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24.05.2008 v1.04

1. A bug in admin.php which caused MySQL error in "Junk comments" section on MySQL 5 was fixed.
2. Code of comments.php was refactored. All functions were renamed using smcom_ preffix in order to
   avoid names collisions when the script included to another php script.
3. A lot of new language packs were added.

28.03.2007 v1.03

Security issues were fixed.

22.08.2006 v1.02

Anti-spam feature based on WordPress API was added.

13.06.2006 v1.01

1. A bug which prevented more than one IP address from being banned was fixed.
2. A problem in which a script couldn't be included into a PHP file with require()
   and with virtual() on some server configurations was fixed.
3. A bug which caused "rn" to be used instead of "new line" in email notifications
   was fixed.
4. Cosmetic changes were made in the default template.

31.08.2005 v1.0

Initial public release.
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