*net)
  * Bugfix: Prevent RenderToFilename() from trying to render
    to URLs  (thanks Tim*MasseyØitrm*co*uk)
  * Bugfix: [#1438657] missing path in phpThumbURL()
    (thanks terracesØusers*sourceforge*net)
  * Bugfix: zoomcrop was broken for non-square output
    (thanks alisonØsemidivine*com, federicoØdonelleschi*com)
  * Bugfix: suppress error messages when stat access to temp
    dir is disabled  (thanks rfineØvnuinc*com)
  * Bugfix: ImageMagick processing was broken for source
    images of types not supported by GetImageSize
    (thanks rfineØvnuinc*com)

v1.7.0 - February 15, 2006
  ¤ ImageMagick output is used directly far more frequently
    for much improved speed and minor quality improvement.
  ¤ ImageMagick now processes most of the image filters if
    possible (will fall back to GD methods if unavailable)
  ¤ GD support is now optional if ImageMagick is installed.
    Known limitations include:
    - no support for HTTP source images
    - ICO output is buggy (in some ImageMagick versions)
    - most &fltr[] filters don't work at all
    - 'ar', 'ra', 'far' don't work
  ¤ Added output support for ICO (icon) format (&f=ico).
    Currently only supports single-image icons, but multi-
    resolution support may be added in future versions
    New file: phpthumb.ico.php
  ¤ Added output support for BMP (bitmap) format (&f=bmp).
    Currently only supports 24-bit RGB format (for simplicity)
  ¤ Added new configuration & compatability checker
    New file: demo/phpThumb.demo.check.php
  * ImageMagick-generated thumbnails now have extra hidden
    contents (EXIF data, etc) stripped (by using -thumbnail
    instead of -resize) resulting in smaller filesizes
  * Added background fill color, opacity and extent options to
    'wmt' filter  (thanks craigØpc-fanatics*com)
  * Added metacharacter (^*) support for 'wmt', currently:
    source filesize in bytes (^Fb), kB (^Fk), MB (^Fm),
    source image width (^X), source image height (^Y),
    thumbnail width (^x), thumbnail height (^y) and caret (^^)
    (Feature Request #1357815)
    (thanks ticklemeozmoØusers*sourceforge*net)
  * Moved ImageDestroy call from OutputThumbnail to end of
    phpThumb.php to allow multiple calls to OutputThumbnail
  * Added config_http_user_agent for site with browsersniffers
    (thanks redrobØgmail*com)
  * Added $PHPTHUMB_CONFIG['disable_pathinfo_parsing'] (default
    false) which disables parsing $_SERVER[PATH_INFO] for
    parameters. If you want to parse PATH_INFO, set to false
  * Added $PHPTHUMB_CONFIG['disable_imagecopyresampled'] (default
    false) which replaces ImageCopyResampled with
    ImageCopyResampleBicubic for buggy PHP-GD versions
    (thanks g*pelagattiØnetface*it)
  * Added $PHPTHUMB_CONFIG['cache_prefix'] to allow sharing of
    cache files across virtual servers (Feature Request #1395332)
    (thanks doggyfrØusers*sourceforge*net)
  * Added $PHPTHUMB_CONFIG['disable_onlycreateable_passthru'] with
    default=true (increased speed) to allow direct passthru of
    images that don't have GD support. (Feature Request #1396446)
    (thanks zedboyØusers*sourceforge*net)
  * Removed $PHPTHUMB_CONFIG['cache_differentiate_offsite'] because
    it is now automatically tied in with nooffsitelink_enabled
    (thanks doggysworldØlibertysurf*fr)
  * Removed phpThumb.demo.cacheconvert2.php
  * Debug messages are now passed back from filters
  * $PHPTHUMB_CONFIG['cache_source_filemtime_ignore_remote'] now
    defaults to true for much-improved cached performance
    (thanks redrobØgmail*com)
  * $PHPTHUMB_CONFIG['cache_differentiate_offsite'] now defaults
    to false
  * Added $PHPTHUMB_DEFAULTS['ar']='x' to phpThumb.config.php.default
  * Added ImageDestroy($this->gdimg_source) to GenerateThumbnail()
    to save memory before applying image filters
  * gd_info() no longer member of phpthumb_functions
  * cache files now default to using SERVER_NAME without 'www.'
  * phpUnsharpMask::applyUnsharpMask() should be faster under PHP5 by
    using ImageFilter(IMG_FILTER_GAUSSIAN_BLUR) when radius==1
  * Added alternate CURL method for HTTP source images if
    allow_url_fopen is disabled  (thanks webweberØmotiondraw*com)
  * Replaced $this->osslash with DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR constant
  * Bugfix: [#1398327] 'new' got broken (1x1 images)
  * Bugfix: [#1412552] HTTP source images with special characters were
      not getting urlencoded
  * Bugfix: ImageSaveAlpha errors on GD v2.0.0
  * Bugfix: phpThumbDebug now entirely disabled if high_security=true
  * Bugfix: source images with transparency lost transparency when
    rotated  (thanks roalklØyahoo*com)
  * Bugfix: square source images were not resized when only (w|h)(p|l)
    parameters passed
  * Bugfix: source images are passed through unmodified in more cases
  * Bugfix: ImageMagick not used on systems where it exists outside
    defined open_basedir
  * Bugfix: ImageMagickVersion() now returns correct versionstring
  * Bugfix: ImageMagick warnings no longer cause ImageMagick to fail
  * Bugfix: ErrorImage no longer fatal to phpThumbDebug
  * Bugfix: "Array to string conversion" in foreach($a as $v) loops
    (thanks zeeshanØtargetedmedia*co*uk)
  * Bugfix: safe mode warnings in ImageCreateFromStringReplacement
    (thanks adminØalex-home*net)
  * Bugfix: nooffsitelink broken if !nooffsitelink_require_refer
    (thanks depronØgmx*net)
  * Bugfix: phpThumb failed when magic_quotes_runtime=true
    (thanks stansawyerØyahoo*com)
  * Bugfix: several issues with HTTP image sources
    (thanks redrobØgmail*com)
  * Bugfix: phpThumb_tempnam() would return incomplete temp filenames
    under Windows, which may result in orphaned zero-byte temp files
    in C:\ if multiple drives exist

