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Scriobai CMS is Free software under the GNU/GPL license v.3

Created by Syxanash

-------------How to Install Scriobai CMS 1.6.4------------------------

Upload the files of the directory scriobaicms/ on your server root
or upload the whole directory. Then, open your browser and visit
your web site for the first installation of Scriobai. After the
installation the php file "install.php" will be automatically removed.
If you have any problems, you can watch the following video:

---------------What is Scriobai CMS?----------------------------------

Scriobai is a blogging platform which uses html and txt files
for storing information. Scriobai is a lite CMS, written
all in PHP, with a bunch of JavaScript scripts. If you would
like to create a new blog for your personal website, without
any kinds of database or something like that, well, maybe
this CMS could be really useful for you!

--------------What's news in 1.6.4------------------------------------

 - implemented a warning in the module comments/poster.php
 - implemented a warning in the module contactme/mailer.php
 - updated the regexp in the module comments/poster.php
 --UPDATED ON 11/11/2010--
 - Changed the hit counter for the files index.php, view_post.php, cms/login.php
 --UPDATED ON 21/11/2011--
 - Setted a control for the character length of the nickname
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