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## $Id: Readme.txt,v 1.2 2003/01/22 15:41:00 deatrich Exp $

This 'scripts' directory contains the following files:

----				-------
Readme.txt			this file
webdiff				script to compare text files in 2 directories

install/install.sh		script that tries to automate the installation
				of sciconphp
install/rsync-excludes		list of files ignored when install.sh runs
install/scicondirs.in		ini file used by install.sh (env. variables)

TPC-scripts/tpc-letter		example letter for tech. prog. committee
TPC-scripts/tpc-sendmail	example script that sends 'tpc-letter' to 
				the TPC
TPC-scripts/tpc-setRevPass	example mysql-enabled script that sets a
				reviewers password and creates a list of
				reviewers and their passwords for the
				'tpc-sendmail' script.
				example of a complex script that does 
				many DB queries while trying to automate
				the assignment of papers to reviewers.

Authors-scripts/mailReview1 	example of a complex script that does many
				DB queries in order to send the review
				result to contact authors.  It is recommended
				instead to compile a list of papers accepted,
				and a list of those rejected, and then handle
				the two lists with separate scripts (to be
				provided in mailReview2)

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