v1.6.2 - November 24, 2005
  ¤ Animated GIF output is now possible if ImageMagick is
    available and no filters (other than resize) are applied
    (thanks brandenbassØgmail*com for idea)
  * Added $PHPTHUMB_CONFIG['cache_force_passthru'] to work
    around cached-image-only-works-second-time issue
    (thanks yakoØ11y11*com)
  * Bugfix: black borders on some image edges
    (thanks atelierØdelirius*ch && chuckØcatalyststudio*com)
  * Bugfix: uncaught PHP warning in RenderToFile DebugMessage
  * Bugfix: allow phpThumbDebug in noGD PHP installations
  * Bugfix: 'hash' warning in high_security mode
    (thanks bernhardØwtf*at)
  * Bugfix: non-TTF rotated text watermarks now work (unrotated)
    with no warnings if ImageRotate is unavailable
    (thanks aparviaiØusers*sourceforge*net)

v1.6.1 - August 26, 2005
  ¤ Filters now use GD functions where available (using
    ImageFilter, only available in PHP v5.0.0+ with bundled
    version of GD). Enabled for: colorize, negative,
    grayscale, brightness, contrast, gaussian blur, selective
    blur, mean removal  (thanks donlaurØmac*com)
  ¤ Added config_prefer_imagemagick (defaults=true)
  ¤ Added phpthumb_filters::Grayscale()        'gray'
  ¤ Added phpthumb_filters::ReduceColorDepth() 'rcd'
  ¤ Added phpthumb_filters::Brightness()       'brit'
  ¤ Added phpthumb_filters::Contrast()         'cont'
  ¤ Added phpthumb_filters::Saturation()       'sat'
  ¤ Added phpthumb_filters::EdgeDetect()    'edge' [PHP5 only]
  ¤ Added phpthumb_filters::BlurGaussian()  'gblr' [PHP5 only]
  ¤ Added phpthumb_filters::BlurSelective() 'gblr' [PHP5 only]
  ¤ Added phpthumb_filters::MeanRemoval()   'mean' [PHP5 only]
  ¤ Added phpthumb_filters::Smooth()        'smth' [PHP5 only]
  * New timing debug info in phpThumbDebug
  * Added config_cache_differentiate_offsite
  * config_die_on_error now defaults to false
  * ResolveSource works better
  * cache filenames with 'fltr' parameters have changed
  * Filters now skip processing if amount=0 or similar
  * [#1263051] 'far' now accepts L,R,T,B,C as values giving
    alignment of left/right/top/bottom/center respectively.
    Old value of '1' defaults to centered
    (thanks webgrappaØusers*sourceforge*net)
  * Bugfix: RenderToFile() now fails properly when output format
    is unknown
  * Bugfix: PNG transparency wasn't working with 'far'
  * Bugfix: source images with EXIF thumbnails that differ in
    aspect ratio no longer use EXIF thumbnails as source unless
    no other options exist
  * Bugfix: setting 'src' with setParameter now invokes
    setSourceFilename to properly set $this->sourceFilename
    (thanks Gazou)
  * Bugfix: 'zc' had poor quality when used with ImageMagick
  * Bugfix: 'aoe' parameter broken when not using ImageMagick
    (thanks frankieali4Øhotmail*com)
  * Bugfix: fixed issue with symbolic links
    (thanks hornet136Øgmail*com)
  * Bugfix: config_max_source_pixels now defaults to same
    calculation as used in phpThumb.config.php
    (thanks vukshaØhotmail*com)
  * Bugfix: Offsite cached thumbnails no longer use unique
    referer (now either nothing or "_offsite")
    (thanks swaayeØyahoo*com)
  * Bugfix: "Unknown image type identified by “<?ph”" errors
    in some installations  (thanks frankieali4Øhotmail*com)

v1.6.0 - July 18, 2005
  ¤ Included new file phpThumb.demo.random.php to select a
    random image from a specified folder, optionally only
    landscape and/or portrait and/or square images, and to
    display it to phpThumb.php
    (thanks mikeØgdaymate*nl)
  ¤ Added /docs/phpthumb.faq.txt
  ¤ Added /demo/readme.demos.txt
  ¤ Added 'wp', 'hp', 'wl', 'hl', 'ws', 'hs' parameters for
    width and height of portrait, landscape and square
    images. This allows you to display any image aspect
    ratio at the size you want without knowing ahead of time
    whether the image is wide or tall.
    (thanks mikeØgdaymate*nl)
  ¤ phpThumb.php can now also be called by passing parameters
    in $_SERVER['PATH_INFO']. Please see phpthumb.readme.txt
    (thanks javierØguegue*net)
  ¤ MySQL data pulling configuration moved from phpThumb.php
    to phpThumb.config.php
  * "file" and "goto" parameters are now disabled by
    default (configurable in phpThumb.config.php but not
  * Cached files are now used from first instance, avoiding
    call to OutputThumbnail and preventing browser-side
    cache failure
  * Added config_allow_src_above_docroot (default=false) to
    prevent browsing filesystem outside document_root
    (thanks davidØint0x80*com)
  * Added config_allow_src_above_phpthumb (default=true) to
    prevent access to files except in subdirectories of
    phpThumb installation  (thanks davidØint0x80*com)
  * Added setParameter() and getParameter() functions
    (thanks werner*kraussØhallstatt*net)
  * SafeBackTick() renamed to SafeExec() and all execution
    functions are tried (exec, shell_exec, system, passthru)
    are tried in case one or more are disabled
    (thanks bkainersØgmail*com)
  * config_output_allow_enlarging has been removed from
    phpthumb.class.php, and 'output_allow_enlarging' has
    been removed from phpThumb.config.php
  * New default detection method for
  * Bugfix: inconsitant handling of boolean parameters
    passed "0" (isset vs !empty())  (thanks manniØzapto*de)
  * Bugfix: text watermarks now support multiple lines
    (thanks hanno*vandenbergØhccnet*nl)
  * Bugfix: suppress error message in
    (thanks srimandadapuØyahoo*com)
  * Bugfix: 'aoe' was ignored in object mode
    (thanks tonyØnylink*com)
  * Bugfix: ResolveFilenameToAbsolute() failed on non-
    existant filenames (file to be written, for example)
  * Bugfix: 'aoe' parameter was ignored in cache filename
    (thanks tonyØnylink*com)
  * Bugfix: non-TTF watermark text had inverted opacity
    scale. All 'wmt' is now 100=opaque, 0=transparent
    (thanks mailØmmjaeger*com)
  * Bugfix: cache file failed if document_root had
    trailing slash.  (thanks lovingloboØgmail*com)
  * Bugfix: [#1219422] Cache filename structure modified to
    avoid excessively long filenames (cache filenames are
    now limited to 142 characters + length of
    (thanks trungieØusers*sourceforge*net)
  * Bugfix: [#1211729] phpThumb.php fails to locate
    phpThumb.config.php if the two files are in the same
    directory but phpThumb.php is run through a sym link.
    (thanks allanbushØusers*sourceforge*net)

