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    These functions are just replacements in the event that gettext is not
    installed/available on this system. If these weren't here, there'd be
    fatal "undefined function" errors.
    The only problem is that you can only use English, and if there were
    corrections to the English, you'd not see the corrections without
    modifying the actual PHP code.
    Thanks to Emiliano Gabrielli <hide@address.com> for putting these
    together and adding them to PSA
function bind_textdomain_codeset($domain,$codeset){ return ''; }
function bindtextdomain($d,$di){ return ''; }
function dcgettext($domain,$message,$category){ return ''; }
function dcngettext($domain,$message,$message2,$n){ return ''; }
function dgettext($domain,$message){ return ''; }
function dngettext($domain,$message,$message2,$n){ return ''; }
function _($s){ return $s; }
function gettext($s){ return $s; }
function ngettext($s,$s2,$n){ return $s; }
function textdomain($s){ return ''; }
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