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<h1>Extension: Saurus 4</h1>
By <strong>Saurus</strong> <a href="http://www.saurus.info" target="_blank">www.saurus.info</a>


<p>This is read me file of "Saurus 4" extension which ships with Saurus CMS installation package. This extension contains various Saurus API based content templates, also one sample page template.</p>

<p>The extension is overwritten by Saurus CMS version upgrades. If you wish to modify the templates, make a copy of extension to create a custom version.</p>


<li>Copy the folder "saurus4" to extensions/ directory in your site root.</li>
<li>Go to your site: Admin > Extensions > Extensions and click Refresh to synchronise. The templates will now be visible in section editor.</li>
<li>Add the following line to your site CSS or to Admin > Visual Design > CSS Styles:
<pre>@import url(extensions/saurus4/css/content.css);</pre>
Please not that @import statement should always be the first row(s) in the CSS file.</li>
<li>The extension sync registers the following unused ?op (e.g. www.sitename.com/?op=sitemap) parameters:
	<li>"sitemap" - Sitemap</li>
	<li>"advsearch" - Advanced search form</li>
	<li>"archive" - Chronological archive of articles</li>
	<li>"register" - User registration form</li>
	If any of these parameters were used by existing templates, these settings are not overwritten. To do so, and therefore use the templates, manually make appropriate changes in Admin > Templates > Content Templates.

<h2>Version history</h2>
<h3>Version 1.0 / 21.04.2006</h3>
Initial release, shipped with Saurus CMS 4.1.0
<h3>Version 1.1 / 11.08.2006</h3>
Minor fixes, shipped with Saurus CMS 4.2.3 update
<h3>Version 1.2 / 01.11.2006</h3>
Smarty filter for highlighting text
<h3>Version 1.3 / 04.04.2008</h3>
Gallery content template now uses jQuery Lightbox plugin for displaying bigger sized images.<br>
Article and forum commenting have now CAPTCHA verification.
Added site slogan "Saurus CMS out-of-the-box experience" and site title "ShowTime"
<h3>Version 1.4 / 05.06.2008</h3>
Language change links are now dynamic
<h3>Version 1.5 / 04.07.2008</h3>
RSS feed from active section articles.<br>
Blog template.<br>
<h3>Version 1.6 / 21.04.2009</h3>
The default page template is now new "Modern page template", which allows different layouts with just changes in the CSS<br>
Added the E-mail Obfuscator.<br>
<h3>Version 1.7 / 02.07.2009</h3>
E-mail Obfuscator did not handle correctly UTF-8 multibyte characters<br>
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