v1.5.4 - May 27, 2005
  * Security issue with passthrough addressed
    (thanks davidØint0x80*com)
  * 'wmt' now reads TTF fonts from the config font
    directory, or from anywhere if a path is specified in
    the font filename
    (thanks mailØmmjaeger*com)
  * Changed default error_die_on_source_failure to true in
  * Bugfix: Firefox (possibly other browsers) did not like
    the new (faster) cache retrieval method with Location
    header redirection if the cached filename does not have
    a recognized filename extension (.jpeg, .png, .gif).
    Cached images have therefore been renamed from *_jpeg to
    *.jpeg and the _qXX parameter has been removed for PNG
    and GIF output. Please use the included cache renamer:
    (thanks mailØmmjaeger*com)
  * Bugfix: Changed "Content-type" to "Content-Type" in all
    header calls
  * Bugfix: 'wmt' text opacity was broken
    (thanks mstuhuØweb*de)
  * Bugfix: variable name typo in phpThumb.demo.object.php
    (thanks mbØmarko-bischof*de)
  * Bugfix: no GD support for source image format now
    reported as such for remote images
    (thanks andgu842Østudent*liu*se)
  * Bugfix: very narrow images no longer produce Invalid
    Image Dimensions error  (thanks mailØmmjaeger*com)

v1.5.3 - May 4, 2005
  ¤ Added new filters:
    - 'wb' (White Balance) [ex: &fltr[]=wb|<c>]
      where <c> is the target hex color to white balance
      on, this color is what "should be" white, or light
      gray. The filter attempts to maintain brightness so
      any gray color can theoretically be used. If <c> is
      omitted the filter guesses based on brightest pixels
      in each of RGB
  ¤ Cached files are used by a Location header instead of
    being passed through phpThumb.php using readfile
    (thanks newtnØthrillnerds*com)
  * Added 'cache_source_filemtime_ignore_local' and
    'cache_source_filemtime_ignore_remote' configurations
    to ignore source modification and/or removal
    (thanks raynerapeØgmail*com)
  * Added 'md5s' parameter, which is the MD5 hash of the
    source image -- if this parameter is passed with the
    hash of the source image then the source image is not
    checked for existance or modification and the cached
    file is used (if available). If 'md5s' is passed an
    empty string then phpThumb.php dies and outputs the
    correct MD5 hash value.  This parameter is the single-
    file equivalent of 'cache_source_filemtime_ignore_*'
    configuration paramters  (thanks raynerapeØgmail*com)
  * Added /demo/phpThumb.demo.object.php
  * Unused parameter 'bgt' removed
  * Added empty /cache/source/ directory to distribution
  * Added /demo/ and /docs/ and /fonts/ directories
  * Set default config_use_exif_thumbnail_for_speed = false
  * Bugfix: Wrapped output buffering around all
    include_once calls to prevent headers getting sent
  * Bugfix: md5_file and imagecolorallocatealpha calls
    were undefined under PHP v4.1.x  (thanks tomØemile*com)
  * Bugfix: default 'f' parameter ('jpeg') overrode
    config_output_format in object mode
    (thanks mailØmmjaeger*com)
  * Bugfix: suppressed error message for IIS shell_exec
    errors  (thanks tomØemile*com)
  * Bugfix: Added PHP version check for stream_set_timeout
    for HTTP sources  (thanks raynerapeØgmail*com)
  * Bugfix: overlay margins of 0.5-1.0 cause invalid image
    dimensions error  (thanks mailØmmjaeger*com)
  * Bugfix: underlay margins were not working
    (thanks mailØmmjaeger*com)
  * Bugfix: [#1187735] EXIF thumbnails were incorrectly
    output to the browser directly if requested thumbnail
    exactly matched EXIF dimensions
    (thanks rebootØusers*sourceforge*net)

v1.5.2 - April 20, 2005
  ¤ phpThumb.config.php is renamed to
    phpThumb.config.php.default to prevent accidental
    overwriting. Please migrate your old settings to the new
    file, delete your old config and rename the default to
  ¤ Added new filters:
    - 'blur' (Blur) [ex: &fltr[]=blur|<radius>]
      where (0 < <radius> < 25) (default = 1)
      (thanks thoensiØnetcom*no for code)
    - 'hist' (Histogram)
      [ex: &fltr[]=hist|<b>|<c>|<w>|<h>|<a>|<o>|<m>]
      Where <b> is the color band(s) to display, from back
      to front (one or more of "rgba*" for Red Green Blue
      Alpha and Grayscale respectively);
      <c> is a semicolon-seperated list of hex colors to
      use for each graph band (defaults to FF0000, 00FF00,
      0000FF, 999999, FFFFFF respectively);
      <w> and <h> are the width and height of the overlaid
      histogram in pixels, or if <= 1 then percentage of
      source image width/height;
      <a> is the alignment (same as for "wmi" and "wmt");
      <o> is opacity from 0 to 100;
      <m> is the edge (and inter-tile) margin in percent
    - 'over' (OVERlay/underlay image) overlays an image on
      the thumbnail, or overlays the thumbnail on another
      image (to create a picture frame for example)
      [ex: &fltr[]=over|<i>|<u>|<m>|<o>]
      where <i> is the image filename; <u> is "0" (default)
      for overlay the image on top of the thumbnail or "1"
      for overlay the thumbnail on top of the image; <m> is
      the margin - can be absolute pixels, or if < 1 is a
      percentage of the thumbnail size [must be < 0.5]
      (default is 0 for overlay and 10% for underlay);
      <o> is opacity (0 = transparent, 100 = opaque)
      (thanks raynerapeØgmail*com, shabazz3Ømsu*edu)
    - 'gray' (GRAYscale) [ex: &fltr[]=gray]
      is an alias to 100% desaturation
  * New configuration 'cache_source_directory' allows the
    unprocessed source image to be cached when source is
    HTTP or from a database  (thanks raynerapeØgmail*com)
  * Added 'cache' subdirectory to phpThumb distribution
    since this is the default location for the cache
  * Default value for config_error_die_on_source_failure
    changed to true  (thanks shabazz3Ømsu*edu)
  * Added checks to make sure $this->gdimg_output is a
    resource before allowing calls to RenderToFile or
  * Better error messages when phpThumb.config.php missing
  * Bugfix: watermark overlay margins were wrong
  * Bugfix: 'lvl' filter no longer processes if not needed
  * Bugfix: off-server thumbnail error message was wrong
  * Bugfix: several PHP safe mode fixes
    (thanks virginiaØalertbutnotalarmed*com)
  * Bugfix: cache filenames broken for filter parameters
    with paths  (thanks srcericØusers.sourceforge.net)

v1.5.1 - April 06, 2005
  * Added some security upgrades:
    - 'config_*' parameters cannot be passed by GETstring
    - 'config_nooffsitelink_require_refer' is a new option
      (disabled by default) that only allows calls to
      phpThumb() from a refering domain listed in
    - disallowed paramters now generate an error image if
      present in the GETstring
    - 'high_security_enabled' if set to true enabled new
      mode of verification, and requires a small function
      to generate a hash for calls to phpThumb:
      echo '<img src="'.phpThumbURL('src=pic.jpg&w=50').'">';
      This function is supplied at the bottom of
      phpThumb.config.php  (thanks paulØstonie*co*uk)
  ¤ Added new parameter "new" (phpThumb.php only) which can
    create a new image without using "src" parameter. Set
    "&new=<b>|<o>" where <b> is the background hex color,
    <o> is (optional) opacity (0=transparent, 100=opaque).
    (thanks mailØmmjaeger*com)
  ¤ Added new filters:
    - 'sep' (Sepia) [ex: &fltr[]=sep|<value>|<color>]
      where <value> is a number between 0 and 100 for the
      amount of colorization (default=50), and <color> is
      the hex color to colorize to (default=A28065).
      (thanks mailØmmjaeger*com)
    - 'lvl' (Levels) [ex: &fltr[]=lvl|<channel>|<min>|<max>
      where <channel> can be one of 'r', 'g', 'b', 'a' (for
      Red, Green, Blue, Alpha respectively), or '*' for all
      channels based on average grayscale value (default).
      <min> and <max> are the clip points for the levels
      (range = 0-255) and are set to clip 0.1% of each end
      by default. Use -1 for min and/or max to invoke auto-
      detect mode. Using default parameters (&fltr[]=lvl)
      is similar to Auto Contrast in Adobe Photoshop.
  * Bugfix: Image MIME header was incorrect for cached
  * Bugfix: Cache was broken for images pulled from a
    database in phpThumb.php
    (thanks dragutin*cvetkovicØdragontech-ltd*com)
  * Bugfix: Hotlink/Offsite prevention was broken when
    image was already cached.
  * Bugfix: ImageMagick path was incorrect in some cases
    (thanks joshgØtwcny*rr*com)
  * Bugfix: ProportionalResize() in phpthumb.functions.php
    had a broken check for default values
    (thanks Bert*ClaeysØarinso*com)
  * Bugfix: transparency now preserved for GIF & PNG input
    (thanks tristanØcyrax*ch)
  * Bugfix: transparency now supported for GIF output
    (thanks j_ivanovØabv*bg)
  * Bugfix: alpha transparency could be lost in ApplyMask()
    (thanks analyzerxØgmail*com)
  * Bugfix: errors on 16/32-bit BMPs
    (thanks mattØhellstrominc*com)
  * Bugfix: Added datestamp to cached filenames for remote
    (HTTP) files, and better warning for caching
    (thanks a*gambinoØabramo*it)
  * Faster BMP parsing  (thanks sgeppertØmail*utexas*edu)
  * Added 'error_die_on_source_failure' configuration to
    allow invalid source images to show an error rather
    than output unmodified source image.
    (thanks mindpixelØgmail*com)
  * Added $phpThumb->fatalerror which will contain the
    text of the fatal error if 'error_die_on_error' is
    false.  (thanks mindpixelØgmail*com)

v1.5.0 - February 4, 2005
  * Added new filter parameter 'fltr' that is an array and
    can apply multiple effects in sequence. Current filters
    that can be called are:
    - 'gam' (Gamma Correction) [ex: &fltr[]=gam|<value>]
      where <value> can be a number >0 to 10+ (default 1.0)
    - 'ds' (DeSaturate) [ex: &fltr[]=ds|<value>]
      where <value> is a number between zero (no change)
      and 100 (complete desaturation -- grayscale), or it
      can be a negative number for saturation boost.
      (thanks mailØmmjaeger*com)
    - 'clr' (Colorize) [ex: &fltr[]=clr|<value>|<color>]
      where <value> is a number between 0 and 100 for the
      amount of colorization, and <color> is the hex color
      to colorize to.  (thanks mailØmmjaeger*com)
    - 'neg' (Negative) [ex: &fltr[]=neg]
      inverts the color
    - 'th' (ThresHold) [ex: &fltr[]=th|<val>] (range 0-255)
      every grayscale pixel brighter than <val> is set to
      white, every darker pixel is set to black
      (thanks mailØmmjaeger*com)
    - 'usm' (UnSharpMask) [ex: &fltr[]=usm|<a>|<r>|<t>]
      where <a> is the amount (default = 80), <r> is the
      radius (default = 0.5), <t> is the threshold
      (default = 3).
    - 'wmi' (WaterMarkImage)
      [ex: &fltr[]=wmi|<f>|<a>|<o>|<m>] where <f> is the
      filename of the image to overlay, <a> is the
      alignment (one of BR, BL, TR, TL, C, R, L, T, B, *
      where B=bottom, T=top, L=left, R=right, C=centre,
      *=tile), <o> is opacity from 0 to 100, <m> is the
      edge (and inter-tile) margin in percent
    - 'wmt' (WaterMarkText)
      [ex: &fltr[]=wmt|<t>|<s>|<a>|<c>|<f>|<o>|<m>|<n>]
      <t> is the text to use as a watermark,
      <s> is the font size (1-5 for built-in font, or point
        size for TrueType fonts),
      <a> is the alignment (one of BR, BL, TR, TL, C, R, L,
        T, B, * where B=bottom, T=top, L=left, R=right,
        C=centre, *=tile),
      <c> is the hex color of the text
      <f> is the filename of the TTF file (optional, if
        omitted a built-in font will be used)
      <o> is opacity from 0 to 100,
      <m> is the edge (and inter-tile) margin in percent
      <n> is the angle
      (thanks mailØmmjaeger*com)
    - 'flip' [ex: &fltr[]=flip|x   or   &fltr[]=flip|y]
      flip image on X or Y axis
      (thanks mailØmmjaeger*com)
    - 'elip' [ex: &fltr[]=elip]
      similar to rounded corners but more extreme
      (thanks mailØmmjaeger*com)
    - 'mask' [ex: &fltr[]=mask|filename.png]
      greyscale values of mask are applied as the alpha
      channel to the main image. White is opaque, black
      is transparent.
    - 'bvl' (BeVeL) [ex: &fltr[]=bvl|<w>|<c1>|<c2>]
      where <w> is the bevel width, <c1> is the hex color
      for the top and left shading, <c2> is the hex color
      for the bottom and right shading
      (thanks mailØmmjaeger*com)
    - 'fram' (FRAMe) draws a frame, similar to border but
      more configurable  (thanks mailØmmjaeger*com)
      [ex: &fltr[]=fram|<w1>|<w2>|<c1>|<c2>|<c3>]
      where <w1> is the width of the main border, <w2> is
      the width of each side of the bevel part, <c1> is the
      hex color of the main border, <c2> is the highlight
      bevel color, <c3> is the shadow bevel color
    - 'drop' (DROP shadow)
      [ex: &fltr[]=drop|<d>|<w>|<clr>|<a>]
      where <d> is distance from image to shadow, <w> is
      width of shadow fade (not yet implemented), <clr> is
      the hex color of the shadow, and <a> is the angle of
      the shadow (default=225)
    - 'ric' (Rounded Image Corners)
      [ex: &fltr[]=ric|<x>|<y>]
      where <x> is the horizontal corner radius,
      <y> is the vertical corner radius
  * Split out filter functions into phpthumb.filters.php
  * 'usa','usr','ust' parameters have been removed and
    replaced with the 'fltr' call (see above)
  * 'wmf','wma','wmp','wmm' parameters have been removed
    and replaced with the 'fltr' call (see above)
  * 'brx','bry','bw' parameters have been removed
    and replaced with the 'fltr' call (see above)
  * 'bw=0' to force aspect ratio has been replaced by
    'far=1' (force aspect ratio)
  * Filters that produce transparent sections (such as
    Rounded Corners, Ellipse, Mask, Rotate) are now output
    as 32-bit/alpha PNG, or flattened with "bg" background
    color for JPEG/GIF output  (thanks mailØmmjaeger*com)
  * Added 'zc' (Zoom Crop) parameter
    (thanks arcookeØgmail*com, mailØmmjaeger*com,
    pl16056Ømacnews*de, kezzasmØusers*sourceforge*net, etc)
  * AutoRotate now can use EXIF orientation tag ('ar=x')
  * Added 'ttf_directory' configuration parameter for
    TrueType watermarks  (thanks mailØmmjaeger*com)
  * Added "Last-Modified" header to cache portion of
    phpThumb.php which should allow better user-side
    caching of thumbnails.  (thanks derekØnetsimple*net)
  * Added 'cache_disable_warning' configuration which will
    cause an error image to be displayed if the cache
    directory isn't configured, unless explicitly disabled
  * Added 'nooffsitelink_enabled' configuration which
    prevents linking to thumbnails on your server from
    another domain. Defaults to watermaking linked images
    with text warning message.
    (thanks anteØabstraktmedia*com)
  * Added 'error_image_width' & 'error_image_height'
    config variables  (thanks mailØmmjaeger*com)
  * Rounded image corners now requires GD v2.0.1 and PHP
    v4.3.2. Corners are transparent (for PNG output) and
  * Rotate by arbitary angle ('ra') now has a transparent
    background for PNG output
  * Cached filenames now have an additional component for
    applied filters
  * Cached filenames now have an additional component for
    HTTP referer, but only if the refering domain does not
    match the domain of the server (designed to prevent
    imaged linked from offsite with error message being
    cached the same as the local cached version)
  * Added setSourceImageResource() to allow use of an
    existing GD image resource for thumbnailing
    (thanks danØgonmad*co*uk)
  * Now including phpThumb.demo.demo1.php (main demo page)
    and phpThumb.demo.demo2.php (configurable demo page)
    in the phpThumb() distribution
    (thanks mailØmmjaeger*com)
  * Added many more debugging/tracing message points
  * Added set_time_limit(30) to phpThumb.php
  * Bugfix: ImageMagick not used if `which convert` points
    to a link and not a file  (thanks bkainersØgmail*com)
  * Bugfix: 'bgt' parameter was sometimes misspelled 'bct'
  * Bugfix: 'wmm' couldn't be set to zero
  * Bugfix: 'wmm' parameter was only applied to top/left of
  * Bugfix: auto-detection of document_root failed on
    Windows  (thanks xbartvØhotmail*com)
  * Bugfix: phpThumbDebug could be bypassed if EXIF
    thumbnail present  (thanks olgradinØcheckfree*com)
  * Bugfix: cache file wasn't being written if EXIF data
    was used directly  (thanks olgradinØcheckfree*com)
  * Bugfix: phpThumb.demo.showpic.php was broken by popup
    blockers for images larger than the screen.
    (thanks mailØmmjaeger*com)

v1.4.11 - October 11, 2004
  * Changed sx/sy/sw/sh parameters to allow decimal values
    (>0 but <1) to represent percent of source image
    (thanks mordorØdefault*co*yu)
  * Added config_error_silent_die_on_error for no-output
    die on fatal errors (thanks johannesØformformat*se)
  * Added auto-detection of probable 'document_root' if
    that key is not available in $_SERVER
  * Bugfix: Check `which convert` failing with error
    message (thanks chadØchadshome*com)
  * Bugfix: Image cropping to invalid areas outside source
    image caused text output (thanks mordorØdefault*co*yu)

v1.4.10 - August 22, 2004
  * Bugfix: cached files not written in most cases
    (thanks kizerØcourtkizer*com, snuffØinbox*ru)
  * Bugfix: ApacheLookupURIarray() crashes in CGI mode
    (thanks hanskrentelØyahoo*de)
  * Bugfix: phpthumb_bmpfile2gd() was broken
    (thanks iØmindlace*net)

v1.4.9 - August 9, 2004
  * Bugfix: changed destination filename in RenderToFile()
    (thanks alextkØwalla*com)
  * Bugfix: problems with HTTP image source when called as
    an object (thanks alextkØwalla*com)

v1.4.8 - August 4, 2004
  * $this->error has changed to $this->errors and is now
    an array of strings (instead of a single string)
  * A lot more error conditions (invalid cache directory,
    etc) are now reported in $this->errors
    (thanks aidan*slingsbyØlineone*net)
  * Removed all define(CONSTANT) in the phpThumb()
    constructor - you can now access:
    - PHPTHUMB_VERSION   == $this->phpthumb_version;
    - PHPTHUMB_OSSLASH   == $this->osslash;
    - PHPTHUMB_ISWINDOWS == $this->iswindows;
  * Bugfix: Error message from apache_lookup_uri() failing
    under Apache2 now reported cleanly
    (thanks derbaffØyahoo*com)
  * Bugfix: missing phpthumb_functions:: class name for
    ImageTypeToMIMEtype() call in ExtractEXIFgetImageSize()
    (thanks aidan*slingsbyØlineone*net)
  * Bugfix: ImageTypeToMIMEtype() was broken for PHP older
    than v4.3.0  (thanks georg*schreiberØbatch-pc*es)
  * Bugfix: RenderToFile() now returns false if it fails
    (thanks phpthumbØsendthemtomir*com)
  * Bugfix: Corrupt JPEG/PNG/GIF files that failed
    ImageCreateFrom*() were not being passed to ImageMagick
    for fallback, nor passed through unmodified if IM was
    unavailable or failed  (thanks r*chongØmogenic*net)
  * Bugfix: Improved backtick safe-mode limit detection
    (thanks 1Øadamcarrington*com)
  * Bugfix: EXIF thumbnails were being used as source when
    they should not be  (thanks aidan*slingsbyØlineone*net)
  * Bugfix: Cached files were not being created or used
    properly  (thanks aidan*slingsbyØlineone*net)
  * Bugfix: max_source_pixels not set correct on some PHP
    versions  (thanks derbaffØyahoo*com)
  * Bugfix: 'down' parameter ignored for unprocessed and
    cached files  (thanks aidan*slingsbyØlineone*net)

v1.4.7 - July 27, 2004
  * Included a modified version of "module.graphic.bmp.php"
    from getID3() [http://getid3.sourceforge.net] as
    "phpthumb.bmp.php" for BMP reading support without
    ImageMagick. It works, but it's *very* slow, especially
    for large images (as in 640x480 or larger).
  * Added check to prevent error messages when shell_exec
    is disabled (thanks webmasterØneester*com)

v1.4.6 - July 22, 2004
  * Added new section to phpthumb.config.php where you can
    easily specify defaults for any parameter you can set
    in the URL. Normally URL parameters override these
    default values, unless you set
  * Renamed phpthumb.config.php to phpThumb.config.php
    since it's part of phpThumb.php, not part of
    phpthumb.class.php (change of case only, will not
    affect Windows servers, but will affect *nix)
  * Changed cached filename of rawImageData-source images
    from urlencode('') to md5(rawImageData). This should
    make caching thumbnails from non-file sources more
  * Added ImageMagick debugging information
  * Removed unneccesary default values from cached
    filenames. This may invalidate some previously cached
    files. phpthumb.demo.cacheconvert.php has been updated
    to handle v1.4.1-1.4.5 => v1.4.6+ cache filenames.
  * Bugfix: Cached filename did not have file-modified
    datestamp when used as implmented in phpThumb.php
  * Bugfix: RenderToFile() now accepts relative filenames
    (thanks aidan*slingsbyØlineone*net)
  * Bugfix: AllowOutputEnlargment setting was ignored when
    falling back to ImageMagick
  * Bugfix: IgnoreAspectRatio setting was ignored when
    falling back to ImageMagick
  * Bugfix: config_temp_directory was ignored in gd_info()
    in PHP < v4.3.0 when phpinfo() returns no GD
    information (due to safe mode restrictions)
    (thanks mimyrtekØmyrtek*com)

v1.4.5 - June 28, 2004
  * Added new parameter 'down' where you can specify a
    filename and OutputThumbnail() will cause the file
    to be downloaded rather than displayed in the browser.
    Demo images on silisoftware.com/scripts/phpThumb/demo/
    can all be downloaded to show off this feature.
    (thanks stuartscrumpØyahoo*co*uk)
  * Added ability to remove old files from cache directory
    based on last-access time and/or number of cached files
    and/or total size of cached files
    (thanks jrmhaigØyahoo*co*uk)
  * Added public CleanUpCacheDirectory() for cache cleaning
    (see above) if you need to call it manually
  * Included new file phpThumb.demo.cacheconvert.php to
    convert old-style cache names to the current (and
    hopefully last!) standard naming convention.
    (thanks joshgØtwcny*rr*com)
  * Added configuration value 'document_root' for rare case
    when $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] return incorrect value
    (thanks joshgØtwcny*rr*com)
  * Now tries to create thumbnail with ImageMagick if
    ImageCreateFromJPEG etc fails, before falling back to
    outputting unmodified source data.
  * Bugfix: HTTP image sources were broken
    (thanks fritz*weisshartØt-online*de)
  * Bugfix: ImageMagick callout wasn't being used if EXIF
    thumbnail was available
    (thanks joshgØtwcny*rr*com)
  * Bugfix: HTTP src with space in filename was broken
    (thanks drØrhodes360*com)
  * Bugfix: version_compare_replacement() was broken for
    PHP v4.1.0+

v1.4.4 - June 8, 2004
  * Bugfix: network-share (Windows) source filenames were
    not possible. Now works, but you must use the network
    name and not a mapped drive name, for example:
    \\othercomputer\file.jpg - good
    \\\file.jpg - good
    z:\file.jpg - won't work
    This is a PHP limitation (see www.php.net/file-exists)
    Note: you may want to use "/" slashes instead of "\" if
    you have magic_quotes_gpc enabled to avoid stripslashes
    (thanks drØrhodes360*com)
  * Bugfix: missing "phpthumb_functions::" in
    (thanks zapletalØsoftwaremedia*cz)

v1.4.3 - May 25, 2004
  * Added new configuration variable 'config_temp_directory'
    to allow you to specify a writable directory name for
    temp files if you do not have access to the system temp
    directory on your server (Safe Mode restrictions etc)
    (thanks nickØregenmag*com)
  * Added new configuration variable
    'config_error_die_on_error' which can be set to false if
    you want to retrieve the error message without having it
    dumped as an image - the error message is now available
    in $phpThumb->error
  * Images are passed through directly with no processing
    and no caching if no parameters are passed to alter the
    image (resize, crop, sharpening, etc)
    (thanks nchmuraØusers*sourceforge*net)
  * Added new configuration variable 'config_disable_debug'
    which disabled phpThumbDebug from working if you have
    security concerns about the displayed information
  * Bugfix: Added detection at the top of phpThumb.php for
    no-GD errors to avoid parse errors later in the code
    (thanks nickØregenmag*com)
  * Bugfix: RoundedImageCorners() had some off-by-1 errors
    (thanks ola*thunbergØhome*se)

v1.4.2 - May 10, 2004
  * Added IE-compatability mode for transparent corners
    (set 'bct=256')
  * Bugfix: version_compare_replacement() was broken in PHP
    older than 4.1.0
    (thanks nickØregenmag*com)

v1.4.1.1 - May 9, 2004
 * Bugfix: Removed ImageTrueColorToPalette hack.
   See http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=28341
 * Bugfix: 'maxb' option for PNG/GIF output incorrect
   bit depth under some circumstances

v1.4.1 - May 9, 2004
 * Added 'maxb' (MAXimum Bytes) option to auto-set the
   output image quality (JPEG) or bit depth (PNG/GIF) so
   that the output thumbnail is less than 'maxb' bytes
   (thanks e_belleØhotmail*com)
 * Added 'bgt' parameter to make rounded corners from
   'brx'/'bry' option transparent when used with PNG
   output. Note: PHP/GD appears buggy at this time, so this
   option must force output to 256-color mode for this
   to work. The feature will be updated when a non-broken
   version of PHP/GD is released.
   (thanks javierØircorion*net)
 * Bugfix: Caching was broken
   (thanks mikeØgdaymate*nl, jurewiczØgo3*pl)

v1.4.0 - April 30, 2004
 * Rewritten as a PHP class. Split into several files:
   - phpthumb.class.php        = most processing code
   - phpthumb.functions.php    = support functions
   - phpthumb.readme.txt       = usage instructions
   - phpthumb.changelog.txt    = this file
   - phpthumb.config.php       = configuration file
   - phpthumb.gif.php          = Non-GD GIF reading support
   - phpthumb.unsharp.php      = Unsharp Masking support
   - phpThumb.php              = demo script that works
       exactly as previous versions; this is a drop-in
       replacement for existing phpThumb() installations
   - phpThumb.demo.showpic.php = demo script that auto-
       resizes a popup window to the size of the image
       shown. Useful if you want popup images but do not
       know the large image size beforehand
 * Added optional call-out to ImageMagick (if avaible) if
   source image is larger than PHP memory restrictions
   allow. ImageMagick installation should be auto-detected
   under *nix, but you should configure 'imagemagick_path'
   for use under Windows.
 * 'max_source_pixels' is now auto-calculated from PHP
   configuration settings. Due to various server-level
   restrictions that may override PHP settings this
   calculated value may not always be correct, and you may
   have to specify the value manually.
 * Added rounded-corner border option. You must specify
   both 'brx' (horizontal radius) and 'bry' (vertical
   radius) as well as 'bw' (border width). If 'bw' is
   greater than zero, the image will be shrunk to fit
   inside the border with a margin of background color.
   If 'bw' is zero, the corners of the image will be
   cut off and filled with background color.
   (thanks javierØircorion*net)
 * Minor speed improvement for unsharp masking

v1.3.7 - March 28, 2004
 * Bugfix: GD version detection was broken on PHP <4.3.0
   on servers where phpinfo() was disabled
   (thanks javierØircorion*net)
 * Bugfix: Non-GD GIF support was broken on restricted
   PHP configurations
   (thanks javierØircorion*net)
 * Bugfix: phpThumb.gif.php output error messages if PHP
   was running in Safe Mode
 * Added 'iar' parameter (Ignore Aspect Ratio) to allow
   non-proportional resizing (stretch image to fit).
   You must specify 'h' and 'w' to use this option.
   (thanks javierØircorion*net)

v1.3.6 - March 14, 2004
  * Bugfix: was broken when register_globals turned on
    (thanks joshgØtwcny*rr*com)
  * Bugfix: Images with transparent backgrounds now have
    the background color filled with the color specified
    by the 'bg' parameter
  * Bugfix: ImageCreateFromString() is broken in the
    non-bundled GD. Added workaround, but please use
    the bundled version of GD if possible
    (thanks dnØxbe*ch)
  * Bugfix: EXIF thumbnail caching was broken
  * Bugfix: EXIF thumbnail handling was broken for PHP
    (thanks smithk1Øshaw*ca)
  * Bugfix: Image borders with GD2 were misaligned
  * Bugfix: virtual paths/filenames like /~user/foo.jpg
    should now work properly, if PHP is installed as an
    Apache module (see www.php.net/apache-lookup-uri)
  * Bugfix: contents of any non-image file could be
    displayed (including PHP & HTML files)
    (thanks arsyanØarsyan*com)
  * Added rotation parameters 'ra' and 'ar'
    (thanks drØrhodes360*com)
  * Added $CONFIG['output_allow_enlarging'], defaulted
    to false, to prevent smaller-than-max-size images
    from being enlarged beyond their original size. If
    you want to be able to enlarge images, set this to
    false. Can be overridden with the 'aoe' parameter
    (thanks dnØxbe*ch)
  * Changed all configuration variables to be under one
    array named $CONFIG
  * Moved color and font options for ErrorImage() to
    $CONFIG variables
  * Changed cached filename structure (again) to a more
    flexible format that can handle future expansion
    (old cached files are invalid and will be recreated)
  * Added more debugging code to phpThumbDebug

v1.3.5 - February 29, 2004
  * Added capability to use EXIF thumbnail that may be
    embedded in source image (often is in digital camera
    JPEGs) and source image dimensions are larger than
    $config_max_source_pixels. This will overcome the
    limitation where PHP runs out of memory processing
    large images (usually >1600x1200). EXIF thumbnail
    extraction requires PHP v4.2.0 or higher and EXIF
    support compiled into PHP (or php_exif extension)
  * Eliminated intermediate read-file-to-memory stage if
    image is created from local file. Should allow
    larger images to be processed without running out of
  * Added optional 'goto' parameter to be used with the
    'file' parameter, where 'goto' is a URL that is
    redirected to after image is rendered to file
    (thanks wimbleØwebdonors*com)
  * Added optional 'xto' parameter that will bypass all
    processing and just return the embedded EXIF
    thumbnail, if available.
  * Added error-handling if ImageTypes() is unavailable

v1.3.4 - February 15, 2004
  * Custom error image option (&err=img.jpg) which can
    also be set as $config_error_message_image_default
    (thanks carlØ4thstar*net)
  * &f=text will now output plain-text error messages
  * ErrorImage() now used for anti-hotlink messages (if
    $config_nohotlink_erase_image is true)

v1.3.3 - February 5, 2004
  * Bugfix: Added stripslashes() to filenames if
    magic_quotes_gpc is enabled
    (thanks arsyanØarsyan*com)
  * Output can now be rendered to a file only (not to
    browser) specified by the 'file' parameter
    (thanks arsyanØarsyan*com)
  * JPEG quality now has a maximum of 95%, as specified
    in the GD documentation

v1.3.2.1 - February 3, 2004
  * Bugfix: gd_version() was broken for GD v2.0+
  * Bugfix: removed debugging code

v1.3.2 - February 3, 2004
  * Bugfix: when borders are enabled, portait images
    with no width constraint, or landscape images with
    no height constraint were smaller than neccesary by
    double the border width
    (thanks jjjØxs4all*nl)
  * Added unsharp mask option thanks to Torstein Hønsi:
    Note: requires GD v2.x to function
    (thanks jjjØxs4all*nl)
  * Updated cache filenames to reflect new parameters,
    this means old cached files will need to be deleted
    (or not, they just will never get called again) and
    new cached versions will be created.
  * Added caching to gd_info() calls for minor speedup

v1.3.1 - February 2, 2004
  * Added optional border (width and color configurable)
    (thanks arsyanØarsyan*com)
  * Added option to create fixed-dimension thumbnails
    regardless of source aspect ration. Set the 'bw'
    (BorderWidth) parameter (even to 0) and this will be
    enabled. Outside the actual image will be filled
    with 'bg' color (default FFFFFF)
    (thanks arsyanØarsyan*com)

v1.3.0 - January 27, 2004
  * Added watermarking option to overlay thumbnails with
    a semi-transparent watermark image (copied from a
    seperate source watermark image)
    (thanks arsyanØarsyan*com)
  * Added option for absolute filenames (on both Windows
    and *nix) outside the DOCUMENT_ROOT directory
  * Added debug output dump for diagnosing problems)

v1.2.8 - January 19, 2004
  * added ability to specify relative pathnames as well
    as absolute pathnames (pathname is relative to the
    location of phpThumb.php if the passed source does
    not begin with "/"

v1.2.7 - January 7, 2004
  * Added patch to allow use of PHP older than 4.1.0
    (or GD without PNG support) for non-GD GIF support
    (thanks hostwebserverØhotmail*com)

v1.2.6 - January 4, 2004
  * Added patch to allow use of PHP older than 4.1.0
    (without the superglobals arrays)

v1.2.5 - December 26, 2003
  * Added configuration options for default output image
    format and max width/height

v1.2.4 - December 20, 2003
  * Bugfix: temp directory for non-native GD support not
    always returning valid directory
  * Caching feature reintroduced (see configuration)

v1.2.3 - December 19, 2003
  * Added anti-hotlink code so the thumbnail script on
    one domain cannot be used by another domain. The
    list of allowed domains defaults to the current
    domain but is configurable below as
    $config_nohotlink_valid_domains. The message, text
    size, colors and whether to blank the image or not
    are also configurable
  * Bugfix: URL image sources were not able to use the
    non-GD GIF-reading functions

v1.2.2 - December 17, 2003
  * Added option to use http:// URL as image source

v1.2.1 - December 11, 2003
  * Added option to get source data from a database
    rather than a physical file
  * Bugfix: resize not proportional when wide image
    limited more by max height than max width
    Thanks mathias_strasserØgmx*net
  * Removed caching code

v1.2.0 - December 10, 2003
  * Added GIF support for versions of GD that do not
    have built-in GIF support (v1.6.x) via the "GIF
    Util" class by Fabien Ezber (www.yamasoft.com)
    GD's built-in GIF-reading functions are faster, and
    are present in PHP v4.3.0 or newer, but all versions
    of GD can display resized GIF thumbnails now.

v1.1.2 - October 26, 2003
  * check for source image existance to prevent text
    error messages
  * if GD not available, a GIF saying "no GD" is shown
    instead of showing the original image
  * Cache feature introduced

v1.1.1 - September 28, 2003
  * better resize code by sfisher10Øcox*net

v1.1.0 - September 1, 2003
  * initial public release
  * thumbnails can now be larger than source image
  * graphical error messages

v1.0.0 - January 7, 2002
  * initial private release
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